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  1. It's definetly not the same as the old one, I've been trying to reach you for a while at that one. Maybe you should just text me? 920-1399 (hopefully you at least remember the area code?)

  2. I think it is the same as the old one. Shoot me a message like "Hey Rob-sama this is Trig" and I'll respond :3

  3. So I guess I've been texting no one X.X. you could of told me What's your new number?

  4. I got a new phone a couple of months ago because the old one was pooping out. How've you been daaaaawg?

  5. So did your phone die or something?

  6. Bad news everyone, girlfriend woke up sick with a 101 degree fever and some baaaaaad pain so I'm going to pull a mike napalm and dodge this month/be home playing nurse all day. Fuji I'll get you those boston fucking creams next time! Also GG next taimu kudasai
  7. What kind of doughnuts does everyone like? I might pick some up before I make the pilgrimage to CGJ :3
  8. I would totally be down for Vampire Savior. It would be fun to learn that game from the ground up with you guyz. Oh and if I end up coming I can bring a PS3 with both AH3 and P4U on it, Tigre. @MikeNapalm, I don't know if I'm driving, I might take the train if it ends up being cheaper. My car is a gas eating piece of shit, trip could easily cost like $60 :/
  9. I might come out to this, last time I was with the Philly crew was when Tigre was running Melty Blood at CGJ lol Just gotta see if I have the cash to make the pilgrimage from Mahwah.
  10. Just wanted to hollah atchu mang :3 I'm staring at the Winter Brawl thread ;____; Mah poverty liiiiiiiiiife

  11. Hi hun, impatient for your gift or did you just miss me? :3

  12. Lol I ate your wall activity xD

  13. The room I'm staying in is a little crowded but if you wish you could totally crash there for the night, don't be homeless Superscience. ;__; I'll be at the Copabanana event so just come talk to me there if you're interested.
  14. I'm driving some folks over and back to the hotel afterwards. Don't exactly how much room I'll have but I could always try to fit some extra fools in!