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  1. Senkei

    Faust in Accent Core: Game Play/Stategy

    Low profile characters when trying the fdc j.k into j2k can be difficult but you can actually just skip the j2k completely land and go into 5p. Its not as easy to hit confirm but you wont have to worry about the j2k whiffing...
  2. Senkei

    Faust in Accent Core: Game Play/Stategy

    It def one of the harder confirms to do in Faust's arsenal. You basically have to execute the fdc j.k - j2k perfectly in speed and height. You can buffer in the dash right before you land to help you out. This it mostly useful so you can get a 5p confirm into a knockdown air combo(close range). Defure used it in this case because he got a far hitconfirm so he dashed up to make sure the 5p-2d comboed. From what I have been seeing recently is that(Kiisha and Nage at least..) have just been finishing the combo after 2D instead of going for the dash-up air knockdown combo. Its really up to you if you wanna use it or not but I value guaranteed knockdown over a harder combo and a little bit extra damage.
  3. Senkei

    Faust in Accent Core: Game Play/Stategy

    I will go over how to use those items once I get the +R threads going but for 214D it has many uses.... For one it almost goes instantly airborn so it helps Faust crush really low profile moves(most characters 2d's) and it can act as a solid form of mixup when your pressure is consistent. **Character Specific** It also really limits Po's options when he tries to pressure you on wake-up since it beats his 5k, 6k and 6HS which are all usually great wake-up pressure options for Potemkin.
  4. Senkei

    Faust in Accent Core : General Discussion

    The scalpel FRC really isn't a proper burst bait. If they burst in that window when you can FRC it you can bait it anyway usually if you stop inputting the rekka to finish with the knock-up. The proper way "good" players should burst scalpel pull is either right when they get hit by it or right when faust knocks them up. Any time inbetween that you can burst punish them naturally. The FRC on scalpel pull can get you a knock down combo and give you good upclose okizeme(scalpel pull -*frc*-5k - 2d). But all in all i'd say his most useful frc is def the GMW off of pogo. Not only does it help make the move safer(whiff/block) you can continue a few more hits for the kill depending on how you started the combo or *The most awesome option* you can FRC into Faust's J.D and score a guaranteed knock-down(lighter characters). This is actually extremely useful against lighter characters that Faust has a hard time keeping grounded (Millia,May,Dizzy,Baiken). The more knockdowns you get with Faust the better the tempo is set in your favor to throw out items and mix your opponent up.
  5. Ohhh boy GG is looking good! What Japanese players are playing besides Dogura?
  6. Senkei

    [AC+] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Anyone wants some Faust action hit me up!! I need some more games before CEO and Evo!!
  7. Senkei

    Faust in Accent Core : Combos

    2 flowers should only be used to get the character closer so gmw can connect. This happens mostly when you connect pogo at max range and need to draw them back in. These usually only work on larger body characters(slayer/johnny/potemnkin) It can still be used on other characters but you run the risk of them teching out of gmw losing the hard knockdown.
  8. Senkei

    Faust in Accent Core : Combos

    yeah the dash up isn't easy I can't get it 100% of the time. Most important thing is you get the knockdown.
  9. Senkei

    Guilty Bits video series- Official thread

    Probably because they have been finished already...
  10. Senkei

    Guilty Bits video series- Official thread

    I can help with Faust. I've been watching his changes since last year and I have a good handle on what he's capable of. His episode might take a bit longer than others due to all those items and what they do haha... I don't think I have a Skype account but im free Monday and Tuesday from work so hit me up with your contact info and ill get shit set up.
  11. Senkei

    Faust in Accent Core : Combos

    Flaming slap after scalpel pull is now only possible if the coin item actually hits the opponent. When that happens "OISSU!!" Appears on top of your tension bar. As a result the next time the hand slap connects after the scalpel it will set them on fire!! No just frame timing anymore. Only use the JC S- HS combo if the characters body is to high. This makes sure your jHS doesn't whiff.
  12. Senkei

    Faust in Accent Core : Combos

    yeah the more hits you do the more untechable time the opponent has. Only reason you would need to frc from GMW is to make it safe on block, or if your comboing lighter characters(mostly female) you FRC the GMW into j.D which causes a hard knockdown. You can combo from it but only if you nailed a hitconfirm from a delayed pogo. It's def something to try out in the lab. I did find this new combo out a few days ago. If you scalpel pull into forcebreak bomb, you can IB the bombo whiff pogo and pick them up with flower into GMW. The timing is a bit tight but its easier than slash backing the bomb and comboing.
  13. Senkei

    Faust in Accent Core : Combos

    Piscolo: you actually need to be close and pretty low to the ground. This may be the most difficult thing to master in Faust's arsenal. The proper combo actually allows you to dash when you land then going into 5p - 2d - 2s - 5k -jc- jk - jd. Watch Nage and Kiisha videos on youtube. They have the standard FDC combos down It also is something that you need to condition your opponent to be hit by. Have your oki focus first on 2k and if they want to grab on wake up use a meaty j2k. Natsu: What part does it stop counting the combo? It should connect all the way through... Really this combo should be done in the corner only. Most combos midscreen should end in the jd knockdown combos...
  14. Senkei

    Faust in Accent Core : Combos

    standing far slash connects into 5HS if the distance is correct. That combo can get you max damage in the corner if you hit them with FDC j.k. He means FDC(drill cancel)K(kick). When you do the drill cancel using kick is the best normal to get a confirm with. Hopefully that answered your questions...