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  1. I'm going to start applying the new wiki layout to the live site. While I do this and I actually get a good look at everything, I'm building out a google doc spreadsheet that shows whats missing and what's filled out. Might be publicly available or it might not... but it'll give people a better idea of what content needs to be added.
  2. That's difficult to do, because the buttons look really horrible on mobile and small devices when they're at the top of the page. I think it works as is!
  3. I built a custom navigation table as best I could. It's a bit of a pain to edit, but I think people can handle it. http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=BBCPE/Azrael_Test
  4. It's an auto-generated table, but I can try playing around with it. I was thinking of moving the navigation to the top and condensing it regardless
  5. Hi, I've done a test restructuring of the wikipedia to be more organized. I was skeptical about sub-dividing characters until I actually did it, it seems quite clean now. Character Example: http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=BBCPE/Azrael_Test Game Example: http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=BlazBlue:_Chrono_Phantasma_Extend_Test I'm going to restyle the navigation buttons once I have a better idea what dustloop looks like, so consider those placeholder. But it should be more accessible and easier to understand. I can't get too fancy with the styling in order to keep it responsive across all devices, but let me know if anything looks wonky on your display. Let me know any feedback or usability issues. I want to get some basic opinions before I apply it wiki-wide, but the people I've shown it to so far like it.
  6. Just a heads up -- I'm doing a test reordering of the structure of the wiki to make it more accessible. I'm going to be reformatting an old game as an example and UI test and get feedback, then make edits and enlist in some help to expand it to all games. Nothing major, just organizing how things are presented. Simple usability issues.
  7. Yohosie

    [CP 2.0] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    Tager is very good and fun now. this is my high level critique of Iron TAger
  8. Yohosie

    [CP 2.0] Iron Tager Combo Thread

    Does anyone know of any better combos off of 2C > AC (or raw AC) without Magnetism midscreen? Currently I use: 2C > AC > RC s.j.D > RC/ODC > j.D > AC > GF I've only had this situation come up a few times, but if there's a better combo I'd like to know it
  9. Here are some practical sideswitch combos for when you mash 5A on wakeup while cornered https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqNjojDV6KQ Narukami/Ken/Adachi/Yukiko/Aigis specific
  10. It depends on the matchup. Some you're allowed to be airborne, others you're stuck on the ground. Your goal is usually to either make them block j.B so you're extremely plus and force them to make a decision/reaction (will I do j.B > j.236B, or j.B land into walk forward, or other??), or to make them block D lightning and force them to guess. In air, j.B is the god. If they block this, you are ultimate plus, and the hitbox is great. j.236A (forward or air-turned) is great for mobility, and is plus on block if they don't have a good answer. Starting airborne, j.236B is easier to react to so I don't recommend abuse it, but having it in your pocket keeps your opponent guessing on your angle of approach/retreat. When grounded, 2B jump-ins, obviously. 5B is probably your best poke. It stops most run-ups, except for characters with ridiculous range like Chie 5C and Mitusuru. 2A is a decent poke, too. You can't really cancel 2A/5B on reaction into anything since sweep is horribly unsafe on block, but just making them block it is enough. Learn when to use your 5C in neutral. It's usually a bad idea since it's easy to react to and slow, but if you can make them block a lot of time you can cancel it into 2D/5D and get pressure. [4]6C is good to pull out of your pocket, but don't overuse it since it's a free persona card if blocked. If they block it you can usually j.D for free depending on the range and start your approach. A lot of people can't deal with TK j.236A/B. It's your fastest forward approach and has a real janky angle that's hard to anti-air. It can be DPed, but like [4]6C/D/CD pulling it out of your pocket every now and again is a good way to get in. People love to abuse Kanji's weakness at mid-range in neutral, so more often your best neutral option is to block. Especially jump-ins. 2B is basically a hard read with how slow it is.
  11. Yohosie

    [CP 1.1] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    Tager's best anti-air will and always will be blocking. 2C/AC are so slow that they're risky gusses. 2A is his only reliable reactive anti-air and it sucks -- it's a glorified jab. edit: don't take this as sayings "never 2C/AC they are bad anti-airs". But they are guesses and require hard reads, which is what our gameplay is based off of anyways.
  12. Yohosie

    [CP 1.1] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    Terumi 6a hits us crouching, but 5C on our wakeup hurts a lot too. It's a really good meaty that we can't 720 out of that can be RCed for a really scary mixup. Not to mention it's relatively safe on block (-2). Terumi isn't broken but he's a fuckboy and I hate him conceptually. I have no problem with Crush Triggers, I think the current guard system is perfectly fine. Guard Breaks are dumb anyways. It's not like it's extremely difficult to open people up in Blazblue anyways.
  13. Yohosie

    [CP 1.1] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    Don't get me wrong, I think Overdrive is by and large a shit mechanic. Unnecessary and added to teh game for no reason. I just think GCOD benefits Tager (and Makoto & Jin, and probably other DP characters) more than other characters. In theory, it makes the worst characters in the game (EXCEPT KAGURA RIP) better. Again. In theory. For the record I still think it's a dumb mechanic. Encourages stupid and unsolid play. I'd rather see his neutral tools get better as opposed to some gimmick on a timer, but I'll take what I can get.
  14. Yohosie

    [CP 1.1] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    I mean Tager's can always resort to raw 5A/5B/2A (possibly 2B?) tickthrow games instead of 3C>4D or the very unreal 3C>236A game. I really don't think 3C being a free GCOD cancel is that big of a deal, it just means we'll have to slightly adapt our pressure when the opponent has OD. We can adapt. Neutral jump barrier guard. 5A game. We can adapt with very slight alterations to our pressure. I think Tager having OD, on the other hand, causes your opponent to play so differently. They'll already scared of Spark Bolt, imagine how scared they'd be if we had spark bolt AND overdrive. If they're magnetized 720C catches opponents from like 1/3 screen away on the 1st active frame. I dunno. I'm just excited to see changes. I think this is a good thing and an absolutely ridiculous tool. It's such a mindgame.
  15. Yohosie

    [CP 1.1] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    (Keep in mind: Joketest 1): No. you can literally just GCOD > 720 and it's 22 frames of 100% invulnerability through blockstun into OD 720 damage. It's ridiculously broken and there's no way they're keeping it, almost every button bigger than 5A is punishable with this change if you time it so they whiff their 5B/2B/5C/Whatever follow-up. You can punish extremely plus moves like Jin's 2D, any character's CA, Hakumen 3C, etc. 2C works, honestly. I've almost never seen it clash. If it does, you can always double tap 2C, or do 5C > 5B? j.2C > 3C from Hakumen on clash sounds super not real. Like I said though I've almost always had it beat it. When in doubt you can always just jump forwards and block. A lot of times Tager's best anti-air is to block