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  1. JD10-Da Realist

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    GG's to TheOneTrueScrub. Kinda learned a few things about the matchup as well as me not being silly and pressing stuff in Neutral when you're not near me ...that and I hate being on defense against Rise >.> Thanks for the games And GG's to Doobylovah I Hate the Yukiko Matchup...really XD, But your Yukiko is real solid
  2. JD10-Da Realist

    [P4AU] Beginner-Intermediate Player List & Match Finder

    PSN: CashDaley Timezone: PST Location: Eastvale, CA Main: Adachi
  3. JD10-Da Realist

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Combo Thread

    5A>5AA>5B>236236B>Micro Dash 2C> Hop Cancel>j.C>5C(4)>236AB~B>214214D Requires Awakening and 125 Meter, 4699 Damage, Inflicts Fear - Getting j.C>5C to hit correctly is kinda finicky as sometimes the 5C wont hit right and send them launching across the screen, so Delaying the 5C helps a bit
  4. JD10-Da Realist

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Gameplay Discussion

    So uh. P4U just dropped in NA and i'm doing challenge Mode with Adachi and I'm having slight trouble with Challenge 24 For Challenge 24 it's Throw>OMC>2A>5D. Is there some sorta weird timing for it cause I'll do 5D and try to Do 2A and it wont come out. then the AI techs and etc. so is there an odd timing to it?
  5. JD10-Da Realist

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Video Thread

    http://youtu.be/gQbA2OG2M58 Another Adachi Combo video. Highlights some pretty cool resets.
  6. JD10-Da Realist

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Video Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bitrUZc6hP8 Some adachi matches from Feel
  7. JD10-Da Realist

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Video Thread

    http://youtu.be/OA6j-RCAdnQ An Adachi combo video