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  1. Monokeros

    [CPEX] Azrael - Video Thread

    Azrael video that I made while I was trying to get his midscreen LWeakpoint midscreen combo down. Shows some of the troubleshooting I had to go through to get the combo more consistently. Hopefully it helps some people out since comboing into LWp mid screen is super useful.
  2. Monokeros

    [CPEX] Azrael - Combo Thread

    I have a question I'm doing 3C 22C 5B TCValiant 6Bx4 6A(wallsplat) and all the follow up hits I do after continue to wall-stick so I can't get an air combo. I tried adding a 2C after than then doing 5A j.ABC. j.D but the 5A would wall-stick and make it unable to continue to the air series And I know he has a CT route from fatal counters after an IAD j.A j.C but I'm having trouble connecting it, does it not work from a 6C starter?
  3. Monokeros

    [UNIEL] Under Night In-Birth Q&A Thread

    All right cool thanks for clearing that all up for me.
  4. Monokeros

    [UNIEL] Under Night In-Birth Q&A Thread

    Doesn't using green shield cause some pushback as opposed to Blue shield and cost 10 meter to perform? I tested Linne's 5B and if I blue shield it she remains in throw range but if I do a delayed greenshield she's pushed out of range and her throw whiffs
  5. Monokeros

    [UNIEL] Under Night In-Birth Q&A Thread

    I must have done something wrong with my testing, I had Merkava run up and 5A me and I would hold block and tap shield while I'm in blockstun and it would extend my blockstun for the entire animation of the green shield flash. What's going on when that happens? I'm holding up the entire time and until the green shield animation ends I'm unable to jump so there it looks like my blockstun is increased as opposed to just blocking it normally or using blue shield in when I'm able to jump and then slightly earlier with the blue shield.
  6. Monokeros

    [UNIEL] Under Night In-Birth Q&A Thread

    So I'm curious as to how the shield mechanic works in reducing blockstun and letting you punish moves. From what I've tested you have 2 Shields Blue Shield which costs 0 meter unless you're holding it for 30 frames outside of blockstun reduces blockstun by 3 frames on the ground and 6 in the air. Then you have Green Shield which costs 10 meter and increases blockstun by X amount and pushes your opponent away. So why does Green Shield which increases blockstun work as a way to punish merkava's 236C which is normally -2 but becomes -5 (or at least it seems to because I can punish with Hyde's 623A when doing it properly)
  7. Monokeros

    AC+R: Videos

  8. Monokeros

    [AC+] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    PSN ID: Monokerros I'm in the Socal Area Riverside, CA specifically. Trying to find some people to practice with in prep for Xrd.
  9. Monokeros

    [P4AU] Yu Narukami Combo Thread

    This is a simple S.Narukami anti-air CH 2B Combo I've found out that works with your back to the wall. CH 2B > (delay) 5B > 5C > 236A > (Berserk) > DP > 214214C > 236236A > OMC > 214D > 214214CD 4768dmg
  10. Monokeros

    [P4AU] Ken Amada Gameplay Discussion

    Here's what I learned from my testing at EVO I mainly played Shadow Ken the whole time: Shadow Ken in Berserk can combo 236A 236B and vice versa I wasn't able to pull it off myself in a combo only during a blockstring but another Ken player who was testing Berserk combos with me landed it on me a few times. We didn't get much testing in aside from that, doing it too fast with the same strength will accidentally give you the 236236A/B super. I thought you might be able to use shadow berserk to chain cancel a bunch of 214A/B/ABs but, maybe I was doing it wrong, I was unable to cancel them into each other outside of cancelling into one from a blocked//hit 236A/B. I couldn't tell if you could cancel the dogs specials more "freely" either, and since most of his have long startup outside of their SP versions I don't know if they'll be exceptionally useful in Shadow Berserk combos.
  11. Alright I'll be bringing my PS3 I'll gladly volunteer to run pools either way. See you at the venue on Friday then.
  12. I'll be able to bring a PS3 console for P4A&GG, I have a monitor I can bring but I'm going to be rooming at the Riviera so I don't know if I'll be able to carry it the whole .6mi in the las vegas heat. Is anyone else going to be at that hotel that could help me out? Otherwise I'm fine with just bringing a PS3. I also have experience running pools, I ran a few smash pools last year at EVO as well as running a few small tourneys at my locals.
  13. Monokeros

    P4U2 Arcade Profile Site Rip

    Don't know if this is the right place to post it but it looks like Akihiko has a color that seems to be a reference to Shingeki no Kyojin (AoT) http://youtu.be/HIseHRVNtVU Included pic if you don't want to watch video.
  14. Monokeros

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    So is there any news on if Amada/Rise will be console playable first or will they be out in the arcades before then, or are they coming out at around the same time?
  15. Monokeros

    [P4AU] Yu Narukami - Video Thread

    A S.Narukami vs Aigis First to 11 from back in January, this set alone convinced me that I'm maining S.Narukami when this games comes to console. http://youtu.be/IPGHIi-HXSQ More Narukami vs S. Narukami also some vs Mitsuru. 3parts total: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TX0jQxGuRIE (P1/3) http://youtu.be/YBZa0s2NfSY (P2/3)(starts off with S.Narukami vs Mitsuru) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPJdsEIV0OY (P3/3)(starts off with S.Narukami vs Narukami)