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  1. Those comments were uninformed, as Arc had already stated that the story mode models couldn't be used for gameplay, and they more or less had to start from scratch if the story character was to be made playable.
  2. Even if you gave him recovery, he could still YRC. It's been covered by others why your idea isn't a good one by others, but to restate it again, it's like trying to stop pot's backdash, except he completely disappears to a random location, making it nigh impossible to pressure him.
  3. rayplay

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    You can use j.2K if they keep waking up mashing throw, as well as her puffball super if you have the meter, all to scare them from pressing on wakeup. Use 5K/2K from out of their throw range on wakeup. Her 5K, 2P, and 5HS are all advantage on block, and her 2S and 2HS are neutral, so you can use these to pressure with. Also keep in mind that she can reverse gatling (for example, 2S xx 2K), so her strings won't be as linear as other characters, so use this to your advantage to create longer strings as well has reducing recovery and going for frame traps.
  4. I was gonna answer this post honestly, but then I saw that you wanted a teleport to be invincible on frame 1 and if you believe that, you don't need to be making any comments on character balance at your level.
  5. So I noticed a very strange desync glitch the other day online. Me and a friend were playing, and danger time occurred, and using it, I dizzied him, and IK'd him to win the match. But on his end, danger time never occurred, so the resulting combo to dizzy him never happened, I didn't get the IK (though I still did go into the mode), and then he (obviously) won the round, which led to him playing a 3rd round that I wasn't in because for me, the match was already over and I was stuck in the rematch screen until he was done. Afterwards, we both saved and uploaded the footage to see both sides. What's even weirder is, when I looked at the ingame replay, it shows his side, but it also gives me a replay error message when it gets to the point where danger time should've occurred, so even the game knows something is up.
  6. rayplay

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    Here's something you can start yourself off with. More optimized stuff exists but better to start simple and work your way up.
  7. I dislike the vast majority of the BB JP cast, so the day we get a BB with no dub is the day I keep the game muted.
  8. rayplay

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    I don't think it's the same. Japan didn't lab the character as much because training mode costs money for them. One of the early issues seen for Jam was that she lacked damage, and we found her damage shortly after the demo came out, and we're only finding more stuff for her. Edit: Also, gonna be a bit harsh for a moment, but, while not to call anyone out specifically, if people spent less time complaining about Jam and more time figuring out what she can do, maybe she wouldn't seem so bad.
  9. rayplay

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    1.I still feel the need to state that with a card and 50 meter, she can get anywhere from 250-290 off a practical starter midscreen. So no, she doesn't have to jump through hoops to get big damage, and because her yrc options aren't that great, it's not like she won't have meter for super. 2. We know she's not top tier, it's not really worth comparing her to them since the top 3-5 is pretty busted. 3. Her mixups require resources yes, but they're very good mixups and they lead into a knock down that'll let her get back a card. Not to mention that her general pressure game is still pretty decent, with plenty of ways to scare them from pressing buttons. 4. Card YRC is stupid, I agree. There's no real reason why she has to commit so hard when others don't.
  10. I didn't say she wouldn't be on console. I said she'd be around later on after the launch. No.
  11. I'm only predicting that because I believe there's a chance of us getting a rebalance later on in the year. They didn't want to update revelator balance from 1.1 because 1.1 wasn't *that* old at that time.
  12. IIRC, she's only been announced to be in, but they never said launch. Realistically, they started development on her not too long ago so unless you want her rushed out with fucked up balance and whatnot, you'll have to wait awhile to get her post launch. Personally, I predict that we'll get another balance patch for the game as a whole later in the year and we'll get her at that same time.
  13. rayplay

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    Jam's damage isn't bad in this though. She builds a ton of meter so she can use it at the end of combos for her uppercut super. Off a 5K, she can get around 250 midscreen. I mean, who exactly are people comparing her damage to? Sin?
  14. rayplay

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    Her 6P is also pretty good here, and 2S serves the same general purpose even if it has slightly less range. Her 6H is more of a poke now and goes over lows. May not be as great as her old 6H but it can still do work. And she does have good damage as long as she has a card stored. She builds meter like crazy and her uppercut super does insane damage if you clean hit it (more than her burst super even). Also, why group Leo with Sin and Elphelt? He's not half as good as they are. In fact I'd argue that she's closer to where Leo is in terms of how good she is, difference being that she has better mixup, and he has better setplay.
  15. rayplay

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    It's an AA and advantage on block.