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  1. Calamitus

    BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    From the recent stream:
  2. Calamitus

    BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    Also, Zedar's summary says " Mei-fang’s loyalty to the Imperator didn’t weaken, rather it grew stronger", I find it strange that Meifang would betray Tenjo for Izanami after that.
  3. Calamitus

    BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    After reading the last chapter summary, i'm not sure anymore who Meifang tries to ressurect (?), Tenjou or Izanami.
  4. Calamitus

    Blazblue Alternative Dark War for iOS/Android announed

    Knowing Mori's obsession with FGO, i was expecting some sort of gacha in the future.
  5. Susanoo's challenges are the easiest i think, you can try him instead of Mai. Jubei and free balance patch is nice and all, but lack of new single player content like additional story (so much to expand on) or tweaks to abyss mode is pretty disappointing.
  6. Random picture from #Reload definitely means something.
  7. If they will announce RWBY fighting game instead new version of CF, it will be a serious letdown.
  8. Calamitus

    BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    This "vision" thing can be fine as long as it can copy only ars magus abilities. I can't picture how she can copy abilities of characters like Kagura, Azrael or even Tao without the same strength, agility, technique or weapon.
  9. Calamitus

    Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    1) It was needless in After Story B in particular because the ending made it pointless. All this farce just to transform Venom into a salesman while it could develop into interesting conflict between those philosophies (the whole "let's disband assassin's guild and be nice guys" idea is seriously immature crap). 2) I suppose I also need to write fanfiction blog for a decade and claim that Baiken is +100 years old. 3) Overcoming teenager insecurities in his age is serious accomplishment indeed. 4) The man who could subdue Sol and I-no with snap of his fingers, the war criminal with mysterious agenda now suddenly turns into sentimental softie number 28. No, That Man, not you too! Before Overture he was actually interesting. 5) After living over 900 years, concepts like "friendship" and "love" will be trivial insignificant things, especially when you deal with events like Merciless Apocalypse. Character like him should be above all of that (same thing regarding That Man). 6) 7) Whole ressurection thing was a lame gimmick to bring him back for unrelated to the story reason. Backstory like that does make him an interesting character. Just a blank person who occasionally talks about Millia. Even Koyasu's fans complained that he voiced Zato without any emotion. Of course it's not his fault that developers told him to do it like that. If they wanted his playstyle so much, they could bring Bardius instead who is completely different character in comparison to the rest of the cast and his Conclave pals. Or just retcon Eddie being dead. 8) Every character needs to cry in pillow about his problems. No one can "just do it" without self reflection. The reason Potemkin fights himself because Ishiwatari has no idea what else to with him. It was obvious since Sign where he appears for few seconds (if you don't count episode mode of course). 9) I will abstain frow writing paragraph about -real people- world views (because most of them don't have those, they just "exist" and spend time). It's the same "Potemkin situation", we have no idea what to do with her, let's give her out of character speech (she does not even communicate with anyone in her episode except Jack-o). 10) Well, you are completely right about him there. For now. I find it disturbing that even his page mentions friends. Of course until he appears in the story mode it is just nitpicking. I hope he will be the same character i know since AC. 11) Her page clearly says that she is alive, there is nothing else i need to know. The game IS dull because it focuses on trivial good emotions and completely ignores others. 12) Let's not do it. Guilty Gear lost everything that made it badass. Guilty Gear was a synonym of being badass. Now it's completely different game. With 3D engine they had so much potential of making epic battles and bring real emotion. And what did we get instead? Characters talk whole time. Talk. Talk. TALK! (i would read visual novels if i wanted to see that) About friendship. About feelings. About out of character philosophy. Every. Single. Character. No exceptions. Rare action scenes are underwhelming. Sol punches Justice in the face. Sol "one shots" black Elphelt. Only battle with Ariels was enjoyable. They have no idea what do with some characters, they completely change other characters for no other reason than to bring even more sentimentality, they just focus everything on Kiske's harem. Their Hard Corps: Uprising 1 minute long opening brought me more hype than Sign and Revelator story modes combined. In fact, 10 years old Overture is completely superior to Xrd in terms of story, it's more focused, straightforward and resolves characters conflicts without needless crap (Sin's hate for Ky as example). At least i can congratulate them with achieving their goals - 1. Keep hardcore fighting players base 2. Expand into easily impressionable teenagers territory. All of this is just my opinion, no hard feelings (no more wall of text nobody reads after that). Maybe you are right but...
  10. Calamitus

    Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    I had high hopes for Jean Reno 2cave because of his design and finally different personality from the rest of the sheep (despite too much needless philosophy) but of course Ishiwatari masterfully destroyed them in the end. The story went downhill since Sign and Revelator brought even more disappointment. I don't remember any other major fighting game where characters basically have no reasons to fight each other. I can't even recognize most of them. Sol is whiny tsundere, That Man distributes candies, Raven talks about friendship, mega jerkass Robo-ky talks about importance of people's dreams, Zato is just a boring husk, Potemkin is so insignificant that he fights with himself in his episode mode, Jam rants about some school level philosophy, Crow's page says that Robo-ky is his only friend (Ishiwatari seems to be gung ho about sentimentality these days), Ariel's page says that they did not even had guts to finish her off (I bet she will preach "feelings are important!1" too in the next game) and the list goes on. It's like the worst kind of shonen anime. Unfortunately, you can easily hide all of that with fancy 3D graphics (although those graphics look pretty bland in story mode plus animations are cringe worthy), add some *EXPLOSIONS* and people will start to pee in their pants from excitement.
  11. Calamitus

    BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    Fuzzy was disposed like a used toilet paper.
  12. Calamitus

    BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    Finally it is here, thank you once again, Kurushii.
  13. I remember few years ago people complained about ASW making balance updates too often. Now they complain that ASW does not make balance updates often enough. Also, balance in CF is not any worse than in other fighting games on EVO. In every place i bother to visit, people always complain about evil top tier characters who ruin their lovely game. The only difference is that they don't care how their game will look in eyes of the others. Deal with your own insecurities already.
  14. http://store.steampowered.com/app/586140 - Steam page is here, 6 more days until release, it also says nothing about how they will handle DLC this time.
  15. Calamitus

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    Mai by Sumeragi.