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  1. Zettasho

    [CSE] Platinum Q&A/FAQ Thread

    Sucks that I didn't see the stream but I'll see it when it's uploaded on youtube
  2. I don't use Mami randomly anymore knowing the opponent will be able to see it coming and block it then punish afterwards or if Hakumen see's it coming he can possibly counter it
  3. I recently used part of this frying pan combo for Platinum corner combo though: 2A>5B>5C>Mami Circular>5C>5D>J.C>J.D what else can I follow up afterwards and I'm also having trouble connecting 22C after 6C after I use 214C
  4. Zettasho

    Moves unsafe on block

    Here you can talk about what moves are unsafe to use on blocking opponents (ie. Platinum's Mami Circular, or Noels D chain)
  5. Zettasho

    Bridget Okizeme

    One of the Bridget oki I use is 421 H/D or 236H j.k j.s j.k 5s close(2hits) 2S 2D 236k,k