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  1. 1 minute ago, TekkamanArk said:

    I like CP and CF's soundtracks, and sprites ALWAYS > models. I haven't played Xrd as much as the other GG games because I hate them being models.

    Sprites are ridiculously cost-prohibitive. I like them better too, but games aren't made in a bubble. Cost plays a huge factor and I wouldn't be surprised if originally BBCT was more expensive to make than GG Xrd.

  2. On 2016-10-21 at 6:51 AM, Luminos564 said:

    It's not that people want to bury it, but more a case that we've had BB constantly show up at our door for 7 straight years. Think about it: ever since CT, we've had a new BB entry (and Extend) and each of them was a separate disc/game. Unlike the competition in say SFIV (loathe as I am to mention it) where Capcom tried to prolong the longevity of the game. BB instead opted to shell out as many titles as possible for 7 years, meaning you had maybe what, a year for any one game before the newest one was around the corner?

    I'm in agreement with TD on this. Much as I loved the series over the years, it really has gotten quite a bit "stale". Those sales numbers, while not indicative of the actual quality of the game, seem to reflect this among the playerbase. Not helping is ArcSysWorks' business decisions over the years so perhaps it is for the best for this franchise to take a bit of a rest, before deciding to make another splash. It might do it some good.

    I want BB to make a comeback like GG did: with a new engine (imagine a tweaked version of Xrd's engine but built on UE4 from the ground up :O), a new story, and some gameplay and QOL enhancements a few years from now. Also, I might be alone on this but I would like someone else to take over the music. While CT and to some extent CS OST was great, I think the same cannot be said about CP and CF (with some standout tracks of course).

  3. BBCP had an anime supporting it, advertising-wise; its sales numbers are kind of an outlier as a result.

    Also probably still some lingering "waiting for Extend" sentiment even with Mori's repeated statements on there being no Extend version this time.

    Even if many people are waiting for the Extend version (like me) those are horrible opening numbers. Like, worse in the franchise kind of bad, I think?

  4. 6 hours ago, MaximusMurkimus said:

    But if they do so in order to get a dub, it'll be worth it. 

    Best compromise they could do is release a sub-only digital version this year to appease the ones who want to play immediately, and a proper dubbed physical release next year. Hell, they might even get multiple purchases. 

    But as it stands, they're not getting a single one from me. 



    Or provide a dub with the inevitable Central Fiction Extend.

  5. I rented BBCPE to play through Remix Heart Gaiden and I barely remember what happened. Hope that Mai's gameplay makes up for her role in the story, which I think was kind of pointless. Also, not a big fan of the outfit either. Inb4 the next DLC character is Cajun and people get salty again.

    On 2016-08-10 at 0:23 PM, VermilionBird said:

    The story is pretty central to the series, and is the most prevailing factor if Mori's statement is taken into account.

    I am disgusted that no one quoted you and said "you could even argue that the fiction is central to the series". SMH Dustloop :P

  6. Was there anyone people feel should've been nerfed also that wasn't with this patch?

    No, but I'm sure you'll get a few of the standard Zato/Millia responses. I think 1.03 is a really great patch overall, but Jam and to a lesser extent Ramlethal should have been given more substantial buffs in my opinion.

    I personally welcome the shorter max charge times with open arms.