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  1. They had released this intro video a while back, but ASW uploaded an English version today.
  2. I mean, they already released the patch with the actual data in it. I don't see why they wouldn't just put it on the store when PSN updates today. Or, maybe they weren't sure the patch would've made it out by now.
  3. Forcebreaks only doable during Danger Time. Trollolololol
  4. X literally said on the stream that the demo would be out "sooner than you think". At this point, the game is a month out. I don't think that qualifies anymore...
  5. Just a reminder: I doubt it'll be super different from the Japanese streams. But, you know, it'll be in English. lol
  6. Okay, I'm back. Sorry. It was a long day and I'm kind of sick. Answer's took me 15 seconds. Baiken's intro and outro took me...longer than I want to admit because WTF IS THIS? lol Answer (Intro): 直行直帰 (Chokkou Chokki) "Going straight home without stopping" Baiken (Intro): お頼み申す お頼み申す 卒爾ながら冥府わ何処 外道が笑えば民が泣く 諸行に埓なき沙汰あれば魔道の始末を請負いたす 己は尾籠の三一侍 士道死花無用の所存 (Otanomi mousu, otanomi mousu: sotsuji nagara, meifu wa izuko? Gedou ga waraeba, tani ga naku. Shogyou ni rachi naki sata areba, madou no shimatsu wo ukeoi itasu. Onore wa birou no sanpinzamurai. Shidou shinibana muyou no shozon.) "I humbly ask, I humbly ask: though 'tis sudden, where doth lie Hell? Whilst the demons laugh, the people weep. Since it doth lie outside the bounds of virtuous deeds, I shall undertake the task of felling the Netherworld. For I am a vulgar samurai of lowest rank. I have not intent of dying the honorable death of a warrior." Baiken (Outro): 詮議 成敗 御上の政 仇討ち是非なし阿鼻にて野放図 なにとぞ良しなに閻魔殿 なにとぞ良しなに閻魔殿 (Sengi! Seibai! Okami no matsuri! Adauchi zehi nashi abi nite nohouzu! Nanitozo yoshinani Enmadono, nanitozo yoshinani Enmadono...) "Inquisition! Judgement! The rule of the Emperor! Vengeance unleashed inevitably throughout the lowest levels of Hell! Pay thy respects to the palace of Yama pay thy respects to the palace of Yama..." Yama = the god of death. So, I'm 90% sure Baiken's outro is telling you that you died and you now have to face judgement in the afterlife. lol
  7. Off-hand, I know Chipp's is Shiki Soku Zekuu (色即是空). It's a Buddhist mantra that means "All is nothing." or "Matter is void". I'll try to find the rest when I get up in the morning.
  8. Festive. "Small Easter Egg. Baiken's (Christmas) color 16's Tatami Gaeshi isn't a 'tatami'." I wonder if Faust's doors do the same thing in color 16.
  9. It's no Wanna Be Crazy, but I guess the song'll do.
  10. Oh, silly me. I forgot the funniest thing about Answer. For his dust attack, he quick summons a giant frog that licks you up into the air. And for his mid-match win pose, he summons it again (while he's still talking on the phone) and it eats you. Then, it decides it doesn't like you and spits you back out. lol
  11. Hmmmm... I don't recall feeling like I had Chipp health or anything when I was using Baiken. But, the computer was kind of a pushover, so I was the one dealing it out more than receiving it. Sorry. I did feel a little vulnerable when it was Answer vs. Slayer. But, you know...it's Slayer.
  12. Checked out the game at the arcade. I never really used Baiken with any regularity, so I can't comment too much on what's different. But, her 236236+S super definitely did less damage than I expected it to. She doesn't seem to be lacking in tools to make up for it, though. She also has this Yamazaki-style, mob-boss strut going on when she walks forward. Arched back and everything. It's goofy-looking as hell in comparison to her inching forward in the past games. So, you can look forward to that. Her intro and outro involve this kind of long-winded samurai period-drama narration. It's pretty funny. I really like Answer. His shenanigans are fun, but I definitely did not unlock any potential in one playthrough. I really want to play this character some more when the game hits. Nothing like Chipp at all if anyone was worried. He is actually on the phone throughout the entire match. Like, having full on convos while fighting you. Even a few strained lines when he gets hit. Dude's a multitasker. lol Also, Zato has a glowing red outline now. Akin to how in the previous games he would fade into black continuously. And a minor spoiler regarding something in Dizzy's episode mode regarding Ky...
  13. I'm...pretty sure everyone here has the game already, but I suppose you can tell your friends that Rev is on sale in the NA Playstation Store for PS Plus members. $25 or $30 depending on the system. Lasts until the 1st.
  14. Is Sol waving at us Lucky Chloe style? "HAIIIIIIIIIIII!! SORUUUUUUU BADDOGAI YO!!!" lol