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  1. Next month's Monthly will be on March 12th. Here's the event page with all of the info https://www.facebook.com/events/485539468237783/
  2. Thanks everyone for showing up yesterday. Everything ran pretty smoothly, even though we were one or two setups short of what we usually have for xrd. I'll try to set a date for next month's tournament asap, to give everyone time to make arrangements if they are able to go. GGs everyone. Big thanks Darrel and everyone else who helped run the stream and brackets too. Maybe we can set up casuals once or twice at UAT before the next big event.
  3. Reminder that today is this month's AZ-Air-Assault. Free entry for all tournaments and no venue fee. It'll be nice to have some extra setups for casuals and such, so those would be greatly appreciated. I hope to see a lot of people there! https://www.facebook.com/events/157011647976022/
  4. Does anyone know the internet situation at the venue for rewired? I might be able to stream, but I don't want to haul all my stuff down there if it's just going to be a slideshow.
  5. I would love to go make a few hundred bucks playing persona, but I'm leaving that Sunday for a different trip ): For anyone who goes to SCR, good luck!
  6. I created an event page for September's Monthly tournaments. Blablue replaces Persona this month, and they will alternate places afterwards (unless BB does very well, in which case I would prefer that it stays every month). Sorry it took so long for me to set up a page for this. I'll work with Jimmy to get a date set for next month asap, so that it will be easier for everyone to plan their time. The event page is located here --> https://www.facebook.com/events/157011647976022/ If I don't already have you added on facebook, go ahead and send me a friend request. This way I can invite you personally to future events, and make it easier for you to see when these things are happening. Tournament Information: This is the monthly event for fighting games in Arizona. There will be tournaments and casuals all day for all of the games listed below. Remember, this is a FREE event. There is no venue fee or entry fee! Stop by to practice, to learn, to compete, and show everyone what you're made of!The event will be located at UAT (University of Advancing Technology) in room 201 on the second floor of the main building (the building closest to Baseline road). Just follow the sound of arcade sticks and you should be good.I will be there by 1:00pm setting up the stream. Feel free to stop by then for casuals before the first tournament, and throughout the day.PLEASE FEEL FREE TO BRING SETUPS FOR CASUALS. The more the merrier. Games will be: -2:30pm, BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend [PS3] *signups end at 2:15 -4:30pm, Under Night in-Birth Exe:Late [PS3] *signups end at 4:15 -6:30pm, Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- [PS3] *signups end at 6:15 Format/Rules (all tournaments): -double elimination -all matches are 2 out of 3 wins -grand finals is 3 out of 5 wins -regarding disconnecting controllers, paused matches, etc. it's up to the players what happens. I don't think anyone here is going to make a scene because your controller disconnected, especially since there's no money on the line. All games will be run on PlayStation 3. If you use an xbox stick or pad, I'm sure you will be able to borrow a PS3 stick or controller for your matches. We're all pretty good guys, so just ask. Please note that this is a tentative schedule. I'm not absolutely certain that each tournament will be completed within two or three hours. This is just a ballpark estimate of times for now. Please show up early for the tournament(s) you plan on entering so I can set up the brackets and ensure it runs somewhat smoothly. If you show up after the tournament starts and the bracket has been finalized, there wont be anything I can do. PLEASE BE ON TIME! I'm going to reiterate that this is a FREE event. No money is involved with admission or entering tournaments. There aren't any tournament pots or prizes. I'm just working part time and can't really afford to throw any more money at these events than I already have. In the future I'll look into the possibility of some sponsors/donations and maybe we can have some small prizes that way. I hope to see a good turnout! It should be fun! If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.
  7. Can someone link me information for the major. Also, its not a major. It's a regional. Hopefully they have decent pot bonuses for the games that ARE there and they can draw out strong players from at least a few of the surrounding states for those games. Until it's been consistently around for a few years, with money and strong players involved (incentives for people to travel), new tournaments won't be too big. The exceptions would be tournaments run by hugely popular tournament organizers like Alex Jebailey or Big E. I hope it has a decent turnout, I really do. I'm somewhat tempted to go down there with my setup and stream equipment to run side tournaments all day, but I don't know the details of the event yet. edit: Don't know how I missed the link, my bad. November 14th and 15th... I'll see if it's something I can do and then I'll contact Nick Going.
  8. First, Happy Birthday Dude! Second, does this mean you're coming to the monthly?!?
  9. I've been seeing people interested in playing BBCP:EX here and there so I want to know what you guys think about trying it as a tournament this next month. It would likely be at 2:30pm, taking Persona's place. I still want to alternate blazblue and persona each month, unless blazblue gets enough entrants to let me replace persona altogether. Also, I think I've decided on Saturday the 26th for the monthly. I took both dates off work just in case, so I'll set up casuals on the 12th as well.
  10. Welcome (: Most of us are around the phoenix/tempe area, and pretty much all of our events are as well. But fear not, for I'm sure you could hitch a ride with one of the guys who come down from Tucson for the tournaments. Orrax and Rei-Inari live up there, so you can probably get in touch with them if you want a chance to play offline.
  11. It's too much work and it's too many extra shifts I'll have to give up.
  12. Welcome!! speaking of monthlies... I talked with Jimmy and the two dates I'm considering for September's tournament are Saturday the 12th and Saturday the 26th. I'm leaning more towards the 12th just so we don't have to wait as long, but I wanted to check if it mattered to any of you.
  13. We don't even need everyone to vote. I'm just interested in hearing from people that are interested in playing online. can't really say how often I'd do that, but I could use Line or Facebook.
  14. What do most people here use for instant messaging? Facebook, Line, Skype, etc? For anyone who regularly would want to look for games online, making a group chat in one of those would probably be easiest and fastest. Asking here doesn't usually turn out too well because most of us only check this thread a few times per day, if even that. Just a suggestion...
  15. I don't really love playing Uniel online, but so long as it's all in state the connections should be pretty good and tolerable. Mostly I just dislike how Hilda gets so much stronger online where her standard mixup becomes much stronger. Squish, out of curiosity, which character do you play?