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  1. milesokeefe

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    I don't know. I've heard about things being irreducibly complex before.
  2. milesokeefe

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I reject the premise that Guilty Gear's timing requirements preclude it from enjoying decent netcode. SF2 can be chopped into very tiny slices of time. It makes you deal with one frame windows to attempt reversal throws and shoryukens all the damn time. Like Guilty Gear, it was made in the days before online play. Now, AE and HF were awful online, but the 360 port of HD Remix had delay free netcode that could provide a solid playing experience up to about 110 ping territory. You reliably do 1 button reversals and reversal throws online. Bear in mind you had a one frame window to press the final input of those commands, not 2 to 4 - anything with a 2-4 frame window was of course perfectly possible to accomplish online as well. In return for the lack of delay, you had to deal with rollback. In my experience, rollback wasn't really noticeable til you got into 100 ping territory. 180+ ping games could look pretty ridiculous. The PS3 port also had delay free netcode, but it had 1-2 frames add input delay. It was not the preferred platform for tournament play. If HDR could have delay free netcode, I think Guilty Gear could, too. HDR SF2 was not remade from the ground up with netplay in mind, netcode was imposed upon the original SF2 code. Whether Guilty Gear *will* have delay free netcode or not, is another story. I'm hoping for 0-3 frames total delay. 4-5 I'd tolerate, but it'd play in a soupy, PS3 HDR-ish way, ugh ugh ugh compared to offline on PS2. 6+ = no thanks
  3. milesokeefe

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    After seeing what a game rebalancing did for the SF2 scene, I can't say I recommend it for AC.
  4. milesokeefe

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    rollback > input delay Please do not screw this up. The game must be worth playing for those who can not enjoy the benefit of regular local competition. Please do not let this turn out like KoF13.
  5. milesokeefe

    Going Back to Guilty Gear

    How I wish they'd waited until they made a 360/PS3 port of AC with quality netcode to do this.
  6. milesokeefe

    Going Back to Guilty Gear

    I suggest SSF4 to those looking for a low risk, low reward environment. Such people might also want to try IaMP. On a computer that's barely able to run it.
  7. milesokeefe

    [^C] Baiken [COMBO]

    I've had some lolsome moments using it vs certain forms of Slayer oki. It's as if it has vampire seeking properties.
  8. milesokeefe

    [^C] Baiken [MEDIA]

    B&B? As in, bread and butter combo? If so: Basic/stock combos for that character, combos everyone who plays that character should learn
  9. milesokeefe

    [^C] Baiken [COMBO]

    Maruken is a pretty cool guy. eh loses tension and doesn't afraid of penalty. IMO YZN FRC isn't a bad thing to do after a grounded opponent blocks one of your j.HS or j.S but it's a horrible way to treat either one of those moves on hit. That Maruken dash is just too damn sweet to never ever use! It seems to me that 2D mdash j.S, etc. could be an alternative to 2D tat mat FRC -> more pressure for aggressive players. ...a somewhat hi/low mixup-free alternative. Rats.
  10. milesokeefe

    [^C] Baiken [STRAT]

    Does a TK YZN FRC AD come out faster than an IAD? It looks like you don't have to spend time getting to AD height with it.
  11. milesokeefe

    The Good, the Bad, and Ugly as Hell Baiken Matchups

    I get regularly owned by an ABA I play against frequently. I understand that this match is in Baiken's favor, so I'm obviously doing something wrong. I've started doing a few things that seemed to have helped my survivability, like learn how long it takes for ABA to get up and use jKs and jHSs against her on wakeup, and stick to her like white on rice as best I can before she goes into Moroha mode. ...but, I'm still losing most of the time. I get thrown from amazing distances. I eat Danzais and lose frightening amounts of life and then I get so nervous that my blocking suffers. Also, I can't seem to land a dust combo on ABA to save my life- I always whiff the jD. I think I might even be whiffing the second jS Help plz!