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  1. Bet you can still kick ma bootie. . o.

  2. I think you passed on the curse. I suddenly suck now, for absolutely no reason. ^^;

  3. Wanted to tell you congrats in the tourney! You're already getting into the high level play so early, that's great. I didn't get to see you play unfortunately, and we didn't get paired up either. Hopefully next time then?

  4. Good, that's what I like to hear! ^_^ You can do it, never give up!

  5. Yesh. I'm more accepting of losses now. I'm learning. Slowly but surely.

  6. Are you doing better now? Remember to have fun with the game, and if you need help I can always assist you in some way. Take care ^^

  7. Yamada! My waifu! I assume you are a fan too?

  8. I auto assume that you said GGs when we fought. It was amazing and a fun ex--- *Gets 720'd*

  9. Sorry about earlier, I never did tell you GGs. It was my first tournament, and I'm glad that I got to play you for that experience ^^

  10. Yup! I'm struggling myself, I've hit a wall in skill level that I can't seem to get past, but if I gave up now that wouldn't be any fun. It's frustrating to lose, I know...if it counts for anything, I believe in you!

  11. Well, one thing I could say that's positive is that I somehow pull legit combos out of my butt. But you're right-I shouldn't be so down on myself. This game just takes time getting used to.

  12. If you talk about yourself that way you're not going to get better xD. It's good to be aware of your flaws, but you have to give yourself some credit too.

  13. ; ~; I went back to Terumi. My Nu is so bad and my Mu is like scrub tier.