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  1. seventyxxtimes7

    [UNIEL] Online Matchmaking

    Yall mother fuckers need to start playing online, im tired of this shit.
  2. It is finally here!!! My nipples can't take it
  3. seventyxxtimes7

    [CSE] Taokaka Combo Thread

    If it looks like a 5D then it might be a 5D... the [2]D9 means it a charge move so after you do 236C hold down 2 for a second then do [2]D9. If tao is flying the opposite direction then you have to point your stick down(3) to keep her in the corner Anyways, I found that the combo worked on Litch but when i tryd it on Bang it didn't work.
  4. seventyxxtimes7

    [CSE] Taokaka Combo Thread

    Can someone plz help me with this combo?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmNoBEINHMgCombo 5 (1:06) - 5B starter, corner 5B -> 3C (3 hits) -> 22C -> 5D~5 -> j.D~A -> 6C -> 4D~A -> 6C -> 236C -> [2]9D -> j.2D~B -> 5C -> 2D~9 -> j.C -> j.9D~C -> j.9D~9 -> j.3D~3 -> j.236BBBBB [4125] Side note (i dont understand why the j.2D~B is in this combo when in the video it looks like its just [2]9D~B -> 5C So anyways. If i just do 6C and skip the 236C and go in to [2]9D the attack hits! But it takes the opponet out of the corner so i cant do the Danceing edge finisher If i go in to 6C -> 236C -> [2]9D... [2]9D Completely whiffs. So if someone out their can help me. I will love you long time. =)