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    BBCP Story Thread [Old]

    There's nothing too special here, but I subbed it anyways if someone needs to know what they talk.
  2. Sourenga

    BBCP Story Thread [Old]

    VS. Makoto scene from Hazama's story subbed! Some talk about Kagura Mutsuki here... This is pretty much the last good quality story gameplay we had... Sorry. I'd like to translate more, but there are no more videos now that Arc Cops started to hunt down everything spoilerish. This leads me to a question: Does anyone has those camrips of Litchi's and Noel's endings? I didn't figure to capture those for myself before those were taken down. So if anyone has those, I would like to try and translate those...
  3. Sourenga

    BBCP Story Thread [Old]

    Stories back online at DailyMotion! Now only to wait how long does it take from Arc Cops to hunt those down as well... Azrael's Story Relius' Story Tsubaki's Story Bang's Story
  4. Sourenga

    BBCP Story Thread [Old]

    Bang's story "KUSHINADA" is now subbed! Enjoy people chasing after the "Nox Nyctores: Rettenjou" and Relius to reveal why he's so interested in Makoto's soul and what would he do with the "Kushinada's Lynchpin"
  5. Sourenga

    BBCP Story Thread [Old]

    Tsubaki's arcade story "Never Break Your Heart" subbed! Info: --------- I'll try to finish Bang today and still have time to read for exams... Oh god, Relius what have you done to Arakune!