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  1. Moroha

    MD / NoVA Thread: High Precision Fighting

    VA Champion loses by DQ, but retains the title Edit: @Nas alive but old
  2. Elphelt struggles when knocked down. Her antiair is tricky (no standard 6P, c.S has a great hitbox but is a close slash), no meterless reversal, and cake super is super risky / clashes with a fair amount of stuff. All to say, you're going to need to beat Millias, Inos and the like in the neutral game, and brush up on your defense, since you WILL be blocking with this character. Quick Pot tip, don't try 2P berry toss against him, it's an easy flick. 4P lob gives you time to threaten hitting him out of flick startup.
  3. Moroha

    MD / NoVA Thread: High Precision Fighting

  4. 720 NoScope Setup seems to be in corner off 2D xx 236P2P RC xx 236S YRC, Shot, Berry Boom, combo. I've been playing a good amount, I'll try to get some match vids for you guys this week.
  5. Moroha

    MD / NoVA Thread: High Precision Fighting

    I'm down whenever this week.
  6. Played Elphelt a good bit last night. She feels fairly honest for the most part. Her move set seems to be strong full screen between Rifle and Berries, and close range definitely looks to have enough to do the thing and get the damage, between 6P, 5D, and SG5D at her disposal to keep them paying attention. Did not get much of any mileage out of Rifle day 1. Will need to mess with it more. Got a TON of mileage out of Berries. Fast to call, good angles, hits on delivery, explosion, it's all great. Her midrange game is very tricky. 6H being special cancellable is awesome - was doing a lot of cautious 6H xx Berry, will have to use more sparingly as people get used to the 6H startup, reminds me a lot of classic May 6H, might even be faster. j.H is awesome, gonna be using a lot of that guy. 2S knee jerk reaction felt underwhelming, wish it was JCable. 2HS is funny good. 5D has less range than it initially looks, but 2H will move you into 5D range. 2H xx Sg.P looked uninterruptable, will test to see if Sol can't squeeze a VV in there. On that note, Sg Stance looks to be something we can get a lot of mileage out of. Was a lot easier to incorporate into my game than Rifle. TK Bridal Express whiffs if low enough to the ground ala Venom's Mad Struggle, too bad it doesn't count as overhead.
  7. Moroha

    MD / NoVA Thread: High Precision Fighting

    I'm affiliated with and will be at CEO and EVO. There are pros to both, I doubt you could go wrong with either - largely because whatever you pick, I'll be there
  8. Moroha

    MD / NoVA Thread: High Precision Fighting

    Is it AC or that new shit
  9. were you the moroha that was in evo? :O

  10. Moroha

    MD / NoVA Thread: High Precision Fighting

    I'm in there Thursday / Friday. Saturday I'm in Philly for Eagles Playoffs.
  11. Moroha

    MD / NoVA Thread: High Precision Fighting

    $10 Money Match Ian Friday Night for Tritone's honor
  12. Moroha

    MD / NoVA Thread: High Precision Fighting

    Tentatively punching my ticket on the I-No train for Xrd. Depends on who else fills out the roster.
  13. Moroha

    MD / NoVA Thread: High Precision Fighting

    I'm willing to bet there's at least 2 more characters coming. I'd guess there's another 2 playable characters with 1, maybe 2 unplayable 'boss' characters, ala Testament / Dizzy / Justice. I'd be way surprised if Dizzy and/or Johnny didn't make it. Testament / Baiken / Anji / Bridget / Jam a little surprising. ABA / Zappa / Roboky / Kliff / Justice / OS not surprising. I can tell you picking up Potemkin, Axl, May, and Millia improved my game, while (I'd like to think) helping people around here get there feet wet against those characters. While you're not going to see the top shelf mixups and gameplay you can expect from someone who mains said character, there's a LOT to be said for being at least slightly familiar with a character's playstyle, moveset, and animations. Lack of character exp / visual recognition, not reaction time, is the #1 cause of 5D only works in America. Matt Coma, you were supposed to destroy the Eddie not join them. Star Wars reference for Matt Coma huehue Xrd pls.