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  1. JinnyKisaragi

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    I'd like to play with someone. I'm not too picky about who I fight as long as the connection doesn't suck. I'm looking for something casual and not too serious. I'm not the greatest player so if you are looking for a really challenging match you may not get it, but I'd be honored if a good player doesn't mind my game play. I'm interested in making videos of matches so you may end up on my YouTube. A mic is a plus but it isn't needed. If you add me, please mention you are from DustLoop. My region is Central and I use a PS4 if that matters. PSN: JinnyKisaragi :3 Thanks kindly.
  2. I'd be glad to, whenever I'm not away. Send me a message when you wanna fight.

  3. Long time no see. I had no internet. Henceforth no BlazBlue or Dustloop. Dustloop hated my cellphone and it was all I had net on... Hope to play you again.

  4. JinnyKisaragi

    [AC+] PSN ID Thread

    PSN: JinnyKisaragi (This is my account for everything I play!) PSN 2: KyKiske-Kisaragi (This account is for Guilty Gear!) Region: Chesapeake, Virginia Available: So often it is embarrassing... Main: Ky Kiske Subs: Order Sol and Sol Badguy Note: I have the Japanese Version. (I couldn't wait...) About adding me: At the moment, my list is not full on KyKiske-Kisaragi. Feel free to just add me without hesitation. Just mention dustloop with the request. Even if all you do is type in dustloop. Lol. yukianesalove@hotmail.com