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  1. Tecta1Eastside

    [P4AU] Labrys Video Thread

    【P4U2 Ver2.0】 Dreht sich! 【ラビリスコンボムービー】 http://nico.ms/sm25399255
  2. Tecta1Eastside

    [P4AU] Labrys Video Thread

    S.labrys bnbs 【P4U2】ラビリス(シャドウ) コンボ集 part1【安定コンまとめ/バー対+α】 http://nico.ms/sm24448298 Ch/omb bnbs 【P4U2】ラビリス コンボ集 part1【青斧ch・fc+斧研ぎombコン編】 http://nico.ms/sm24354897 Red axe bnbs 【P4U2】ラビリス コンボ集 part2【赤斧編】 http://nico.ms/sm24373463
  3. Tecta1Eastside

    [P4AU] Labrys Combo Thread

    Just some basic bnbs until I update the combo thread. Green to red axe 5aa > 5b > 2ab > omc > 5aa > 2b > j.b > j.b > j.c > j.214b C mojuu 4.3k d mojuu 5.5k J.b > 5aa > 5b > 2ab > omc > 5a > 2b > j.b > j.c > j.214b C mojuu 4578 d mojuu 5778 lvl 4 axe 5aa > 5b > 236a > 6a > 214a. Dmg 2208 20 sp C Mojuu 5aa > 2b > j.bb > j.c > j.214b. Dmg 2345 23sp 2aa > 5b > 236a > 6a > 214a. Dmg 1818 5aa > 5b > 236AB > 5aa > 2b > j.2b > 66 j.b > j.b > j.c > j.214b. Dmg 3410 C mojuu 4970 D mojuu 6170 Corner 5aa > 2b > j2b > jbb > j.c > j.214b Dmg 2694 26sp c mojuu 4354 D mojuu 5554 5aa > 5b > 236ab > 5aa > 2b > j2b > jbb > j.c > j.214b. Dmg 3474 c mojuu 5034 D mojuu 6234 Lvl5 5aa > 5b > mjc j.b > 5aa > 2b > j.2b > 66 j.b > j.b > j.c > j.214b. Dmg 3107 sp 36 c mojuu 4667 d mojuu 5867 5aa > 5b > aoa max hits C > j.bb > j.c > j.214b Dmg 3283 Sp 44 5aa > 2b > 2c > 214ab > 22c > 2ab > 66h5b > 2b > j2b > j.bb > J.214b Dmg 4175 c mojuu 5717 Corner 5aa > 5b > aoa max hits d ender > iad j2b > j.d > h5b > 2c > 214b. Dmg 3753 sp 52 c mojuu 5315 5a > 5b > aoa max hits d ender > iad j.2b > j.d > h5b > 2c > 214b Dmg 3692 sp 51 c mojuu 5252 d mojuu 6452 SB mojuu 7172
  4. Tecta1Eastside

    [P4AU] Labrys Video Thread

    Here's the other Red Axe FC CMV 【P4U2】 ラビリス 中央ブルコン色々 http://nico.ms/sm24148150 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAapVckcaPk&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  5. Tecta1Eastside

    [P4AU] Labrys Video Thread

    Pre Arc Revo 5/6/2014 S.labrys vs S.junpei http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=53IoqLFybVs&t=56m18s Purepure vs chie http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=53IoqLFybVs&t=59m25s Purepure vs mitsuru http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=53IoqLFybVs&t=69m6s
  6. Tecta1Eastside

    [CP] µ12: Video Compendium

    01/01/2014 Chariot Keba vs Denpo (Ragna) Keba vs HTY (Hazama)
  7. Tecta1Eastside

    [P4AU] Labrys Video Thread

    2/1/14 MAXIM HERO Casuals RH (Labrys) vs (Narukami) RH (Labrys) vs Woki (S.Narukami) RH (Labrys) vs Woki (S.Narukami) RH (Labrys) vs Novu (Yosuke)
  8. SwordOfToan. But I haven't been on PSN lately and haven't been practicing BB at all, much less Nu.

  9. PSN Tag? I recently got CP a few weeks ago. I wanna grind the V-13 MU.

  10. Tecta1Eastside

    [CP] µ12: Video Compendium

    BBCP 1/31/2014 Tachikawa Red VS White Keba vs Hane (Litchi) Keba vs Hikaru (Hakumen) Keba vs Serizawa Keba vs mizuki (Carl) Keba vs Yuuyo (Taokaka) Keba vs Under (Tager) Keba vs ESP (Taokaka) BBCP 1/31/2014 Cat's Eye Machida o zun vs Yoroin (Ragna) Nanase vs doraheta (Platinum) Nanase vs Matsu (Makoto) BBCP 1/31/2014 Cat's Eye Machida Red VS White 0 zun vs yoroin (Ragna) 0 zun vs Gure (Jin) Nanase vs Chibaken (Hakumen) BBCP 2/7/2014 BBCP Keba (μ) vs Meteor (Litchi) Keba plays for almost 1hr in a set (2nd part has better quality) Keba (μ) vs Ryuusei (Litchi) Keba (μ) vs Ryuusei (Litchi)
  11. Tecta1Eastside

    [P4AU] Labrys Video Thread

    FC Red Axe Combos http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22790114 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Er54AZljLk
  12. Tecta1Eastside

    [CP] µ12: Video Compendium

    1/28/2014【μ-12-】 STB 【マグロシステム】http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22770888 2nd part of the corner Ikutachi setups 1/2/2014 μ-12解説動画No.02 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22629634?ref=search_key_video 2nd Part of the μ-12 tutorial 11/16/2013【BBCP】μ-12- 応用コンボ http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22338106 Older combo tutorial that was missing. 2014/1/11梅島ファンタジーBBCP大会後フリプ動画 Keba 18th dan and other 14th dan μ-12 show up http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22664207 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22664427 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22664707 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22664903
  13. Tecta1Eastside

    [P4AU] Labrys Video Thread

    2nd Part of the Blue to Red axe combos w/Notations http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22762676 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YKH1qvKHKM
  14. Tecta1Eastside

    [P4AU] Labrys Video Thread

    P4U2 1/11/2014 Urban Square 3on3 Labrys VS Hanage (Narukami) P4U2 1/19/2014 Taito Yokohama Pre Tournament Casuals Koma (Labrys) VS Koichi (Yukari) Koma (Labrys) VS Aigis Koma (Labrys) VS Naoto P4U2 1/19/2014 Taito Yokohama 2on2 Sakuma (Labrys) VS Tetsuko (Mitsuru) Koma (Labrys) VS Hata (Narukami) Sakuma (Labrys) VS Koichi (Yukari) P4U2 1/12/2014 Tokyo Leisureland Casuals (Last Part) Koma (Labrys) VS Shuuto (Mitsuru) Koma (Labrys) vs Okusan (Sho [Tsukiyomi]) Sakuma (Labrys) VS Nakiri (Kanji) Sakuma (Labrys) VS Okusan (Sho [Tsukiyomi]) Here's more matches from the Urban Square 3on3 that were missing. Labrys vs Chie Purepure(Labrys) vs Yosuke Labrys vs Naoto Labrys vs Aigis Purepure(Labrys) vs Mitsuru P4U2: 1/18 アミパラ広島店ランダム2on2 Purepure (Labrys) vs Narukami Purepure (Labrys) vs Sho Purepure (Labrys) vs (Sho [Tsukiyomi]) Purepure (Labrys) vs Mitsuru Purepure (Labrys) vs Mitsuru 25SP OMB & FC Blue to Red axe Combos http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22740233 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsjCafXjbAw
  15. Tecta1Eastside

    [CP] µ12: Gameplay Discussion

    I'll try to go to Final Round again this year. Not sure about anything else. I'm trying to get used to CP since I just got it a week ago.