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    [P4A] Labrys - Gameplay Discussion

    She's so pretty. Also, I played her at EVO - she's pretty braindead simple fun. I like not having to work to get hits and doing 50% off of a simple BnB into super.
  2. Yeah, I've seen some of your work for the Liz section, good stuff! I like her as a character too, but I don't think I'd be able to play her - she dies too quick! x_x Where did you get the chance to play the game already? :o

  3. Thanks! Yeah, I wasn't really interested in SG at first, but it grew on me. It's currently my favorite Fighting game to play right now, who would've known haha. As for the scene here, it's also pretty small. The other mainstream games are taking a lot more space and it's not the entire BB community picked the game up, so we're only a couple of players playing. I saw a couple videos of S. Labrys and it does look she gives a hard time to a lot of characters. I was interested in playing her because I thought she was just a better version of Labrys, but after some research I realized that she's a complete different character, so I came back on Labrys (Plus, I like the Axe Gauge system too much to give up her her, lol) As for Chie, I would like to play her, but I can't play rushdown characters for the life of me, lol. I've seen some videos of your Tsubaki/Valk - pretty impressive, man! Why did you switch to Valk, though? I always thought you would stick to Tsubaki 'til the end. Lol

  4. Congratz on that man. Didn't know you played SG either. It's nice to see you doing good in other games y'know, and is the SG scene big over there? It seems to be extremely small here, like, how NA2 was with us, lol. Shadow Labrys looks like she'll give the other characters a hell of a hard time, because Asterios being out like that makes it really difficult to deal with her. Chie just has so much tools for her rushdown and she looks mad good! People are looking forward to dishing me punishment since I've been doing stupid stuff with Valkenhayn against them haha. What goes around comes around I guess! I've been good, still been only playing BB, but I'm really hype for TTT2 and P4U. I'm looking on maining Elizabeth. Her combos have so much swag and her persona is cool, despite the fact that her mixup and pressure is not that good. I've already started on her section and all, and I've already played the game! She's soooo fun to use!

  5. Pretty good! Won the Skullgirls tournament at my last major (MAT I.X), so I feel pretty good about that. :P I'm also looking forward to go to EVO. Yeah, I'm really interested in playing Labrys. She looks awesome. Only other characters that I want to try out are Chie and Shadow Labrys. How about you? Who do you plan on using?

  6. Yea man! How've you been!? Nice to see your interested in P4U, and I take it you would like to main Labrys? Have any other characters you like? Surprisingly it's just one for me, but I hope certain DLC characters will come out. :3

  7. Yeah same here! Been a while since we haven't talked. Came here mainly because of P4U and saw you here as a mod, lol.

  8. Woah! Good to see ya man!!