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  1. DDDHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh !!!!!!1

  2. ForestBlazer

    AC: Videos

    Yeah that was awesome, it was nice to see the high/low counters get used instead of just the DP one all the time. That 29 hit ForestBlazing combo he did on the Ky was amazing. The yellow Axl has always been my favourite watch.
  3. What a FIEND!!!!!! GOGOGO Secret training ^_^

  4. Yo, I see your Testy is nice. We should chat up gen strats and such.

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh doboda !!!

  6. ForestBlazer

    [FRANCE] Ranking Battle Videos 3rd Edition

    Very nice match against Eddie. I especially liked how you broke out of his pressure using the EXE Beast to trade hits with Eddie after you blocked the first summon hit(2:08 & 2:33). Is this always possible during that specific type of rushdown??? ...and if so why didn't you use it more???
  7. ForestBlazer

    AC: Videos

    OK it's not the original files, but I found a way to rip them from youtube. The files can be viewed with VLC Media Player. http://www.mediafire.com/?ly3tmfv72hx
  8. ForestBlazer

    AC: Videos

    No sorry, my friend posted them. If I can get it, I'll upload tomorrow.
  9. ForestBlazer

    AC: Videos

    The FORESTS ARE BLAZING AGAIN OH YES!!! :bad: Since no one posts vids here anymore, here are some casual matches from Sauga . I had to bring in AXL after my scrub TE was getting owned hard. So here we go: AXL vs SOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItPWcTA6OBM This match goes amazing for me at the beginning, but then I breakdown and get owned by VV spam at the end (Video quality is a bit choppy from 2:00-4:00, just fast-forward) AXL vs OS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpNg6WbmDVM This match goes terrible for me at the beginning but then I make a swift Forest Blazing come back at the end. AXL vs JAM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Qtoz6aHGns Game 1 was pure sloppy from both, Game 2 was definitely played a bit better.
  10. ForestBlazer

    Axl Tutorial Vids (feedback welcome^^)

    Only watched part 1 but good stuff so far, especially baiting reversals with 2k/3p. But one question I have is: Do you ever pressure Pot with 2k or 3p on wake up??? because I find wake-up buster will snatch both of them. Perhaps in part 2 you should cover safe rushdown vs Pot since he has so many wake up options vs Axl (Buster, Backdash, FB, Hammerfall etc...) You TK bomber motion was pretty interesting, definitely going to practice that one. You should list some alternative motions too since I find doing a very quick TK bomber is tough. I've always done (9pause23) or (95623)with mediocore sucess. Anyways I look forward to watching part 2. Good stuff so far
  11. ForestBlazer

    AC: Videos

    That combo video gets the Forest Blazer seal of approval
  12. ForestBlazer

    AC: Videos

    Ahhh true, I forgot about tick throws. Too bad Baiken matches went bad though, that would have been interesting to see.
  13. ForestBlazer

    AC: Videos

    Very good matches, that was quite an enjoyable watch. Very nice combos from both and Teyah's rushdown brings back scary memories from T8 hahaha. Just a some questions though... Teyah: Why don't you fortress jump when you see him going for the unblockable??? He punished you hard twice with the fake out, but you could have easily fortressed the 6K both times. DW: Why the 2k -> pause, he robbed you of your rushdown twice for no reason If you were trying to bait burst can't you just do 2k -> cS -> 2d??? or at least 2k -> 2d. I find it works for me fairly well. Anyway, did Stephen get in on the action too??? I would like to see some Axl vs Baiken matches too if you recorded any.