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  1. bace

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    While they said the proration was weakened that does not mean the 1000 SMP is gone on Garu. We'll get a little more damage tho, think of it as she is more "complete". Also the 2C change could a tiny bit help it not get upbacked.
  2. bace

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    Garudyne has fatal counter recovery :X
  3. bace

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Video Thread

    12/5/2013 Shinjuku Sportsland Singles Elizabeth vs Nakiri Kanji
  4. bace

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    It's a uinversal buff in P4U2 that sweeps low profile(except Kanji)
  5. bace

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    If you use it as a blockstring that is probably the case, you will just have to be good catching their mash with it. As an oki option charged 2C is going to be great. You don't see 2C oki in P4U because they can just let it yellow beat until they can get out. You have to do just do one 1 or 2 2Cs only then call that out with Maragidyne in the current game. In theory charged 2C should just beat regular/late/notech and just be totally safe since it removes recovery for Elizabeth. This was probably one of the big ways they went about taking her damage away. When I asked Okusan about Elizabeth on Twitter he told me she was a low damage character now lol. If 236D can't be used much in combos anymore(you probably can) I'm waiting to see fatal combos that are just 5C > IAD jB > 5B > etc.
  6. bace

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    So Elizabeth sweep got buffed so much, it can low profile Mitsuru 5A free now!
  7. bace

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    It doesn't have armor during the charge but it takes away the recovery from 2C. So you can do things like charged 2C > 2C, charged 2C > 5D instantly. Essentially any mixup you can do with 2C atm with OMC you can do without meter just doing charged 2C.
  8. bace

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    I'm actually really excited for her. How fast Maragidyne is now is going to be hilarious in neutral vs a lot of the cast. Also if they fix the bug and you can still somehow combo into randomizer... lol. LETS GO SETUPS WITH NEGATIVE PENALTY APPLIED. So many ideas, too bad we don't get the game until next year summer. Anyway, Okusan is playing Sho at the moment, he was the red and black Sho in the Tokyo Leisureland video.
  9. bace

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Video Thread

    11/28 Tokyo Leisureland Aigis vs Elizabeth Kanji vs Elizabeth Mitsuru vs Elizabeth Elizabeth vs Akihiko
  10. bace

    [P4U2] Video Posting Thread

    11/28 Tokyo Leisureland http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjwv3_hz4GE
  11. bace

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    They already found a game breaking bug with Elizabeth :X. Doing SB Maragidyne into Randomizer makes the other character on the screen disappear permanently for the round. http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22350517.
  12. bace

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Video Thread

    Misc Videos Collapsed: Tutorial Videos: - Collapsed: Combo Videos: [06/11/2014][1.10]Elizabeth Poison and Randomizer combos by Damosu [5/12/2014][1.10]Elizabeth Combo Compilation by Damosu 02/02 [5/12/2014][1.10]Elizabeth Combo Compilation by Damosu 01/02 [2/5/2014]P4U2 Elizabeth Hamaon Combos [1/24/2014]P4U2 Elizabeth instant kill combos [12/13/2013]P4U2 Elizabeth Combos [12/1/2013]P4U2 Elizabeth Combos
  13. bace

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Video Thread

    Match Videos Vs. [7/20/2014][1.10]Arc Revolution Qualifier Cup feat. Damosu [1] [2] [6/29/2014][1.10]Damosu (EL) vs Robo (AI) [6/28/2014][1.10]Damosu (EL) vs Secchan (AI) [6/28/2014][1.10]Damosu (EL) vs Rori (AI) [4/25/2014][1.10]Sasajima 2on2 [3/9/2014]a-cho P4U2F Cerberus 3on3 [3/5/2014]TRF Kouzezka vs. Arian [1/5/2014]a-cho 2on2 [12/28/2013]A-cho 2on2 [11/28/2013]Tokyo Leisureland Launch Tournament Vs. [4/29/2014][1.10]Leisureland Akihabara Domi (AK) vs. Damosu (EL) [3/7/2014]GIGAMAC Singles [3/2/2014]Taito Station FF vs. Nonono [1/25/2014]Mirai Yume Aoyama Tournament [11/28/2013]Tokyo Leisureland Launch Tournament Vs. [6/29/2014][1.10]Shi-chan (EL) vs Aria (CH) [6/29/2014][1.10]Hoko uta (EL) vs. Tsujikawa (CH) [6/28/2014][1.10]Hiyuki (EL) vs. S.Chie [6/28/2014][1.10]Hiuyki (EL) vs Chie [3/28/2014]TRF Singles Setora vs Chie [2/12/2014]TRF Singles Setora vs. Chie [12/19/2013]Iguru vs. Kyo no Antourme Vs. [2/26/2014]TRF Singles Vs. JUNPEI [1/11/2014]Shinjuku Ladies 1on1 [11/30/2013]LL Koiwa Singles Vs. :ballKA: [6/28/2014][1.10]Kanji vs Hiyuki (EL) [2/12/2014]TRF Singles [12/31/2013]Leisureland Akihabara Kanji vs. Damosu [12/31/2013]Leisureland Akihabara Kanji vs. Damosu [12/31/2013]Leisureland Akihabara Damosu vs. Kanji [12/13/2013]Sasashima Casuals [12/5/2013]Shinjuku Sportsland Singles Nakiri Kanji [11/28/2013]Tokyo Leisureland Launch Tournament Vs. [6/29/2014][1.10]Shi-chan (EL) vs Ajisho (LA) Vs. [6/28/2014][1.10]Damosu (EL) vs YMST (MI) [6/28/2014][1.10]Satou (MI) vs Elizabeth [5/6/2014][1.10]PRE ARC REVOLUTION CUP [4/25/2014][1.10]Sasajima 2on2 [3/29/2014]Taito National 2on2 Hokaru vs Damosu [1/26/2014]Singles [1/19/2014]Maxim Hero 2on2 [1/11/2014]Urban Square 3on3 [11/30/2013]LL Koiwa Singles [11/28/2013]Tokyo Leisureland Launch Tournament Vs. [08/28/2014][1.10]Denpa (S.NA) vs Damosu (EL) [1] [2] [3] [4] [06/29/2014][1.10]Ushidoro (NA) vs Shi-chan (EL) [04/25/2014][1.10]Sasajima 2on2 [03/28/2014]TRF Singles Setora vs S.Naoto [03/07/2014]TRF Naoto vs. Setora Vs. [6/13/2014][1.10]Elizabeth vs. Shadow Labrys [4/29/2014][1.10]Leisureland Akihabara BB (Slab) vs. Damosu (EL) [4/29/2014][1.10]Leisureland Akihabara Damosu (EL) vs. BB (Slab) [4/29/2014][1.10]Leisureland Akihabara BB (SLab) vs. Damosu (EL) [4/29/2014][1.10]Leisureland Akihabara BB (SLab) vs. Damosu (EL) [3/12/2014]TRF Setora vs Shabrys [3/9/2014]a-cho P4U2F Cerberus 3on3 [2/26/2014]TRF Singles [2/7/2014]TRF 2on2 Vs. SHO [5/10/2014][1.10]Elizabeth vs Sho [5/6/2014][1.10]PRE ARC REVOLUTION CUP [3/9/2014]a-cho P4U2F Cerberus 3on3 [3/6/2014]Shinjuku Sportsland Singles Kozesuka vs DIE-chan [2/26/2014]TRF Singles [2/15/2014]Taito Station 2on2 Qualifier [2/7/2014]TRF 2on2 [1/11/2014]Urban Square 3on3 [12/13/2013]Gamechariot 2on2 [11/30/2013]LL Koiwa Singles Vs. [6/29/2014][1.10]Damosu (EL) vs Moja (TE) [3/12/2014]TRF Teddie vs Setora [3/9/2014]a-cho P4U2F Cerberus 3on3 [3/5/2014]TRF Negeto vs. Kouzezka [2/7/2014]TRF 2on2 [1/9/2014]Shinjuku Sportsland 3on3 Hina vs. Damosu [1/5/2014]a-cho 2on2 [12/19/2013]Wa vs. Kyo no Antourme [12/13/2013]Sasashima Casuals [12/13/2013]Sasashima Casuals [12/13/2013]Sasashima Casuals Vs. [7/20/2014][1.10]Arc Revolution Qualifier Cup feat. Damosu [1] [2] [6/13/2014][1.10]Yosuke vs. Elizabeth [4/29/2014][1.10]Leisureland Akihabara Damosu (EL) vs. Kameten (YO) [4/2/2014]TRF Singles [3/9/2014]a-cho P4U2F Cerberus 3on3 [2/19/2014]Kohatsu [2/19/2014]Kohatsu [1/25/2014]Mirai Yume Aoyama Tournament [1/11/2014]Shinjuku Ladies 1on1 [1/5/2014]a-cho 1on1 [12/31/2013]Leisureland Akihabara Yosuke vs. Damosu [12/13/2013]Sasashima Casuals Vs. [6/29/2014][1.10]Raitsu (YU) vs. Damosu (EL) [6/28/2014][1.10]DMS (EL) vs Narukami [4/9/2014]TRF [3/29/2014]Taito National 2on2 Yamashita vs Damosu [3/28/2014]TRF Singles Setora vs Narukami [3/19/2014]TRF Exchange Narukami vs Setora [3/12/2014]TRF Setora vs S.Narukami [3/7/2014]GIGAMAC Singles [3/6/2014]Shinjuku Sportsland Singles Kozesuka vs Hyou [2/15/2014]Taito Station 2on2 Qualifier [2/12/2014]TRF Singles Narukami vs. Setora [2/12/2014]TRF Singles Narukami vs. Setora [1/5/2014]a-cho 2on2 [1/5/2014]a-cho 1on1 Vs. YUKARI [4/29/2014][1.10]Leisureland Akihabara Tahichi (YR) vs. Damosu (EL) [3/9/2014]A-cho 3on3 [2/26/2014]TRF Singles [12/13/2013]Sasashima Casuals [12/12/2013]Shinjuku Sportsland Tahichi vs. Kyo no Antorume Vs. [6/28/2014][1.10]Masa (EL) vs Kippei (YK) [5/6/2014][1.10]PRE ARC REVOLUTION CUP ​[5/6/2014][1.10]PRE ARC REVOLUTION CUP ​[5/6/2014][1.10]PRE ARC REVOLUTION CUP [5/6/2014][1.10]PRE ARC REVOLUTION CUP [4/9/2014]TRF [4/4/2014]TRF Setora vs Kai-san [3/19/2014]TRF Exchange Yukiko vs Setora [3/7/2014]TRF Setora vs.Yukiko [3/7/2014]GIGAMAC Singles [3/5/2014]TRF Kouzezka vs. Kai-san [11/30/2013]Singles Tournament Damosu vs. Raimuki [11/30/2013]Singles Tournament Damosu vs. Stunedge
  14. This thread is for video posting only. Keep discussion in the Gameplay Discussion Thread If you'd like to contribute, please feel free to do so! Notable Players Damosu
  15. Discuss all Elizabeth gameplay related things here. Follow forum rules and keep it friendly and productive! Elizabeth Move List Elizabeth Changes Health increased to 8000 Once Elizabeth is in awakening, all of her special moves �power up� drastically New move, Randomizer. Goes into a counter state, then turns the enemy into a card before throwing them away, inflicting Negative Penalty on them afterwards 5AA > 5C does not gatling 5B/j.B have more range 5B, 2AB are hop cancelable 5BBB Autocombo is Liz's P4A 5AA Autocombo 2B throw invuln removed, more landing recovery on 2B. The hitbox behind 2B has been strengthened 2AB low profile buffed New jump attack, j.2B Can now charge 2C. 2C will not have guard point for the duration, but will give a much different variation of 5C/5D/2D upon hit. Can be released at any time. Without 2C flag 5C > 2C may not combo J.C CH groundbounces 5D and j.D reach is shorter j.D faster. Due to j.D range nerf, no longer works as an air to air. J.D does a hit throw also so you can do it in combos Now able to combo into j.D/5D without spinstate Unawakened A.Zio startup has gotten slower Can move while charging B.Zio Unawakened B.Bufu nerfed, less reach, can't combo after 2C Maragidyne comes out faster now, number of hits changed Normal D.Garu has landing recovery Garudyne is fatal counter recovery A Concentrate - No blue health, no recovery. B Concentrate - Blue health, recovery. SB Concentrate - Blue health, recovery time, health to gauge recovery is better than other versions A Diarahan same as P4A's. B Diarahan charge possible. SB Diarahan charge possible, projectile invuln, recovery slow D Wail - 2K min damage. SB wail - Long reach, will not grab point blank opponents, did 7800 with 2C and fear raw hit.