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  1. Oniros

    Koihime Musou (2D fighting game)

    New character:
  2. Official website: https://versus.granbluefantasy.jp/en/ Announcement video: This looks made by either Team Read or the DBFZ team led by Motomura.
  3. Oniros

    Blazblue is 10 years old today!

    Back in the day I hated BB but today it's my favorite modern fighting game series. I hope it goes on for many more years!
  4. Oniros

    Adding discord info into dustloop

    This is a good idea. Syniez' FGC Discord Compendium should be a good starting point for all ASW related servers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ac2nRBy0tTPz6k6heook5w8R7dDngutW8OkK5alhI7k/edit#gid=1066344564
  5. Oniros

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

  6. Oniros

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    Stream archive with over 1 hour of footage
  7. I'm ok with this. Let them beta test the cat.