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  1. vmcoelho

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Hey guys! First time really dedicating to guilty gear and i'd like to know what is the main metagame for Sol players to develop. From what i can tell after conpleting challenge mode combos Sol should try to carry the opponent to the corner where the combos really gets menacing. What else should i have in mind? In a few words, whats his neutral game looks like? Spacing with 5S or 5H? Trying short combos with bandit revolver for corner carrying? Trying to place some fafnir? Is there any good tutorial that sums the character game? Any tip will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. vmcoelho

    [P4AU] Mitsuru Kirijo Gameplay Discussion

    lol i guess you're right =) Hey, can i add you to my PSN? Looking for good mitsru players to improve my game. BTW, i was trying to rank up on sunday and something strange happened. Im currently S rank now and I managed to win 8 consecutive fights against an SS player and the rank up didnt occur... am i missing something here?
  3. vmcoelho

    [P4AU] Mitsuru Kirijo Gameplay Discussion

    Rathaloss - thats alright bud! Good luck in those finals Shardz - i really think the DP is much different.. The blocked DP -> "swallow CH bufudyne" situation is only possible now if the opponent is coming from the air and at a certain height. Unfortunately, i must say that a lot of matches were won on this "setup" and i kinda got used with it. Need to sustain more pressure now and use more the 6AB thing :/
  4. vmcoelho

    [P4AU] Mitsuru Kirijo Gameplay Discussion

    Couldnt agree more.. I also think mitsuru is still nasty and poses a threat to the other match ups.. The damage has been berfed but shes more all rounded now. Much more options and a new move that complements one of her "spots for improvement" she had. I also think its gonna feel more rewarding winning with her now. I also didnt like to depend on a DP-> bufudyne situation where lots of people fell in the end of some matchs. I also cant wait to see a decent combo video of her and to check on the old pros (p3u player, shuuto, lordknight and you rathaloss) using her properly. PS: add you in the psn again ratha... Lets play any of these free times
  5. vmcoelho

    [P4AU] Mitsuru Kirijo Changelist Thread

    Same video, youtube link: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QdZvB-HrzLM&feature=youtu.be&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DQdZvB-HrzLM%26feature%3Dyoutu.be
  6. vmcoelho

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Cant wait to see some nice new mitsuru action... I was afraid that they made her veryyyyy weak, but reading peoples intake for the last location tests she should still kick some serious ass..
  7. Oh sorry, i'll ask them there now... thanks
  8. vmcoelho

    [P4A] Mitsuru Kirijo Combo Thread (Updated 9/20/2012)

    Yeah i just checked that... you're right =)
  9. vmcoelho

    [P4A] Mitsuru Kirijo Combo Thread (Updated 9/20/2012)

    After midscreen throw you also have the option to follow with SB bufula for further mixups and preassure or simply follow it with SB coup... if you're just past mid screen its possible to combo after the SB coup with 2a, 2b, bufu, 4, 2ab, B coup... its already something. For overheads, i usually get counter hit against impatient player with j.b, which can be followed (if you were performing a forward jump or a cross up jump after running) with j.c, bufu, , 2ab, bufu, , 2ab, a coup.
  10. vmcoelho

    Having a Hard Time Adjusting to this Game

    Im training Mitsuru since i got the game... been a week now... its not an easy game to master, but its very rewarding when you begin to feel some progress. Right now i've completed Mitsuru Challenges (except 30, still figuring out lol) and was able to perform all combos from the jourdal video posted on youtube. I was missing some stuff like holding the B button for different properties and connecting strikes but, after i discovered that everything became easier. Havent played anyone on/offline and i know i'll suffer to adjust to the pace of a real battle. But once i adopt a combo for each situation (mid scree, corner, CH grab, CH air grab, anti air etc.) i feel i'll be ready... anyway, im having tons of fun with the game =)
  11. vmcoelho

    [P4A] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Don't know if this is the right place to ask this around but, has anyone found the FULL OST from the game already? I cant listen to all the songs (HD quality) on the gallery mode anymore... need them on my ipod lol Thanks!
  12. vmcoelho

    [P4A] Mitsuru Kirijo Combo Thread (Updated 9/20/2012)

    Thats right, always better to hit a charged B for higher chances of linking strikes in the middle of the combos... it just takes a bit of practice IMO to hold B and change the charging directions depending on the combo/situation... sometimes you need to place a charged B jumping forward and needs to follow with a sweep and coup for example... takes practice lol
  13. vmcoelho

    [P4A] Mitsuru Kirijo Combo Thread (Updated 9/20/2012)

    Thanks so much! Just made it! Not hard at all, just didnt know that the charged move had some differente properties... very cool
  14. vmcoelho

    [P4A] Mitsuru Kirijo Combo Thread (Updated 9/20/2012)

    Hey guys... i've been trying to execute some combos that use two freezing states and i've been facing some problems. I cant get to link the hits after the second freezing state. I tried to perform this combo in particular and here's what im getting: What am i missing here? Should all my B strikes be fully charged? Am i taking too long to link B into Sweep or Sweep into B coup? Any tips/help will be much appreciated... thanks!