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  1. 1 hour ago, Steve-Fiction said:

    Did we learn anything about her playstyle? Is she a grappler?

    No, she doesn't seem to be a grappler. Famitsu highlights Mika's pure strength. These are the details written in the article:



    She's like a bombshell! A close-range power fighter with strong arms!

    SPECIAL 1: Mika-chan Missile - She tackles towards the opponent with the force of a cannonball. You can change the trajectory with additional inputs.
    SPECIAL 2: Mika-chan Cannon - Grabs the opponent and blows them away with her heavy gauntlets.
    SPECIAL 3: Mika-chan Tornado - Rushes towards the opponent while strongly spinning her arms. With an additional command, she continues to spin and leaps into midair.
    EX SPECIAL: Mika-chan Hip Attack - Hip attack makes the opponent stagger, Mika picks them up with an uppercut and then finishes them with a combo. Additional damage can be dealt by pressing the buttons with a correct timing.
    IW: Mika-chan Revolution - Leaps up in the air and then comes crashing down dealing high damage.
    IWE: Mika-chan Galaxy - Grabs the opponent, throws them into midair and finishes the opponent with a body blow.



  2. 19 minutes ago, JustaMaskedFreak said:

    Hm... I wonder what they are saying in the image where Kagura and Hibiki are in jail...

    " That's a 'cliched phrase'... This guy sure is amusing. We have a rope around your neck. Just accept your defeat gracefully, you big criminal."
    Situation is pretty much reverse of what you suggested. Ragna is in the jail because everyone's memories are a mess. (Pretty sure they are recapping the arcade mode stuff in Story Mode...)

  3. 11 hours ago, F. Wily said:

    Did I say anything about a new project, that has been something that I have been hearing for a while now.

    No comments about that.
    Before the end of last year, Narita said that "Lately I've been plotting that during the year 2016, we'll release a proper console version of 'that game' and hopefully announce a newish arcade game."
    The original comment clearly says that they aim to announce the new project within this year. The wording kind of suggests they probably won't release it this year, which again leads me to suspect that the announcement will be late this year. There have been some mistranslations which might suggest they plan to release both of them this year... but that unfortunately is not the case.

  4. Official UNIst 2on2 tournament "Struggle Overture" has its finals tomorrow, but I don't really see many people talking about it...

    Anyway, the tournament will be streamed here

    Last chance qualifier starts at 1 PM Japanese time and the actual tournament begins at 7 PM.

    Already qualified teams include:


    (I hope the player names are correct. Tracking down some people using joke-and-reference-names is difficult... Still didn't find out who that Sawamura Eriri player actually is...)

    EDIT: Shimazaki (CH) & Yuubari (WA) won the last chance qualifier.

  5. Oh, I didn't notice, but Haehyun's moveset is also out.

    "Choudengan" 236 +S/HS (調伝丸)
    "Shi'inken" 623 +K (四寅剣)
    "Shi'inken - Long Hold" Hold 623+K (四寅剣・長押し)
    "Shi'inken - Back Follow-up" Hold 623+K and then input 1/4/7 (四寅剣・後ろ派生)
    "Hayabusa Otoshi" 214 +K [Can be held]  (隼落とし)
    "Hayabusa Otoshi - Back Follow-up" Hold 4K after inputting 214+K (隼落とし・後ろ派生)
    "Aerial Hayabusa Otoshi" j.214+K (空中隼落とし)
    "Arahan Sanzenshou" 236236+HS [Can be held] (阿羅漢三千掌)
    "Shinkun Choudengan" 236236+S (神弓・調伝丸)
    "Zengen Teppai" 236236+HS (全弦撤廃)

    Attack name meanings:
    Choudengan = Tune Transmitting Circle
    Shi'inken =  Four Tiger Fist
    Hayabusa Otoshi = Falcon Drop
    Arahan Sanzenshou = Arhat Three Thousand Palms
    Shinkun Choudengan = Heavenly Bow: Tune Transmitting Circle
    Zengen Teppai = All Chord Abolition

  6. Suzaku will probably post more accurate Germany later, but this is a quick translation of Raven's moveset for those interested.

    "Schmerz Berg" 236 +P (シュメルツ・ベルク)
    "Gebrechlich Licht" j.236 +P/K (ケブレヒリヒ・リヒト)
    "Grausam Impuls" 236 +S [Air OK] (グラオザーム・インブルス)
    "Schjerf Kugel" 236 +HS [Air OK] (シャルフ・クーゲル)
    "I Want It Here" 214 +K [Long hold available] (ここにされたい)
    "Wachen Zweig" 63214 +S/HS (バッケン・ツヴァイク)
    "Getreuerr" "214214 +HS (ゲルトライヤー)
    "Verzwei Felt" 632146 +S [Air OK]  (フェアツヴァイ・フェルト)
    "Sehnsucht" 236236 +HS (ゼーンズフト)


  7. On 16.2.2016 at 3:18 PM, Jocelot said:

    Maybe his masochism Gauge simply functions as a Revenge Gauge/X Factor giving Raven his own special comeback mechanic? Would be pretty cool.

    Magazine leaks say that,
    "Raven's characteristic is the long reach of his attacks. However, his biggest feature is that by taking damage during his special attack 'Hit me there' accumulates a special meter. That meter can be used to boost his other attacks. Health management will be more crucial than with other characters."
    (Not really sure how to translate ここにされたい well enough, so that the message gets across..."I wish you'd hit me there" is just too long...)

    EDIT: Screenshot in lower right part seems to shows a Special called "Schmelz Berg" (シュメルツ・ベルク) which was one of Raven's moves in GG2. Other moves seem like new ones based on what you can make out of the names in this low quality preview picture.

    Move names are:
    Gerd Leier (ゲルトライヤー)
    Backen Zweig (バッケン・ツヴァイク)
    Schmelz Berg (シュメルツ・ベルク)
    And then there's a picture of his airdash (空中ダッシュ)

    EDIT: Fixed a typo. Thanks, Tokkan.

  8. 14 minutes ago, Danaiden said:
      Reveal hidden contents


    Oh, it one of the avatars is dressed as Raven. Seems that it is more and more likely that he really will be playable.

    The article also says "Revelator introduces 6 new characters " (which are Johnny, Jack-O, Jam, Kum, Dizzy, ???) Other network avatars in the picture seem to be playable characters (May, Sol, Jack-O & Jam can be seen), so this certaily raises the possibility of playable Raven...

    3D Lobbies certainly look amazing. I'll be doing Fishing all day in those...

  9. Summit of BlazBlue is a national tournament (?) organized by Shinjuku Sportsland and sponsored by ArcSys. They have a bunch of qualifiers at other arcades and finals take place at Shinjuku.

    Anyways... I take it that both Zedar and Tokkan watched the test broadcast, but didn't bother to mention what Mori talked during the stream. He said that BBCF still has something left that requires testing. Also, the opening movie for the game isn't complete yet, so they can't show it.

  10. UNI[st] 3.01 is coming to arcades on September 8th


    Character Specific Changes:
    Fixed the phenomenon where the webs set up by Byakuya's "Should I plant it around here?" didn't disappear when they were attacked
    Fixed the phenomenon where the webs set up by Byakuya's "Should I plant it around here?" dealt chip damage even when they were blocked using the Shield.
    Fixed the phenomenon where Phonon's EX "Yuudou Ascend" animation would play out if you cancelled the attack on hit and used another move.
    Fixed the phenomenon where Vatista's "Sidereus Fragmentum" dealt more hits than normally when they were detonated.
    Fixed the phenomenon where Seth's "Fastfall follow-up move" messed the directions where the moves Seth used after it could be blocked from.
    Fixed the phenomenon where Waldstein's "Assault" had his hurtbox the same as during a normal jump.
    Fixed the phenomenon where Chaos' "Breathe Out" couldn't be cancelled to other special moves on hit.

    Other Fixes:
    Other minor fixes and improved operation stability.

  11. All that I know is that Revelator has a self-adjusting difficulty.
    These icons appear after the battle to indicate that the difficulty is increasing. Victory screen is also the only place to confirm your current game difficulty.
    The main problem Devdan seems to have is that the difficulty doesn't seem to reset when you switch a character... which definitely sounds like bad game designing.

    ...I'm not sure why people are so hostile towards him when he's just curious about this change?

  12. I don't recall hearing about the removal of any of the left-right 50/50s. Are those actually gone?

    I was informed the left right nonsense was gone from some people who are usually right and keep up to this, and I haven't seen it even after the usual super set up, so I assumed they were correct. For all I know it could still exist and it's just been limited on how it could be set up? Or I could just be wrong.

    I'll share what I know of this matter...
    I haven't read anyone confirming that "hyouri" is totally gone, but comments say that it's more difficult to do now.
    Apparently the side switching happens a little later now. Meaning: Even if the opponent crosses over, you now have more time to block while still facing forward.

  13. Jack-O' now has actual names for her specials. Here's what the movelist looks like.


    Dust Attack (5D)
    Remove the Chain of Chiron (j.5D)
    Elysion Driver (6D | Air OK)
    Hunger of Dopros (4D | Air OK)
    Zest (2D | Air OK)
    Set a Ghost (22P/K/S)
    Pick up a Ghost (2P Near a Ghost)
    - Set (2P/K/S)
    - Put Away (4P/K/S)
    - Throw (5P/K/S)
    Organ Deployment (22HS)
    - Retrive All Ghosts (P)
    - Clock Up (K)
    - Explosion (S)
    - Aegis Field (HS)
    - Cancel (D)
    Calvados (214+S OR D | Air OK)
    Forever Elysion Driver (360 + P | Air OK)