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  1. furix

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    ^Thanks a lot for that post! That's really useful! Other things I've noticed is that it helps delaing your parry a bit after the 2H(2) overall, sometimes the 2(H) in a lot of characters, instead of canceling into parry as soon as 2H(1 or 2 hits) hits. Eitherway, what's the reason behind P-K parry missing a lot? Is it something to do with the hitbox?
  2. furix

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    By random BS I think he means like dumb broken stuff that was broken for no reason (Like Elsa, Lilica, and Zenia unblockable set ups). Just the BS that made you scratch your head and curse at the game for allowing such things to happen, yet your character not being able to do said BS.
  3. Ohh hehe, yeah I haven't really been on dustloop much~ But ahhh you should leave me messages on the thingy!! I was actually juuust thinking about you, too! omg!

  4. fuuuurrriixxxx, I'm surprised that even though I haven't left a message on here in forever I was still the last one to leave one~ also I unintentionally ignored you again on the thingy, whoops :

  5. Ohh, yeah the transfering can take sooo long... USB port is too slow for anything ;-; and yeah.. I can't wait for winter... I need the cold! I hate summer heat sooo much! It's so hot in my room right now too even though the AC is working. I am going to melttt also OMG 80s?!? that's like WOW I wish it was 80 degrees in texas, or even 90s! Here we have to suffer the 100s x_x... Let me move in with you ok? and I with the winter was really cold in texas, winter here is like spring haha.. I want cold weatherrr... let me move in with you :3c <3 nooo!! Keep babbling!! I love it! It's cute! Talk more to me <3 hehehe ahhh also cute marshmellow.. ahh... c-cute... wow so many laptops... that's pretty amazing x_x but hey at least you got one off him! haha XD still though wow but nice to hear you upgraded and now have a working laptop! X3 (please babble more<3 reading your messages always makes me smile :3 )

  6. I only have one that's 8 ;n; (well I have three, another is only 1, like what is even the point of that? and another is 4 i think?) It's like taking stuff off doesn't take that long and all, but putting stuff on is forever and I'm too lazy to clean my room like I was gonna start doing before laptop pooted itself. And the weather is suddenly super warm again andijustwantittobewinterrrr i wanna wear jackets again, specifically one of the ones I got this summer ;n; and it's like mid 90s until next tuesday which is just mid 80s. but stillll. I have a feeling the winter will be too cold to wear my normal jackets and I'll have to be a marshmellow but I don't actually have thick coats ;o; and now i'm babbling again i'msosorry. But yes! He has (had?) a ton of laptops, 'cause he'd always had like $100+ coupons/rebates and then he could get them cheap~ But the battery is shot on the one I was originally gonna use, so I upgraded. yay i guess (/' u')/

  7. Hehe, it really does! and ahh omg that sounds slow using a flash drive.. x.x unless you used one like the one I have which is 64GB haha. But wow that does suck ;-; hopefully you can get your stuff moved faster then! But wow it's nice that it can be on for hours! Does your dad have a lot of laptops? @.@ also ahhh!! ily too~<3 omg ^////^

  8. A ball of hatred is quite adorable~ And this time I swear I wasn't ignoring you! I was having problems with my laptop so I got a sorta-new one (It was one of my dad's but like, he's obviously not going to be using any of them anymore sooooo. After some annoying conversations I got my mom to let me use one.) so now I've been transferring stuff and since I don't have one of those usb to usb transfer cables currently, nor an external harddrive that isn't filled I've been using my crummy flashdrive to slowly move things over. I only moved the important stuff until I can get a cable but yeeeaaahhh. (sorry ranting ;n;.) It's really nice though, and like, even being on for hours it doesn't really get warm so nice ;u; and since i don't say it enough ily bby <3

  9. I am just here to mention how ball of hatred sounds so adorably cute for some reason!

  10. aww hehe, okay hmm... tough it is then~ Hmm... we need a tough name then hmm... what's something tough... rice krispies can be pretty tough.. marshmellows.. pudding... cake... hmm.. blueberry pancakes! ahhh it is tough! I can't come up with many naaames! But, I can keep trying :3c Aww, but yes, you are both, tough and cute then! At least imo *nod nod* It's okay though~ If you are a ball of hatred or a ball of pudding~ You are still awesome <3 Also of course I love your plushie~ It's too cute ;-;

  11. Different things everyday? That'd be a lot though how could you come up with so much? :o And I'm not cute I'm tough dammit D:< B-but yes, I'm glad someone would care about something I made it makes me feel slightly better ;n; BUT I'M STILL NOT CUTE GOT IT D:< But, I'm like a ball of hatred, it's like a never ending circle I'm not sure I can physically stop being angry? I mean like yeah I want to stop being terrible and ignoring you but still D:

  12. Hehe yes, little Takanes make me melt <3 <3 also ahh, okay~ I might call you different things every day then! This could be fun <3 ahhh nooo, you are cute though~ :3 even more so when you resist to my compliments like this woah, cute! and yesss, she's p much here next to me :3 such precious plushie ;//; thank you so much again~ and ahhh ;;; yeah you should def. try to ignore me less often~ Also, you'd be a lot less angry if you had me around more often~ ;3 teehee

  13. Aren't they? ;v; Little Takane's are some how always super cute~ And like I said, I'm fine with whatever you call me~ <3 Ah, b-but I'm not cute! ;n; A-and they're not even that good D: Stop flattering me! ;-; But I'm glad to know that it's always by you~ <3 I'll definitely try! I feel bad when I end up ignoring you so much just because of my anger issues :

  14. Just popping your visitor messages cherry.