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  1. Hey I really need to see Kokonoe Act 3 summary translation please.

    1. Sourenga


      Umm... Zedar has already translated Kokonoe Act 3 summary...?

    2. Toxin45


      I meant for the videos that you do on dailymotion.

  2. ArcSys sure has succeeded in making this seem complicated. Just opened Amazon product page outright says Es is a DLC character.
  3. Sourenga

    [UNIEL] Video/Stream Thread

    That's just Shimazaki using a funny name for his player card...
  4. Sourenga

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    No, she doesn't seem to be a grappler. Famitsu highlights Mika's pure strength. These are the details written in the article:
  5. ArcSys explained during the pre-launch stream that a character using the Eclipse color might be a little difficult to recognize in some of the more darker stages, so it's disabled in Ranked Matches to ensure fairness.
  6. Hi there. This is Chain Revolver. I saw that you have just translated the BBCF endings. May I have the password as I also want to view them, too. Thanks!

  7. Does this go to here? Was just scrolling through jbbs and noticed this... So JP people apparently have the game already. There was also a comment that Story Mode is 5 Episodes long and it apparently ends with a cliffhanger that makes you go "Seriously!?"
  8. Password for Mu-12, Nu-13, Celica's Endings

  9. Sourenga I am interested in seeing the remaining Act 3 arcade stories, could you please tell me the password?

  10. So hey about Valky's act III? Is his final boss Amane?

  11. Those letters on the ground of Es' stage have me all curious... What does that text mean? Why even write on the ground? All I can make out is "SSARY HOT".
  12. This weeks Famitsu revealed that an additional Story Scenario will be distributed as free DLC sometime after the game's release. It was written at the bottom of the last page of the article.
  13. " That's a 'cliched phrase'... This guy sure is amusing. We have a rope around your neck. Just accept your defeat gracefully, you big criminal." Situation is pretty much reverse of what you suggested. Ragna is in the jail because everyone's memories are a mess. (Pretty sure they are recapping the arcade mode stuff in Story Mode...)
  14. Sourenga

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    No comments about that. Before the end of last year, Narita said that "Lately I've been plotting that during the year 2016, we'll release a proper console version of 'that game' and hopefully announce a newish arcade game." The original comment clearly says that they aim to announce the new project within this year. The wording kind of suggests they probably won't release it this year, which again leads me to suspect that the announcement will be late this year. There have been some mistranslations which might suggest they plan to release both of them this year... but that unfortunately is not the case.
  15. Sourenga

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Amamiya Sora (OR) & Hasegawa Yume (NA) won the tournament. Kamone announced at the end up the tournament that they've been working on the console version since UNIst came out in the arcades. They've been really busy drawing art and writing the story. Now they are preparing to officially announce everything.