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    [Xrd] Sol Badguy 101/Q&A/FAQ Thread

    Ramblings: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1snfq1e TLDR; when are Dragon Install combos a good idea?
  2. I liked your article about terminology a lot, do you mind if I translate it to portuguese and post in other foruns?

  3. Inso

    [Mar 29-31, 2013] FINAL ROUND XVI - Atlanta, GA

    - ShinSyn, Miller and Axis, you guys are chill as fuck, and just listening to you realtalking overnight inspired me to try persona for real. Thanks again for letting me stay with you and sharing your stories and info on the game, I felt like I was part of a bigger community than that of any game or nation. Hope I get to see you guys again. Keep representing the midwest. - Shin, I was expecting you to body me at the tournament, even cheering for you to do so actually. If you channel 100% of what we know you can do, I have no doubt you'll succeed. Good luck on your major, and keep leading the Narukarmy, sir! - Axis, thanks for lecturing me on all the subtle discrepancies of the american culture, like "nigga time". And good shit falling on top of me for a drunken hug and then asking me to get off you. You're just hilarious, dude. Even your trashtalk/trolling is awesome. Thanks for giving a scrub matchup experience, and good luck with Narukami. - LK, congratulations on taking BB, MB and P4! For such an accomplished player you'd be a great voice actor. I'd totally use that sonic dub as my ringtone, and I'd love to have you back in Brazil, anytime. Hope we get to play more. - Setsuna, your meta stuff is off the charts. Smartest joke I've seen in a long time. - Bluelink, thanks for being my traveling partner and guiding me through Atlanta. Also, good shit paying for free internet =x - LKG, somehow you make your way into people's hearts, no homo. You level up pretty quickly sir, can't wait to see how you improve over time. And thanks for teaching me how to make that drink. I just think you should value your money more, lol - Ludwig, great stuff beating me with Naoto S2 Hope you keep rocking her for all of us slackers. Guy with a crossdresser girl cosplay....that's too good. - Chosen, the Yukiko hero! I think your gameplay was the one I liked to watch more out of everyone there. - XCross and MadScientist, thanks for teaching me the Liz matchup. Xcross and I actually managed to glitch the game, lol. - ZomB, Eshi, Reptar, DC, Amadeous, Dollar, Generic, Yohoe and all the dudes that I played/talked to but was too overwhelmed to remember names, so nice meeting you and thanks for everything! It's been a pleasure. Oh, and the most important thing you should always remember: don't fuck with Amadeous' waifu. Ever.
  4. Inso

    [Mar 29-31, 2013] FINAL ROUND XVI - Atlanta, GA

    Just letting people know that I'm coming from Brazil to enter FR. Althought I'm a Melty Blood player, I'm up for some P4, AH3 or UMVC3 (ye, srsly) matches, just hit me up if you wanna chill and play whatever.