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    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I found something. You can jump cancel twice now. After you chain shift you can jump cancel another move. Idk if it's new or not but it's interesting.
  2. littlefang17

    [FB] Online Matchmaking & PSN List

    Hiii PSN: luv_YUKI I'm in US Midsouth. TN. Let's fight!
  3. Hey we soo need to make a kokonoe combo video together. It'll be fun! XD

  4. Her hows that cp litchi?

  5. I almost beat aki with izayoi. He was trying as well and he said that he had to lock me down to beat me. That's accomplishing to me.

  6. Well Hermes is a whore.....and she can do whore stuff....with elemental spirits...

  7. I'm not gonna vote zanuff.....

  8. Join the Chaos Code group

  9. Moy...don't lose your soul to that game

  10. Hey Moy wanna play some matches?

  11. you don't have to like hermes....play hikaru or bravo. just no Cerberus. I will hate you forever if you play him....he is god tier up the anal cavity

  12. Star did you get Chaos Code?

  13. But its chaos code. Its amazing. it only cost 11-13 dollars as well. So its cheap. Plus its really easy to learn.

  14. Are you gonna play chaos code?

  15. Hey so how is the game coming along?

  16. Hey Uri-san. Wanna fight in BB or P4A or GG or AH3 or SG or something else I didn't name?