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  1. Besides a pretty weak mixup, Mai's pretty good and well-rounded. I'd say mid/upper mid-tier, maybe even better depending on how the rest of the cast works. Mai definitely has a good advantage against characters with weak neutral.
  2. Yep. That's the list. Of course, I don't expect Kagura or Susano'o taking EVO by storm, but having characters like Ragna or Hakumen qualify as barely viable is weird, and 12 characters straight up tossed under the bus in unusual in BB, so I just wanted to check if this is really the general consensus.
  3. About that balance issue... How bad is it? I couldn't even find a tier list. In fact, the only thing resembling a tier list was that ancient (I think it was made during the Loketests) analysis SKD made with people still following that. The older Blazblues were balanced enough to have most of the cast viable at worst, even if there were some clear top tiers, so hearing that BBCF is that imbalanced is kinda weird, and besides, I want to know what I should be looking for when watching EVO.
  4. Almost 6 months to port a game to Steam. Said game somehow manages to have 52GB, random crashes and other issues. And apparently wack balance, but I'm not sure about that since I haven't even played the game yet. Furthermore, there is a suprise announcement post-EVO that could be anything ranging from the sequel series foreshadowed in the Story Ending, BBCF Extend, or the long awaited sequel to Eat Beat Dead Spike-san. Arc Sys, what is wrong with you?
  5. A bit late to this, but Steam can get DLC's too. Speaking of which, might be the first time too. (Unless CT had it, can't be bothered to check) We always got Extend (Years late) so it wasn't an issue. Considering how Revelator went, (I'm so glad I didn't buy it this time.) I don't like my chances.
  6. Well, it has a chance. I'd rather see Skullgirls though, not to mention Infinite's in next year. In other, more important news, we main stage on Sunday! (This kinda sucks for me though, might miss it depending on schedule. At least I'll be able to watch Rev 2 though.) Who's ready for Terumi's Dog Kicking Loops on ESPN!?
  7. Turns out that I took a three week vacation from here and we still hit the Jubei topic. I'm proud of you guys. Switch getting a Blazblue (Please, be Central Fiction) is pretty good. Except when you remember that the Switch may get it before Steam. In other F*** PC news from ArcSys, Revelator out for PC! *3 Weeks later* "We're proud to announce Rev 2!" Good thing they're actually making it DLC, so I'll be able to get this in the Steam Winter Sale in four years. But seriously, couldn't they at least have said it's a fighting game? Are we really getting Eat Beat Dead Spike-san for Switch or is Mori trolling us with CF Extend for Switch?
  8. Truth is, until the new DLC chars get announced. We don't have news to discuss, only wild speculation about who's getting in and what they'll do. We do need a general thread.
  9. Alright, fair enough. Where is the proper section on the forum to start a thread like that? Also, how does one update the main page, or only certain members can post articles? There is still no information about Revelator's Steam release on it. Also, to keep the post on-topic, are there any news about DLC or a Steam release for BBCF? Just making sure I don't miss anything.
  10. I would have NEVER known that if you didn't post. Seriously, we're dropping the ball on this. Why is that not on the first page? Ok, one of the main issues we're having is complete lack of discussion over here. The character forums are completely barren, so people have to rely on Youtube for combos that usually aren't good, reliable, simple or even all of these. This also means that we don't have good match-up discussion or information about how to play characters correctly. Currently, Dustloop is completely outdated in the news department and lacks information and activity to not be completely bodied by Discord. It's very important for relevant news regarding Game Patches and Tournaments to be on the first page, and more importantly, have the Wiki updated. A wiki is basically the first thing anyone searches if they want information about anything, so having a good wiki is very important to give the new players the basic information they need. As they absorb it, they'll want more in-depth information, and that's where the Character Sub-Forums get in. Having in-depth information about playstyles, combos and strategies lead the new players to learning how to play the game correctly and getting involved in the community. As they progress, they'll want more information on match-ups and finding other players online to test their skills and eventually joining tournaments. Therefore, as a community, I believe we should go back to the basics. Let's update our main page. Let's update our wiki. Let's post links and videos with useful information and get some discussion going. Let's remind people that Dustloop is certainly not dead, We have current games to discuss, this isn't like back when all we had was GGXX and endless revisions and updates. We have good games, let's talk about them and play. (Spoiler: Long post above. )
  11. Susano'o had a small ban time after his release for the same reason. Sad to know that the Gate Stage is locked though, that looks like the most lag-free stage in the game. It probably was to not completely spoil the people who jump online day 1 and put the stage in random select. Still dumb though. It's not like Susano'o isn't a walking spoiler anyway.
  12. And in the link posted above, we can see Mori lying in his natural habitat. ... I'm a man of my word. Thanks, too bad it's in Japanese though.
  13. I believe everyone here knows what this means, right? Break out the party cake, Take-Mikazuchi's going to be playable guys!
  14. You mean that the whole part of the game that started the deal about everyone's dreams, made character interactions that developed a lot of characters like Bang and set the rest of the plot in motion was a waste of time? While I'd rather have it a bit shorter since the Arcade already covers it, It needed a streamlining because having events only happen in the Arcade mode usually ends up bad. To me the main problem was that they tried to compress it a bit too much because the core of the story was following Ragna. If they did it like CP and let other characters take the spotlight, character development wouldn't be an issue. I really wish you posted the link to that interview just so I could point it out and say "And in the link posted above, we can see Mori lying in his natural habitat." Seriously, if (or when) we have a BB sequel, I'm sure Jin will find Yukianesa and just go wreck stuff with the Power of Order. Regarding the whole Jin's body situation, the trade-off wasn't exactly "You won't be able to fight" it was more like "Your body will go poof like Celica's." Besides, I don't think Ragna the Shipedge would tell Jin to stay in the NOL and be Tsubaki's boss if Jin would have kept a messed up body. And I'm pretty sure Kagura wasn't packing his sword in that ending too, so Jin being unarmed is more a symbol of peace than inability to fight.