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  1. feri

    [CT-CS2] Carl Clover Loke Test

    I must have missed that j.b > j.2c gatling gained under 200 pages of spam in that other thread. Some j.b fuzzy guards incoming. I'm also seeing a j.c > j.b gatling and 5c, j.b, j.c, 2d in your post.... Are these mistakes? All updates are appreciated! Thanks! Edit: I'm still confused. More clarification? The original thread is too huge and needs massive pruning
  2. feri

    [CT-CS2] Carl Clover Loke Test

    I must have missed the changes listed somewhere between the first post and the 150'th page (wishlists, bagging random players, hazama whine clogging it up) Interesting change, Its most definetly workable.
  3. feri

    [CT-CS2] Carl Clover Loke Test

    Soujiro your combos aren't feasible without some framedata tweaking (623c/cantabile doesnt combo into very many things without an RC). What you want to look into is playing with your new toy j.c into 3d/4d/volante/JC delay j.2c mid air shennanigans (see Litchi's abuse of j.c for inspiration).
  4. feri

    [CT-CS2] Carl Clover Loke Test

    There was no mention of 3c UT time being undone on the first page so does 3c > cantata still work?
  5. Yeah, why do you ask?

  6. So I heard you play pad Carl. Zees is true?

  7. You'll need to let the opponent fall further than what your currently allowing to give Nirvana more time to recover from 2d. When it comes to j.2c > j.c links you'll need to man up and learn it. If your current approach is to mash it out then that has to stop. Luckily for you BB's has a minimum of 5 frame button links so a little effort into timing can go a long way in terms of your execution. If you can react to your combo dropping (2d not coming out) there's no harm in trying to pick it back up like this... j.2c > j.c > JC > j.b > j.c > 8d > anything Edit: Lets not go down this slippery slope even though its an amusing one (damage control combos lol)
  8. Great games Zong! Solid stuff! No need for regrets now, they don't help anyone.
  9. Got any match vids you can post? Are you IAD'ing into someone who AtA's you? Are you trying to out range someone in the air who has longer moves than you? Are you impatient and leaving yourself open (gambling with your health)? Like forward dashing or IAD kara throw right onto a well timed haku 4c. Getting read constantly. Are you able to react to airdashes/jump ins fast enough to AA it? Are you content with pushing someone to the corner? Are you spacing correctly (walking Nirvana+Carl into an ideal range) especially when the opponent is giving you the opportunity by being passive? This also includes using moves in its ideal ranges (i.e opting to use 5c over 5b because you cant gauge where the tip of 5b hits). Do you have a good understanding of when you have the initative? What I mean by this is do you find yourself making moves when you should have been blocking.
  10. The question is too vague...? What I think your looking for is 6a. And press it sooner. If not pre-emptively do these. 623d 8d j.a j.b jump+IB 236a/b backdash.
  11. feri

    [CT-CS2] Carl Clover Loke Test

    6c staggers for 28 frames. Still leaves them with a good 20 frames to do what they want (like grab you to use its invul to go through the super).
  12. feri

    [CT-CS2] Carl Clover Loke Test

    fermata is really slow (im talking 50frames+) jump startup is invul to grabs.
  13. Eh I swear your wrong and its like seperate same move proration. Only first hit of 3d is a low guys come on
  14. feri

    [CT-CS2] Carl Clover Loke Test

    Did 3c become techable when you otg it (it got buffed 2nd loketest right?) or is it completely techable regardless of how you hit it.
  15. Walk forward. Make them block something and use the chance to get close.