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  1. LionHeartx

    [BBCF] Litchi Faye Ling - Gameplay Discussion

    all right I'll get back to working on it then. thank you for the help
  2. LionHeartx

    [BBCF] Litchi Faye Ling - Gameplay Discussion

    so I've been considering switching mains in CF and I ended up messing with her in CPEX training mode. I just wanted to know is there a trick to getting that 4b> 6b(whiff) > 41236D~A combo to work? I always get Itsuu too late and the A just whiffs. Also is it even necessary to learn when 4b > 41236D~A seems alot easier? oh and my bad if this is the wrong thread, I just figured my question would be more likely to be seen here
  3. LionHeartx

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    shit just got real
  4. LionHeartx

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    I'm bad so I just AA everything with j.P
  5. LionHeartx

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    Ive been really trying to git gud at hoverdash > air dash but no real luck yet. I'd say I'm sitting below 30% success rate with it in actual matches. When I practice in training mode my input display shows im doing it correctly almost all the time but it still doesnt come out consistently. I was wondering if anyone could record them doing it on stick so I can see the actual hand inputs easier.
  6. LionHeartx

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    Sin MU is a huge pain for me goddamn. he can slide on reaction to air note at most ranges and it also goes under HCL all his hitboxes are huge so if hes just swinging its super risky to try and move forward unless you just like super jump forward and dive YRC or something he can cancel his DP into other specials for some reason so I have no idea what to do on his wakeup he has a normal where he just pokes the ground with his flag and it hits about 2 character lengths away so you cant even use STBT much anyone have any experience fighting him? I'm really lost in this MU
  7. LionHeartx

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    That is horrifying.
  8. LionHeartx

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    Hmm I'm trying to get the knockdown > hoverdash > dash > meaty FFVCL oki down but im having trouble getting it consistently. sometimes the airdash comes out and sometimes it just doesn't. am I missing something?
  9. LionHeartx

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    on the topic of voices I love Kikuko Inoue's voice too much to ever switch to the eng voices lol. her system voice is amazing as well
  10. LionHeartx

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    My personal way of doing it is just buffering the SJ during 5H hitstun since the window is huge then pretty much mashing 66 as it ends you also can just normal jump iad it like a few people have said but in my experience (even in +R) SJ'ing makes it more consistent especially from like max 2k range.
  11. LionHeartx

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    That yellow doe all mine.
  12. LionHeartx

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    unfortunately odds of that are insanely low.
  13. LionHeartx

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    yeah he looks quite good. only thing that looks iffy is his actual melee performance.