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  1. I'm...pretty sure everyone here has the game already, but I suppose you can tell your friends that Rev is on sale in the NA Playstation Store for PS Plus members. $25 or $30 depending on the system. Lasts until the 1st.
  2. Is Sol waving at us Lucky Chloe style? "HAIIIIIIIIIIII!! SORUUUUUUU BADDOGAI YO!!!" lol
  3. Come to think of it, I do remember someone somewhere saying that in a comments section, but I didn't recall anyone reporting on it otherwise. I will have to check the stream.
  4. Sorry to rain on the parade, but Tekken 7 was in the EVO lineup last year and it very much was not out on consoles yet. Namco provided the equipment for it. If ASW is willing to do the same, then it could have no bearing on their planned console release date for Rev 2. Now, I'm sure Mr. Wizard knows that people weren't all that pleased with that setup given the inherent disadvantages of some people have easier access to arcades than others. And that might be a reason to have hope. But, until something is confirmed outright, don't have too much hope.
  5. The console release date hasn't been announced yet. Arcades in Spring. Gotta get that nickel and dime going. The new story chapter won't really be after the REV story. Kind of like addition small stories focusing in on certain characters. They could place them on the outsides of I-no and Axl as well. Then if they add a third character, they could move the random between Slayer and Venom.
  6. GGXrd Rev 2: New balance, some added moves. All characters without an Episode Mode will now have one. Also, a new chapter will be added to the story mode and a new online mode will be added. A physical PS4 version also will be released. Only digital or paid update for everybody else. So, hey, you don't have to buy another disc.
  7. Oh, lawd...
  8. No, no. The Revelator website was totally up like...a whole week before the game out. lol
  9. I just noticed that they never updated the English CF website. It still has blank box art and asks you to pre-order. They never even added the characters or system descriptions to it, either. That's some neglect, right there. http://blazblueuniverse.com/bbcf/
  10. There are times when the camera itself is keyed at a low FPS to mimic 2D animation. But, it's not always consistent. It's touched on a little bit in this video.
  11. I'll give hive of scum and villainy a pass just for being pretty funny. But, I'd have to fire up my PS3 and go through the CT story modes to double check those other differences. Maybe it's still somewhere on YouTube.
  12. Patrick Seitz made another FB post, though it doesn't say much that we didn't already know.
  13. Define "unnecessary". Did it improve the experience or the nuances? You can't just do a 1 to 1 translation and call it good. Sometimes, you have to make things flow more naturally. And even some of the "extra mile" moves like changing the terms used (Archenemy doesn't make a whole lot of sense, anyway) can add some spark to it. It is possible to go overboard. But, I don't think they did.
  14. Is there anything to really indicate that double dippers are any significantly large number of people, though?
  15. Keep your expectations low, can't get hurt.