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  1. Two wrongs don't make a right. So let's all just be happy with the news and move on with something more relevant.
  2. I wouldn't hold your breath over it. But they haven't said anything new about it.
  3. Does anyone else feel like Susanoo's placement on the character select screen is really awkward? That aside, he looks very cool and fun to play, kinda regretting I didn't just import.
  4. Listen honey, I'm not a business expert or anything but what you've outlined still hasn't proven your point that the game has been damaged in any way. I guarantee you when it comes to domestic sales and maybe even international sales this time around this game will not be hurting. The demand that all of this games disjointed universes come together has been met. The demand for new interesting characters has been met. They aren't ignoring fans except maybe you, so that demand has also been met. This discussion is over. If you're dissatisfied with the product by all means do not buy it till you get what you want. But don't go around saying the game is this or that because of it until you look at it objectively.
  5. It's not. If it were damaging the game by not adding it then I'd be more inclined to believe that. But just because our favorite cat isn't in the game doesn't mean the game is harmed.
  6. I actually don't think that was the case for Chronophantasma. But I do remember hearing that this would be the case for Central Fiction long ago. To the one guy who is actually mad about this: This community doesn't need you. It's a poor business practice that they were using that is finally going away and you're mad cuz you didn't get your toy? Unreal. I actually laughed when I read your post.. That aside. I'm glad this game is looking fabulous, not having to buy it twice for balance updates and maybe two characters is a blessing.
  7. Solid looking animation, can't wait to actually play.
  8. What else is Aksys gonna say about the game other than it's release date? They aren't the developer and clearly have very little to do with the games production so..
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but I remember reading somewhere here that Mori wanted to take a break after this game which -hopefully- removes the feelsbadman of waiting for BBCFE. Seeing as the sheer volume of this game is actually pretty large I'm more compelled to believe it but this is still ASW so there is that chance.
  10. Good eye, that is for sure something we've not been introduced to before. I wonder what it could mean.
  11. Context is important. That isn't my point by the way.
  12. For once can we all pretend (or accept) we all have opinions that don't matter. These things are out of our hands most of the time. Most of us aren't children so let's not act like it every time we're given a gift. Thank you.
  13. That more comment has me hopeful but I know I shouldn't be. Dizzy hype though.
  14. Is this gonna end up like the US bonus? (lol)