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  1. nobodyexe

    [P4A] Aigis Gameplay Discussion

    http://i.imgur.com/NJaUH8w.png For everyone who hasn't already seen this, you're welcome to get top 8 whenever you want.
  2. nobodyexe

    [P4A] Aigis Gameplay Discussion

    Stealing it
  3. nobodyexe

    [P4A] Aigis Gameplay Discussion

    I picked Aigis up day 1 and honestly I don't understand why people over exaggerate her learning curve. Most everything she does is pretty easy, she can get big man damage off shithead mixup which is mostly what you rely on when you start off. Some points I can give you that I had to learn from experience myself are: Watch your orgia bar (pretty basic thing but the most important), HITCONFIRM into megido(Don't just do boost>d.megido or something because god knows if they block it), don't spam 2b(Okay sometimes spam 2b, but never spam 2b. Fullscreen, covers good area and you can get special cancels out of it, but if they roll it you are going to get dicked in the face). Most everything else should be found in the Aigis wiki.
  4. nobodyexe

    [Mar 29-31, 2013] FINAL ROUND XVI - Atlanta, GA

    Shoutouts to all you guys in the Persona Casuals room -ZomB You're still trash kid, never use the "ER" -Miller ONE AND DONE NIGGA -Jackie Chandler You're so scummy I love it -LKG MABYE ONE DAY I WILL GRACE YOU WITH MY PRESENCE -Ama Waifus4Laifu -GreatReptar Drinking/JoJos/Ahegao buddies -AXIS Fuck you Axis -ChosenNinja That Rushhour commentary -ShinSyn DAT ROOM DOE -DJ Houshen THAT XFACTOR DOE -Jyosua Drunk randomouts are the best -Everyone in the anime room You're all bad influences.