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  1. Bonzai

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Do they read English emails?
  2. Bonzai

    [AC+] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    I normally play on Player Matches since you can rematch constantly. I am often sitting there with an open game. If anyone has a 2 or higher with me, feel free to join. I'll teach you if you suck and I'll destroy you if you try, so take nothing from me because I reject no one.
  3. Bonzai

    [AC+] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    xbl username: Josh Loves Yuan Location: Chicago, IL Main: TESTicle No laggy games please, or I will disconnect.
  4. Yeah, AIM me anytime at DudeWerezMyPantz for some games. I could play all I want since it's Summer for me

  5. Hey, sorry, was busy recently with finals (still have one this week) but then I'm done and I'd go for trying AC net play.

  6. You mean on the PC through netplay? Yeah, I actually set it up just recently, that would be great actually. I haven't tried it yet but sure want to.

  7. Hey, what's up! Got GGAC working? We can get some games in through that.

  8. Hey! It's me, the Baiken/Anji player from Acen, I finally found you. At first I looked under Banzai so I couldn't find you :3

  9. whats up? who do you main bro?

  10. You guys should either post some info to get some games in or ask in IRC/idle there. As for me, I'm sometimes in IRC under the same name, or you can just AIM me and shout GUILTY GARE into my screen.
  11. Did you extract the plugin and toss all the files into the plugins folder?
  12. Are there going to be instructions on how to do this that doesn't include the piracy part? I'm so Hell bent on playing this.
  13. Bonzai

    Arcsys at FanimeCon 2010 in San Jose

    Did anyone ask if there was gonna be any online Guilty Gear Accent Core in the future? Or is it just gonna be the next Guilty Gear straight ahead. I watched part 1 of the videos on the BB Log and didn't find any questions about that.
  14. Bonzai

    AC: Matchup discussion

    Just set a load of traps while throwing out k.Curse and EXE. You also have to hit Baiken as she is disarming your traps, so once you see her even jump, use 6K or j.S