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  1. GcYoshi13

    [CF] Arakune Q&A/FAQ Thread

    Sure I'll try to test stuff, despite not knowing the character well. I need to find a time where no one is playing and just training room lol.
  2. GcYoshi13

    [CF] Arakune Q&A/FAQ Thread

    Going to commit to this character and having a Round 1 arcade with CF might help me learn Arakune. However I was originally never an Arakune player so learning him is difficult. I already have some of the basics down, but are there any beginner resources that can help bring me up to speed? Primarily looking for bug management and how to properly utilize curse neutral.
  3. He looks strong in this version, but more fair compared to his previous iterations as well. The inability to gain curse in a combo after exiting curse mode was a pretty smart change.
  4. I also wish a PS3 port, but I don't mind transitioning to PS4. The PS3-PS4 cross play infrastructure is mostly well done I think. I can't tell if the opponent I'm playing is PS3 or PS4 because the difference is negligible. My main concern with PS4 is the pad d/c issue and how convoluted it is to swap out controllers. PS3 is better for tournaments.
  5. I believe they did. I think last year as well. I was told by others that they will release them later. Perhaps a month?
  6. I got u https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15ea9hjitPw&index=1&list=PLt0rinwZ03cmf03h22sbbRVre9e5bbZOy Don't know names of the japanese players other than the Millia being Karinchu. I couldn't record my footage (duh) and didn't get LK vs Karinchu. Not a lot of footage, but I heard they are releasing all of them. They had us play at the same time to know the time stamps perhaps and the rounds. It was very coordinated.
  7. From my experience (this also applies to Blazblue), characters are generally too complex and unconventional where players couldn't have more than 3 viable pocket characters (most generally only main one character at a time). Characters in GG (this heavily applies to previous iterations before Xrd) are vastly complex with a lot of match-up niches that a player must learn. Polishing two characters is not easy unless you have the time and are truly dedicated. GG's mechanics also gives you a lot more options where you don't need to resort to counterpicking. When you IB, your options expand. Same goes with FD. GG offers a lot of varied defensive and offensive options so even if match-ups are not favorable, you still have options. So instead of learning a new character altogether, it's generally more viable to brush up on some things to figure out for a problematic match-up. In the case of FAB, we just have a very good player who makes amazing reads and plays. It helps that his defense is good to allow him a chance when he finds one. His character loyalty will end up costing him, but there's no guarantee he'll be better off picking a new character.
  8. You block Fafnir by holding forward right?
  9. That's kind of hype. I'll be at Arc Revo since me, 2GB, and LordKnight managed to win the qualifiers at EVO to attend this tournament. I'll definitely try out both games and try to report anything.
  10. GcYoshi13

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    You don't understand how mad I was when you attempted those overheads. your 5Ds are different. They feel much more disrespectful. I imagine your grin every time you hit them and it makes me mad.
  11. GcYoshi13

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    Shoutouts to me as well.
  12. Everything Sol does is Instant Kill.