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  1. Zephyrion22

    [Xrd] Elphelt Sniping 101

    Great Thread ! Here's what I gathered with my meager Elphelt MU exp about Rifle's uses. Very strong -Faust : Same issues as Bedman. lack of mobility + item toss call-outs. you can shoot love bags and door special on cue as well. even if you miss a shot, you can switch to shotgun and be safe relatively easily. Great harassment tool in this MU -Bedman : Doesn't have the mobility to punish you for sniping him. Can call out every head toss and 1/2/3H with practice. Just be careful about the guard point on command dash (which is CH, so don't miss your chance when you call it out). Useful -Elphelt : As being said by Magaki, it's used to call out berry play, and it's damn good at that. You should still be careful with it, as you probably know well enough that the cute bride has enough mobility and good enough normals to get you if you're not paying attention. -Venom : Mostly used to punish ball set and zoning in general. mind the fact balls don't disappear on hit, so you'll mostly use a single shot, then avoid the ball by jumping over or shotgun rolling to try and get some pressure. -Axl : Pretty much only used fullscreen, as Axl doesn't have any move that reach that far fast enough. The only thing you'll have to be really careful of is IAD j.S as it can hit you even from fullscreen, so focus on stopping that. Rifle harassing works well here. -Ramlethal. : Mainly used to call out sword summons. She doesn't have real answers against it, except for Dauros YRC, and it's not even that great. Sniper is very efficient here but don't go overboard with it : Ramlethal getting a clean hit on you means corner carry and vortex. -May : Used to stop her from getting dolphins and beach balls on screen. you should still mind her dolphin lounge's trajectories, as they can easily mess with aiming, and of course the infamous Great Yamada Whale that can just bring you on the verge of death if you eat a full combo from it. Specific uses - Sol : Sol can try to break your sniping with Ground Viper, Riot Stomp and usual airdash approaches, with or without "Kudakero" divekick. You can deal with both Ground Viper and Riot stomp by aiming at a specific point (towards the middle of the screen, with aim slightly lowered), and react to airdash approaches from there too.The thing is you don't have anything to call out with your rifle unless the Sol player did something really stupid.. Still one of the few chars you can somewhat harass with rifle, although you're taking quite a bet here (getting pressured or at worst, hit and cornered by Sol if you fail) -Ky : Mostly used to call out bad stun edges. thing is stun edge S version doesn't disappear on hit. meaning you will be mostly taking single shots and then go to shotgun or get out of rifle ASAP. -Potemkin : Pretty much only used to stuff flicker startup to prevent him from reflecting berries, and to kill Slide Head on prediction. Hammer fall makes it too dangerous to use it on a whim. -Zato : good to interrupt bad Eddie summons. Can also be used to kill Eddie or force Break the Law mindgames on him. Eddie's flight makes it hard to use rifle in an harassing fashion, so keep it strictly for call-outs. -Leo : Good to stop his projectiles. But if the Leo sees you entering stance, he can use 236H YRC to get quickly on you. Not only you can't get the cursor to keep up, but the invul on it makes it very hard to get a clean shot during its recovery. More importantly, why take risks with rifle when your normals, shotgun moves and berries can shut down pretty much anything he can do. I-no : Good for preventing her from summoning notes, and can be situationally used to blow a summoned note. Again, note doesn't disappear on hit, but I-no loses control of it from the moment she is hit, so you'll need to assess whether it'll sail over you or if you need to shotgun switch and roll it. Since I-no has a hover dash,a very good low profile move and decent aerial tools (jH, Dive, j.D FD cancel). It can be surprisingly hard to harass her with Rifle. -Sin : Good to call-out a Sin being overly passive or making himself a snack on neutral, althouh it's always a bad decision for Sin in this MU anyway. Sin's ability to control Leap trajectory, his slide (with YRC or not) and R.T.L can be troublesome to deal with. Rifle is still efficient as a tool against Sin, but the reward he can get from the mindgames is vastly superior to what Elphelt can get from it in most cases. Best is to have a berry covering the ground while you cover the air with the cursor. Not that useful -Slayer : Like Sol, you have nothing to call out from Slayer at this range. As said earlier, dash K Mappa effectively goes fullscreen, and is hard to call out. It's generally hard to hit him out of his dashes anyway, so try not to use it unless the Slayer is already in blockstun because of a berry. -Chipp/Millia. : Both are too mobile and want to get in your face, and have plenty of ways to do so. Keeping up with them can be hard enough with your normal mobility and moveset, but entering a stance during which you can't move or block on cue is suicidal in most cases. Chipp gets the added threat of teleports and Alpha Blade to get you, while Millia gets a chance to set up her vortex with her pin and sheer speed, which is the very thing you want to avoid at all costs. You can still use the shotgun switching for situational mindgames but that's it.
  2. Zephyrion22

    XRD Matchup Directory

    Sin remaining threads. Sin vs Bedman Sin vs Chipp Sin vs Faust I-no vs Sin (Hollysmoke's thread) Sin vs Millia Sin vs Potemkin Sin vs Ramlethal Sin vs Sin Sin vs Zato EDIT : A thread was already present for the I-no vs Sin matchup, but didn't appear in the directory. Could you erase the thread I did (or I'll hide it if necessary) ? Also I put the right link in this post so you can just copy/paste what's in here !
  3. I'll quickly answer in order - c.S and air-to-air are your only way to knock off the opponent from the air normally. 4P Grenade toss and of course Shotgun S serve that prupose as well - Rifle is a bit hard to use and mostly Match-up specific : you won't take it out against fast characters like Chipp or Millia, or against characters with projectiles that stays on screen even if they are hit, like Venom or Ky. It's still useful to call out some obvious moves from fullscreen, like Potemkin's flickering your grenades, Zato's invoking Eddie, Faust throwing items etc. don't forget that you still deal reasonable damage with it on counter since you can combo into another shot (67 damage total on Sol). And if you can learn to perfect reload it (pressing 6+S exactly at the same time when you do 46S to reload will drastically reduce its recovery, and allow you to harass your opponent) as well as switching to shotgun stance after reloading when they try to escape the rifle, it can become fairly annoying for quite a few characters to deal with. To sum it up, It's not essential,especially if you're beginning with the character but it will prove to be useful once you have a better grasp of the character ! -Midscreen shotgun is essentially used to extend your pressure strings a bit and make them more varied. It's mostly good for anti-airing, and passing through some pokes and projectiles with the roll on neutral. It's mostly situational if you're not pressuring with it though, so like Rifle stance, don't bother with that kind of use for now. - Grenades confirms really completely change depending on when the grenade hits and where it hits on the screen. Midscreen, you want to do an air combo after it, like j.S>jump cancel >j.K>j.S>j.H>delayed j.D. regardless of th air chain you use, try to end it with a j.D near the ground (it's better than aerial Bridal Express for knocking someone down). In the corner, you want to try to get your shotgun out and do shotgun loops if you know them. If not you can settle for an air combo, but try to learn the loops ASAP. There is more info about that in the combo section, be sure to take a look at it ! - Using Grenades just depends. Elphelt is super versatile, so you can try a lot of things, or even ad-lib your grenade use mid-match. Just don't let it explode in your hands xD - The poke question was answered already^^ That pretty much sums it up, you can roam around the threads to find more detailed info about all this though !
  4. Well sorry for the late reply but thanks for the comprehensive input ! I'll lab it out until I get better at hitconfirming properly ! I'll also calm down on RPG super, it became quite noticeable once you mentioned it !
  5. Ok Some notes that gathers what has been said about Active Flow so far -Active Flow is achieved by landing hits and attempting/offseting throws : pressure doesn't seem to help getting Active Flow, or it does unsignificantly. Guard crushing builds Active Flow (maybe counter-hitting does too ?) -When you're close to get active Flow , the "Attention!" message pops up -Active Flow is signalled by a yellow Aura and lasts about 10 seconds : needs further check but using Exceed Accel seems to automatically end it. - Backdashing/running away doesn't seem to diminish the "agression" you've been building. Simply put, if you know you're going to get Active Flow soon, you can play runaway (as long as you don't get Negative Penalty) and land a hit and you'll still get it. -The damage boost you get from it doesn't seem huge, but the burst you regain from it is very notable (signaled by Purple Aura on Burst gauge) - Getting in Negative Penalty seems to activate Active Flow for the opponent, so Negative Penalty is even worse than before - Needs to be checked as well , but characters may have different Active Flow building rates. Probably forgot/didn't notice some stuff : this is mostly theory and things noticed from crumbles of loketest footage, so things may be inacurrate or incorrect ! I'll edit this along to avoid feeding wrong info ! EDIT : check this for corrections and precisions about how Active Flow builds up http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php/topic/10979-cf-blazblue-central-fiction-news-and-gameplay-discussion/page-25#entry925887
  6. Question : If Naoto's attacks are powered up by dashing forward, that surely means his dash must be a bit unorthodox compared to a classic dash like Ragna's. Like having a notable startup like Carmine or being a Hazama type of dash ? It would sound weird for a straightforward, so-called beginner character to input things like 2366x to get the enhancement. Unless I'm completely wrong and inputting stuff in a normal dash recovery makes it work xD
  7. Ok my Elphelt could use some feedback ! This is a FT10 I did offline. I switch to Sin at the 29 minutes mark so no need to watch after this ! https://youtu.be/9B8wcKVvn64 Things I know I need to improve : -A lot of drops and missed setups here (thanks online > offline transition) that hurt me many times - some subpar hitconfirms, particularly the shotgun ones ( never used the RC Powered extensions a single time, and god knows how useful they are) - Mixing my standing and crouching confirms quite a few times. -Overusing rifle stance. I find the stance fun and this was casual play, but I know I should use it a lot more sparingly than I do -Predictable pressure patterns, I'm still overusing the 2H>2D, I've been working on getting rid of that habit, but it is still bad - Shotgun pressure could use some variety. I was mostly baiting to avoid getting reversaled, but I should still have added more variety to it I know there is a lot more, so for the rest, give me as much advice as you see, be it from a character or player point of view !
  8. Zephyrion22

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    non Awakened D Agi lets you do various things as Elochai said, I'll just elaborate for it to be clearer. Here are the commonly used things -5A/2A staggers into throw/persona pressure, not recommended but it still works sometimes -jump + jA/2A or airdash j.A x N. airdash mixups and 2A often leave a hole for them to DP , but j.A is safe so use the threat of the j.A and then attempt other mixups - jump>airturn> instant air backdash> airturn j.A/2.A : A lot harder but tighter, you can get a cross-up by delaying your airdash, in which case you just skip the second air turn -5A>jump> airturn> instant air backdash j.A. Another cross-up. Riskier, but still allows you to keeps thing fresh when used with 5A/2A stagger pressure. Use with caution as it loses badly to fuzzy jump/throw OS -2B OMC>j.A/2A : Liz's good old 50/50 : Costly but very efficient Probably other options I don't know of, but those should already keep your opponent busy !
  9. they probably will continue to work on YRC, given the fact they already took care of YRC OSes. We'll need to see a full changelist to know if they refined them or not ! As for tension gain, this is more of a case-by-case issue : Elphelt's shotgun loop was a prime example, and they'll probably try to fix those cases as time passes by ! Let's be hopeful since they seem to take the right way when it comes for these matters.
  10. Danger Time gone and Throw Break are great ! looks like they opted for refining the game instead of redoing everything which I totally agree with ! And yeah, throw break will likely be like AC, to avoid the silliness of two people throwing at the same time without knowing who gets priority over the other and prevent throws from being too efficient, especially with the throw OS that allowed for some silly stuff ! I'm also curious about the new Blitzshield, I never really liked the Blitz mindgames as it is, so Blitzes having an universal follow-up could be interesting ! Wait and see I guess ! As for Jack O', I'm eager to see her in action, her movelist is so strange that I don't even see how she is supposed to work !
  11. Zephyrion22

    [P4AU] Yukiko Amagi Gameplay Discussion

    She just stopped Dia : you can see the aura fade away just before the arrow hits, hence the counter.
  12. Zephyrion22

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    I honestly think that there are applications to SB Mudoon, although it's probably very situational : remember it now has Hamaon's old startup and activation time and doesn't disappear on block, so I'm pretty sure you can get a knockdown right before it activates and get a guaranteed setup. Then again Hamaon practical combos weren't a thing for a while on first version so I'm keeping (probably unreasonable) hopes for this super in the next one ! If Setora mentioned Mudo having an actual application, so I'm eager to hear some other things from him ! We'll have to see if there are any benefits landing it this way though, as I don't even know the damage and scaling for this super when done raw (I only know it wallsplats and deal 2k mid-combo, so you can probably get one hit or two from it when done raw)
  13. Zephyrion22

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    My take on Carl's #20 mission (solutions were probably already found but I guess posting one might be useful) !
  14. Unrelated but I saw an Elphelt do a (probably already known) dust combo in the corner 5D8> jD>jD>jS>jD>j236P>jS>jHS>delayed jD>rejump>jS>jD>delay 4P toss> 6H into either 214K> 236236D for little additional damage (178 on Sol) or 236H>236P>(2P toss meaty or whatever) for mixups (143 on Sol) This combo does less damage and his less rewarding than the other dust combos since you don't get really great setups from it, but it has the advantage of completely ignoring any berry previously tossed that might affect your combo route in a bad way (like when a berry explodes right after your dust connects), as well as Counter hit state, which forces you to modify your routes. If you have trouble adapting your dust combos to the situation or need an easy kill, you should consider using it ! EDIT : forget what I said and just do this xD. The other combo mentioned in the post is also in the thread
  15. Zephyrion22

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    Not super important, but based on his handle and comments, the 800PSR Liz is named "Uma". Now I wonder if this guy/girl is actually Uma no Hone (Valkenhayn high level player, it's unlikely since their handle are completely different, but given how JP players like to play with their Nesica handle, I'd rather not discard the possibility too easily) or if it's a completely different person !