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  1. Elphelt struggles when knocked down. Her antiair is tricky (no standard 6P, c.S has a great hitbox but is a close slash), no meterless reversal, and cake super is super risky / clashes with a fair amount of stuff. All to say, you're going to need to beat Millias, Inos and the like in the neutral game, and brush up on your defense, since you WILL be blocking with this character. Quick Pot tip, don't try 2P berry toss against him, it's an easy flick. 4P lob gives you time to threaten hitting him out of flick startup.
  2. 720 NoScope Setup seems to be in corner off 2D xx 236P2P RC xx 236S YRC, Shot, Berry Boom, combo. I've been playing a good amount, I'll try to get some match vids for you guys this week.
  3. Played Elphelt a good bit last night. She feels fairly honest for the most part. Her move set seems to be strong full screen between Rifle and Berries, and close range definitely looks to have enough to do the thing and get the damage, between 6P, 5D, and SG5D at her disposal to keep them paying attention. Did not get much of any mileage out of Rifle day 1. Will need to mess with it more. Got a TON of mileage out of Berries. Fast to call, good angles, hits on delivery, explosion, it's all great. Her midrange game is very tricky. 6H being special cancellable is awesome - was doing a lot of cautious 6H xx Berry, will have to use more sparingly as people get used to the 6H startup, reminds me a lot of classic May 6H, might even be faster. j.H is awesome, gonna be using a lot of that guy. 2S knee jerk reaction felt underwhelming, wish it was JCable. 2HS is funny good. 5D has less range than it initially looks, but 2H will move you into 5D range. 2H xx Sg.P looked uninterruptable, will test to see if Sol can't squeeze a VV in there. On that note, Sg Stance looks to be something we can get a lot of mileage out of. Was a lot easier to incorporate into my game than Rifle. TK Bridal Express whiffs if low enough to the ground ala Venom's Mad Struggle, too bad it doesn't count as overhead.
  4. NOTE: This is intended to be a constant work in progress. If you find errors in here, or have anything you'd like to add or ask, go ahead and sent me a PM, or post in the ABA Discussion thread. I wrote this at like 5 in the morning, so forgive what errors there may be. Also, I'll probably re-format this to look a little nicer in the near future. Enjoy! So you're looking to pick up a Guilty Gear character. You tried Millia, liked that ground dash, but didn't like her fragility. Potemkin's damage was tight, but the guy's just too immobile. Jam was cool, but her range wasn't good enough. You want it all. You want to steamroll Dizzy in two hits, and look good while doing it. In that case...welcome to A.B.A. This thread is designed to give you a solid understanding of how to play ABA as quick as possible. She's a high risk, high reward character that puts you in the "I have no life, he's got 2/3rds health left" situation more frequently than you'd think - but you've got the tools you need to take that win at your disposal. Poon described it best in the old Slash thread; "If you play ABA, you need to revel in winning fights off a single hit, off of putting someone in the corner and cranking their guard bar to full and then landing a basic bread-and-butter combo that does 400+ damage without needing any setups or difficult variants. If this is for you, welcome to the ride." Table of contents: I. Intro to ABA II. Normal Mode III. Moroha Mode IV. ABA Strategy V. Intermediate / Advanced Combos I. Intro to ABA Pros and Cons: Pros: *Tremendous damage in Moroha Mode. *Very fast in Moroha mode. *Fantastic range in Moroha mode. *Frightening pressure game. *A plethora of viable ways to spend your tension. *Almost as much HP as Potemkin. *Small hitbox and real funny weight can make her tough to combo. *Has a giant bloody key axe. Cons: *Meh damage and very slow in Normal Mode. *Inflicts damage to herself in Moroha Mode. *Mode Management via Keygrab and limited supply of Bloodpacks. *->If ABA is knocked down three times in Moroha Mode, she can be Instant Killed. ABA is, design-wise, far more complex than the average Ryu/Ken/Shoto-Clone. ABA has two main modes of play; Normal (aka "Passive") mode and Moroha (aka "Double Edged") mode. (She also has a Goku Moroha (aka "Double Edged Hell") mode which is much less used). Every match, ABA begins in Normal mode. The key has big googley eyes and a flat, round head. Her moves deal poor damage and are generally subpar to average. She is pretty immobile in normal mode. The goal is to get her into her other main mode - Moroha mode - when you can. ABA will start off every match with three bloodpacks (in the bottom corner of your player side). You can consume a bloodpack (63214P) to transform in or out of Moroha mode. She also has access to a command grab (63214H) which can be comboed into that will also trigger a transform. In Moroha mode, ABA is a nightmare. Many of her attacks have great range, stay in play for awhile, and tend to have very high priority. All of her hits can lead to taking anywhere from 1/3rd of your opponent's health to ALL OF IT - depending on the situation. There are two drawbacks to Moroha mode. Every time you connect with an attack - hit or block - ABA will inflict herself with a small amount of damage. Should you successfully transform out of Moroha - via Bloodpack or Command Throw - you will regain a lot of the HP that you lost. Most importantly, when you enter Moroha mode, a gauge will appear below your lifebar that will slowly diminish over time. If ABA gets knocked down, she will lose 1/3rd of this bar. Should you fail to transform before your bar expires, her key will forcefully cough up the blood, and your ABA will eat whatever combo (or even Instant Kill) your opponent wants. In addition, all the health you could have regained from a Bloodpack or Command Throw transform is lost forever.
  5. Moroha

    Accent Core: ABA Discussion

    Hey guys, got back from EVO2013 and ended up with 4th place. Not too shabby. I ended up beating ABEGEN and Woki in Top 8 before losing to Domi Anji. Check out the matches, Klaige actually did a pretty thorough analysis of my match against ABEGEN here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FcBuw4stZg. My rust (And ABEGEN's!) obviously shows with some unfortunate drops here and there, but it was a lot of fun to play and is worth a watch if you're interested in picking up some more ABA theory.
  6. Yeah Nate I'll be in the Paris area tonightish. Where you guys at
  7. If anyone's got a setup and is playing some GG tonight or tomorrow post up, got a rusty ABA looking to play some matches
  8. Moroha

    Accent Core: ABA Discussion

    Hey kids. If any of you ABA players are coming to EVO, let's hang out and talk ABA. Because not a lot of people talk our ABA language. (The best language.)
  10. Hii I'm in Vegas now, if anyone's got a setup post up and let's GG
  11. Jin at EVO? Seasons Beatings 2 Hokuto No Ken Reunion
  12. You're welcome David. Let's get dranks this year kk?? All of Canada can get out of EVO, EVO is in USA, go have your Canadian tournament on Canadian soil. Canada is basically Diet America. Is Canada even allowed to attend EVO? Who's idea was this? Calling it now all Canadians 0-2 Drop in GG Singles LETS GO MARYLAND VS CANADA GET HYPE GET HYPE PS i think there's only 3 people coming from MD but honestly fuck Canada it's not even a real place. You're not good, Canada. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guG9cVs3ms4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guG9cVs3ms4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guG9cVs3ms4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guG9cVs3ms4
  13. So hi everyone, I'm Moroha, I think A.B.A is a super cool character and I will be at EVO again this year. I am a big deal because I had a mediocre A.B.A and I dress awesome and am really cool. I like making fun of people's mistakes and drinking alcohol, so hopefully if you like those too we can hang and have a good time at EVO2011 PS I'm doing the intro videos this year and am helping ensure those things go smoothly but when I can I'll be playing tourney/casuals, will for sure do singles, maybe Koogy and I can reform Team Smart and team ehhhhhhh??????? So yeah WC etc David Monkey whoever else let's play casuals get dranks etc, Guilty Gear #1 fighting game es the best huehueuheueu
  14. Moroha

    The "Picking a Main" thread

    ABA has Normal Mode Overhead Kick FRC, Fireball FRC, Dash FRC, Rekkas FRC, Arm Explosion Super FRC Moroha Mode 2H FRC, Rekkas FRC, Orbs FRC Goku Moroha Mode 2H FRC, Rekkas FRC, Orbs Unblockable FRC Which is 12 off the top of my head.
  15. Moroha

    NEC XI Results & Shoutouts

    Shouts NEC was the hypest GG event I've been to since EVO2009 Teams, real talk. More entrants than BB. Had a blast. Team Stickbug, you guys ran it smoothly. As to be expected. Doomie + Alan, mayjah props. Come to MD sometime soon, or maybe I'll find myself at a Stickbug monthly?? Chaz once again zero casual sessions what a surprise! NEXT time Biscotti you were beyond hype on the mic, I felt the HATE FLOW THROUGH ME and won a lot, then the one match you weren't hating was against Matt Frank and I lost. I think we settle with a FT10 Monopoly for $1000. Good seeing you bro, stay free <3 Alz Cool to hang with you. Honestly you still do not strike me as an ALZARATH. lol. See you next timee XaQ, good match, I will see you next time. For real I would love a good casual sessh with NYC before the year 2020 The Robo I played in winners gg, I think you were from Canada Steve H, nuff said NC, 4/6 Top 6 yeahh. Matt Frank was great hanging out with you dude, been too long. Will see you at EVO if not sooner at Final Round maybe. That Dead Angle will haunt my nightmares. Great matches all weekend. Blake that could have gone either way, you were playing well all weekend. You guys always cool and welcome in MD ofc GGs any and all I played, had a great time, if I didn't shout you out I still <3 you, long weekend, see you all at EVO at the latest!
  16. Stickbug / Jersey / anyone playing GG, Calibur, HnK, Vampire Saviour or Monopoly tonight, PM me your phone number, I'll be rolling up around 10ish!
  17. Shoutouts to Sean and Hellmonkey's FT1 Knife Fight in the Cane's parking lot
  18. Moroha

    AC A.B.A. 101: RTSD with a 500lb. Key guide

    Use 6H (1hit) instead, that key scoops everyone right up into the Keygrab.
  19. It was great seeing everyone. I wish I played more Guilty Gear but between checking visuals stuff / my Vega being astonishingly beautiful in tournament this weekend, I didn't get as much GG as I would have liked. Honestly you all are mad cool. I can't believe nobody else was watching SH_ vs Hellmonkey, those guys were flinging the expletives back and forth like it was fucking marvel EC v WC GGs everyone I played. I was talking to some of you guys this weekend and pretty much we all came to the consensus that this game really is fucking godlike. It's got that perfect blend of offensive innovation / freestyle with the strong fundamentals and solid footsies. It's like, take a look at Guilty Gear. Now look at SF4 - now back to me. etc TLDR AC Slash ISUKA what the fuck ever, this game is gdlk and will always be down to play. David Cue you are one cool motherfucker. XaQ you are one decent motherfucker. West Coast Dizzy you are one motherfucker. GS totally clowning my team. Real talk MD had mad problems with the Dizz all weekend long. We got our eye on you, Dizzheads. Marlin Pie is not good. (He's pretty good though.) Steve H is pretty good I told yall. He isn't going to read this but for those of you that saw a Ky in the finals, let me tell you, even though GG is no main game, that guy earned it. He's been "playing" GG since solid X or XX but he only really gave a damn at the latter portion of AC, and did fucking rock solid all weekend long, including bailing me and Ian out in teams. GS Steve. Mike Z Juggernaut Headcrush. Kyle is a married man aka "not good" A3 rough weekend, it happens, I know you will turn it around next I see you Jack good set, been too long, let's play LoL!! (Orr dota2) Marn / Flash don't read this forum Hellmonkey I don't even play this game KySama/Bumguy keep leveling up, that one team tournament match came down to one hit too Alzarath GS gettin at that key Kamui Moon good set I think I had that gin on the rocks in me so I don't remember what happened BBQ good set, don't forget 6H RC AXAL BOMAAA is not good but it sure is hilarious SH_ Mac Chase Blake Young all NU JURSEY BOB MOTHERFUCKING WASHINGTON etc yall are awesome why didn't we get to play more / at alll All else ggs you know I <3 you GG players keep it classy like 3S Dudley. I'll be making my way to NEC more than likely and EVO2K11 for SURE, so if you want to play, hang out with and get an autographed 8x10 glossy with yours truly you have more chances in the near future. For those of you that haven't seen the intro video watch it and when you see a Jam burst and get blown up that is STICKBUG ALAN OF TEAM STICKBUG OF THE NEW JERSEY + SESUYRYU THREAD. Maybe next video - it will be YOU. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxYhmG4TV-k ggs, only <3s, see you all at NEC Edit: If you play LoL add me my name is Medusae. PS if you are not good ignore this
  20. Moroha

    Accent Core: ABA Discussion

    lol nope, all the work files were on my old HD and it got virused up so I'd have to remake it. Maybe one day when I have the time I'll do it. Or maybe I wait until GGXXX!
  21. Moroha

    Accent Core: ABA Discussion

    I forget if I ever posted the unfinished rough of my old combo video but I'm too lazy to check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qscRK7o-l0g&feature=player_embedded
  22. Assuming I'm good on funds, I'll dust off the old key. Honestly SB2 was godlike despite getting stuck in West Virginia for Sunday because Mr. Mamation's car broke down. And SB3 was godlike despite driving six hours for a non-tournament. Can you imagine how godlike SB would be if something tragic DIDN'T happen? Regardless, there's always Cane's Chicken. Also CHAOS BREAKER YEAHHH
  23. Moroha

    Easy characters to use in GG?

    My humble opinion from playing Guilty Gear competitively since the day Slash came out. I have written blurbs on characters I feel I can talk about with a modicum of confidence; I have simply placed the others in the categories I feel they belong. This is taking that mass combination of execution, playstyle difficulty / ease of success, matchups, normals / specials set, offense (damage / oki) defense (reversals / life) and every other category you can thing of - and throwing it together for this list below. Easy: Potemkin. (Extremely simple character to play effectively; a player that has a firm grasp of Guilty Gear can pick up a basic Pot quickly. The execution difficulty lies in Buster FRC and Slide Head timing. Simple and great anti air in 6P, ground pokes in S, 5H, 2D, simple yet frightening oki, Slide Head being..well, Slide Head, huge damage and the largest health pool in the game mean Pot is a character you can pick up and start understanding matchups quick.) May. (While May has her problem matchups, she is a good character with extremely high damage. When a new May player has gotten comfortable with charging and has learned the dust combos, the basic S HS Dolph loop off OHK and 2D xx FB Dolphin, she is ready to play.) Testament. (Testament is the easiest of the zoney characters to pick up and find success with. One of the game's best characters alongside Eddie, Testament does everything well except his reversal game (not good, though you WILL get away with frame 2 FEXEs) and his mediocre health pool. Basic combos are not terribly difficult to pick up; execution difficulty lies in TK Badlands / Badlands timing / comboability, as well as the learning the staple of his pressure game - the EXE FRCs. His specials, normals and oki will all make a ton of sense in no time. The only tough spot is his anti air game, since his 6P is generally used for oki, but when you get the hang of 6K, j.P, instant j.S, airthrow and pre-emptive webs, you are ready to play.) A.B.A. (Quick to learn damaging combos, hardest part being Orb FRCs, 2H IADs and learning to SJC. It will take time to understand proper bloodpack and Moroha bar management; learning when to combo for damage or for a fresh set of knockdowns. Excellent at low to mid levels of play due to phenomenal normals esp. j.H, danzai safety, high damage, and terrifying mixup; harder to win with at higher level where opponent has threatening oki (3x knockdown guaranteed IK) takes more advantage of normal mode, danzais are consistently punished, opponent compensates for ABA's funny weight / wakeup time and unblock / dust are handled better.) Med - Easy Axl. Axl has surprising damage for a character in the vein of Dhalsim; comboing into 6K or 2S -> SJ etc into FB Bomber is something that won't take long to pick up and will net good damage. Rensen FRC important for pressure; TK bombers might take a little getting used to. The primary difficulty in learning Axl is getting comfortable with your normals to keep people away from you, and then playing good defense since his reversals are relatively awful.) Ky. (Ky may be the true shoto of the game, but while his gameplay can certainly be simple enough (Win off the back of f.S / 2S / 2D / projectiles against the ground / 6P / instant j.K / SRK against the air), his damage without making some guard bar cranks isn't terribly impressive, and he will also need to learn how to handle some matchups before finding success. His 5D however (much like everyone else's) will catch plenty at early levels of play. Stun Edge FRCs can be difficult to get consistent with and are important to maxing your Ky.) Others: Order Sol, Sol, Faust, Baiken. Medium Anji. (Decent is the best word to describe Anji. His basic combos aren't too hard to get a grip on. Nothing particularly special about him save Birthday Cake air overhead special and Fujin aka Horizontal Shoryu. Combos and FRCs can be tricky; 3S (right?) cancels are tricky and not mandatory but good to know. His lockdown/oki is serviceable and can get tricky when incorporating ambiguous hops, multiple air normals into potential cake, hop dustcloud obscuring view and red butterfly) Millia. Millia is bottom tier when it comes to getting hit. Between her excellent mobility, double airdash, j.D, j.K, 5K, 2D, FB Disc, and especially the dreaded pin, you can make getting hit frustrating for your opponent. The real difficulty lies in mastering her oki game, where the sky's the limit; but to have a serviceable oki and Millia game in general, it takes knowing enough to end your combos in either a low j.D or EX Disc -> 6H for knockdown and the threatening oki. When you are able to apply a high / low / throw game that ends right back where it began, and you get comfortable with pin use, you will have a Millia that is ready to play.) Eddie. The strength of the character is too great to place him any higher than med high and I still feel he's medium difficulty; while the degree of execution difficulty Latif plays at is very high and likely the character's cap, the base Eddie mixup and game plan is, though terribly awkward at first, more than attainable. Negative edging will take time to learn and grow comfortable with, but once the player learns the base low / overhead / throw mixups and starts making use of Lil' Eddie, he is able to compete.) Venom. (The sky may be the limit with Venom's oki, but if you have a decent idea of how to utilize NORMALS and how to zone, you will find success with Venom. 6P, 6H, f.S, all fantastic moves; just don't whiff. Careful use of dead angles can also save your ass, and Dark Angel is still one of the best supers in the game.) Others: Dizzy, Order Sol, Zappa, Robo-Ky. Med-Hard Slayer. (Is Slayer one of the best in the game? Can he kill you rather fast, tension or no tension, off simple hits? Does he put you in scary situations, have one of the best sets of normals / antiairs, while also being rather slippery for how good the rest of him is? Of course. But the difference between his beginner combos (j.K, j.2K..) and his difficult, higher damage, char specific combos is very significant, while consistency with his relatively difficult ground links being mandatory for success.) Bridget. Between the noteworthy execution factor, the low life, lukewarm damage and the poor srk, you need to understand a lot of things to find early success with Bridget. She has a rather odd set of normals that will take some getting used to, and you generally have little room for error. Chipp: Chipp is flat out bottom tier when it comes to getting hit, so learning the game - how to recognize reaction moves, traps and gimmicks, and just how to play in general with Chipp will be going through the school of hard knocks. His combos from what I understand can also be rather difficult to pull off, especially when it comes to the IAD stuff. He still has good normals; 5H (neutral on block I believe!), 2D, j.H / j.D, has teleports, a serviceable shoryu (not great, but he needs one), good oki, and is the fastest character in the game. That being said, it will take time to learn the situational risks, the movement, and everything else associated with his actual gameplay, not to mention the execution component.) Others: Johnny. Hard I-No. (High execution consistency is mandatory with I-No; she has a great far range game and terrifying up close / oki game - among the best in AC - but awful mid range footsie game means every hit must be converted into best damage and bare minimum knockdown with no exception. Combos are very difficult; enjoy 6FRC6. Some difficult matchups [May, ABA, Slayer etc] don't make things any easier. But when you get that knockdown...)