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  1. Does she have combo and match up tutorials within the game?
  2. Lmao, this is definitely a glitch. Tomorrow's netplay should be fun! Thanks!
  3. I see lots of changes for Elphelt and Jam. Please tell me that Jam is viable again. Pls ;_;
  4. I dunno but for all the money they get, Evo is ran like some amateur event. SMH Well done on Aksys and Ishiwatari, THAT'S HOW YOU ANNOUNCE THINGS! Also, the balance patch seems to be up already!
  5. Oniros

    [Xrd] News Thread

    Apologies for the twitch message, from the EVO stream:
  6. If such a long wait is necessary, I'm gonna go on a stretch and say that they will actually patch a dub once the story DLC is finished. While that would be sweet, I ain't holding my breath.
  7. My guess is that it was the free DLC for two weeks for Raven and Kum and that's it.
  8. Anyone who put their pre-order on Amazon Canada and got a shipping estimate of June 14? Why the heck am I getting it a week late?
  9. Just wanted to confirm: the lighting upgrades are no available on the PS3 version, correct?
  10. When Jubei is added to BB, you know it will be the end.
  11. Es is my new main!11 Jokes aside, I'm glad to see the Xblaze games getting some recognition from ASW. I really liked Es as a character and I'm really looking forward to see how the Blazblue story wraps up.
  12. It really blows that the demo is for digital pre-orders only.
  13. How much did BBCS cost on release? My guess is that since story mode is new, it involves a lot of dubbing. I'm interested to see who they're gonna pick for Jam's VA lol.
  14. Oniros

    [Xrd] News Thread

    Guilty Gear Xrd: -REVELATOR- Launches June 7 in North America
  15. ASW USA is the one to blame for BBCP original piss poor localization. That was the first time they gave the localization job to Strangely Compelling while Aksys was doing the publishing only. They took a sweet 6 months in finishing the job and didn't even bother localizing library mode. Ever since, they've keep hiring them but something tells me that they now receive some sort of support from Aksys. The fact that NA Xrd released so closely to the JP release date and that BBCPE's library mode was fully translated inspires a bit more confidence. That being said, BBCPE's NA release date was around 2 months after the JP release date. Personally, I can wait that long. But I know that for most of DL that is an eternity.
  16. Online pool of players is shared, if they keep doing it like in -Sign-. Either way, I can't wait to body people online with my inferior version lol. ^_^
  17. Oniros

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    This is all very different. Even if I started playing with #R, AC is definitely where I feel the most at home with her moveset. Still, I'm liking what I see.
  18. Can people please stop falling for this F-tier bait of PS3 vs PS4? Xrd will probably move on to next gen exclusively once the install base is there and old gen sales plummet. As long as they keep the online pool of players united by keeping cross-play between the platforms where future installments of Xrd are released, it's gonna be ok. On topic now: Thank you! This is everything I wanted from the loketest. While I really got used to +R Jam, she still looks fun as hell to play. Can't fucking wait for Revelator now. :D
  19. Jam is looking great. Any info on whether the wall-loop is back?
  20. Oniros

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    Add me to the bunch who would like to see her +R gameplay style return. Give us a new card for HS, Arc Sys!
  21. I'm super stoked about her return! I wonder if her gameplay will be more buff-focused like in +R, or just good old wall-loop setup-oriented. Either way I can't wait to play my main again!
  22. I knew it was coming, but I'm so happy to see her back!!! Lmao true. So lucky that I get to go to Japan on October, I must play this once I'm in there.
  23. You mean what's shown at 0:32 of the video? Could that be a new follow-up to Hornet Chaser? Also, I agree about the new artwork being awesome. Hibiki looks promising.
  24. TFW when you thought the subtitles couldn't get any dumber. We're nearing French Bread levels of Chuuni.
  25. Same here. Guess I'm delaying the inevitable. :V