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    I'm an 18 year who's into all sorts of nerd activities and is occasionally the token black, that's the short version anyway.

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  1. Kaimon3500

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    So many colors do you get when you buy that pack? Like 10+ excluding the Famitsu color?
  2. Kaimon3500

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    So the max amount of hits you can do in an AOA now is 18? Do you still get the FC if you finish with 15 hits?
  3. Best change would be changing him back to how he was in cse Hoping for the best with 2.0 Haz, houtenjin nerf stills rubs me the wrong way even though I've gotten used to it by now
  4. Kaimon3500

    [P4A] Yosuke Gameplay Discussion

    Fun Fact: EX Dash goes through Yukiko's awakening super but can still get hit by Naoto's traps.
  5. 214D~B is probably the closest thing we'll get to that T_T
  6. So,um, assuming j. 214B is an overhead, is TK'ing it during a blockstring a legit tactic? I know I won't be able to combo off of it unless it's a counter or I rapid, but I still get in a little bit off damage and now my opponent has something else to look out for.
  7. Kaimon3500

    [P4A] Yosuke Gameplay Discussion

    Catching Confused opponents with Brave Blade is always funny, since alot of people usually mash DP when hit by Tentrafoo in the hopes of getting a lucky hit to break the ailment. Of course you can always get that delicious 2C Fatal Counter if you wanna be safer
  8. Kaimon3500

    [P4A] Yosuke Gameplay Discussion

    I also have that habit, I need to get used to C>236B. Also, More people need to use Yosuke's 5D Oki. It's not as good as Narukami's,but it's pretty good.
  9. Kaimon3500

    [P4A] Yosuke Gameplay Discussion

    That moment when you add to many "A's" in your combo and you mess up 236A>236C/D T_T
  10. Never has a single page in a forum made me laugh so much. This thread is beautiful.