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    P4 Matchup Directory

    Naoto threads: vs Yosuke: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11651-naoto-vs-yosuke/ vs Yukiko: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11670-naoto-vs-yukiko/ vs Yukari: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11669-naoto-vs-yukari/ vs Teddie: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11668-naoto-vs-teddie/ vs Sho: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11667-naoto-vs-sho/ vs Shadow Labrys: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11666-naoto-vs-shadow-labrys/ vs Rise: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11665-naoto-vs-rise/ vs Naoto: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11664-naoto-vs-naoto/ vs Mitsuru: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11663-naoto-vs-mitsuru/ vs Minazuki: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11662-naoto-vs-minazuki/ vs Marie: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11661-naoto-vs-marie/ vs Labrys: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11660-naoto-vs-labrys/ vs Ken: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11659-naoto-vs-ken/ vs Kanji: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11657-naoto-vs-kanji/ vs Junpei: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11656-naoto-vs-junpei/ vs Elizabeth: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11655-naoto-vs-elizabeth/ vs Chie: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11654-naoto-vs-chie/ vs Akihiko: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11653-naoto-vs-akihiko/ vs Aigis: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11652-naoto-vs-aigis/ If I messed up somehow or need me to fix things lmk. I didn't make threads for Marg, Adachi, and Yu since they should already exist already to not have thread overlap.
  2. Values for dash cancels on block and certain frame data seems to be inconsistent/missing entirely based off of what I've seen in general on most pages. For example, I've seen Minazuki's 5A listed as +1 and 0 on block on the wiki and frame data page when it turns out its actually -2 on block based off of evernotes made by YMST and messing around with it myself. Lots of dash cancels on block haven't been added so thats another thing I could probably swipe off the JP evernotes for 1.1 and add them since I'm pretty sure YMST's data is accurate. General evernote I am refering to: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s520/sh/dae53a3a-330f-4060-bee4-8c0da6b69e36/7245afcf3b1813afa88d591745de4b5b
  3. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIWEdCc31i3xhSeI2r6DzV0m8d1-QKqD1 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIWEdCc31i3zal8sdYYVn4LcrrrjgWHnR My play lists of various Naoto combos. Will continue to be updated as time goes by with more stuff. Will add S.naoto combos to a seperate playlist to keep the combos moderately organized and easy to find.
  4. I highly recommend this one if you can do the 2[C] link consistently. Otherwise doing 2A 2B 5C or 5AA (5C) B fangs xN works too for similar damage though you probably won't get the kill on Kanji from max health. 236A, B shots into Mudoon should only really be used if you need the kill and you know a low damage SMP will be enough to do it. It's not a route i'd use for a punish. I'd probably do it if i low profile something with sweep and confirm it with 236A or something to kill. It's good to know since those situations do come up, so that particular SMP route is good under the right circumstances.
  5. I never understood what the post above this one was trying to get at, but switching any punish that usually involved 5B as your starter with 5C then 5B is amazing thanks to 0 P1. It boosts any of your SMP's damage by at least 1k that start with 5B for example. Just wanted to point that out for anyone who cares about optimizing their punishes for 50% meter or something and still cares about this version of P4A somewhat.
  6. Doonpa

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    GGs to guys with 6k worth of matches, 5k worth of wins, and still not actually playing the game. Netplay is a funny place.
  7. OK so I decided to go back and revise this old OMB SMP that I saw Denpa use back in his FT10 with Yu-sama and came to some nice conclusions about it. Here's the combo that i'm sure you guys have seen before. It works on the entire cast: D-trap/C trap CH, 2A 5C j.A j.C land (5C) 236A~B(1) OMB walk forward 2[C] dash 5B 236BxN. This does ~9.3k w/ shots. If you omit the 5C in parenthesis, the damage gets bumped up to 9.7k with shots instead. Now here is the thing about this combo. Going by my AA j.B confirm which involves doing an airdash j.A j.C straight into 236A, I figured I could apply this to this combo as well to see what happens. And what we get is an amazing SMP that carries from past the round start position that kills everyone but Aki and Kanji from full health. The trick to getting the 236A to land straight after j.C is simply delay your airdash string and slightly delay the 236A itself. You can visually confirm if they will be too high/far for the 236A to connect, so you can always salvage it with land 5C beforehand. If you have at least 8-9 meter to start this combo, you'll build enough meter to do an EX Fang instead of 2[C] for an easier, more damaging variant (this only applies to the variant that does not omit the second 5C). If you have 11 meter to start and omit the second 5C, you'll build enough meter for an EX Fangs and you'll do enough damage to kill Akihiko. The other nice thing about this SMP is that even if you don't reach the corner by the time you do your first B fangs, you'll have enough time to do dash 5C after it and go for B fangs again, which by then you should be perfectly snug in the corner although the SMP damage will be less. Fun note: you can link 2C off 236B anywhere. Midscreen you have to microdash. Its a nice alternative of a combo ender if you are aiming for their Fate counters and haven't used a move that takes any in the combo. So like 5AA 5C 236B~D dash 2C is a nice combo to go for if you need that last 2 skulls to get them to 0. Just don't be derp and do this if you can get an airdash extension via air hit or if you are close enough to the corner to get dash 5C to link and then get the airdash extension.
  8. In the corner: Throw, OMB (at the neck chop portion), microdash C trap, 2A/Sweep, D trap, 236A~B(1)~D, 2[C] 5B 5C 236BxN, 4.1k Oddly enough, I think this combo does more damage if you don't use Sweep, but 2A instead. I dunno. This one is weird. You can also do 5AA 5C as the ender if you don't want to bother with getting the 2[C] link. Midscreen to Corner: Throw, OMB (at the neck chop), Mudoon, dash C trap, D trap, 236A~B(1)~D , 2[C]/2A 5B 5C 236BxN over 8k, 8.7k with C shots Throw, OMB (at the neck chop), Mudoon, dash D trap, Sweep, 236A~B(1)~D , 2[C]/2A 5B 5C 236BxN over 8k as well. EASY MODO. This combo carries from the match starting position, so it makes this really convenient. I use to OMB before the neck chop, and then realized that im just missing out on like 700 damage for leaving out the chop. Derpppppp. Oh well, now tick throws are really scary. EDIT: because i dont wanna make a new post. A better variant of the D trap OMB SMP for Mitsuru and Chie: D trap, 2A, 5B/2B, 5C, 236A~B(1) OMB dash C trap, 5AA, 236BxN, ~ about 8.6k, 9.2k with shots, roughly. This combo isn't as demanding as the one Denpa came up with since I feel the opponent winds up closer at the OMB portion, and because its easier to link the 5A after the C trap set than it is 2A.
  9. 5B 5C 2C OMB dash 214C, 2A, 214D, 236A~B(1)~D, 2B, 236BxN is over 5k and is a lot easier. Doing 5A instead of 2A, and repeating 5C hurts your damage (you might even be able to do Sweep instead of 2A here, but 2A is easy enough). You also don't really have to worry about getting the timing/height perfect so that the 2[C] connects after the 236A if you do this instead.
  10. More combos courtesy of Denpa. 5D~D (hits) sj j.B j.C OMB land 2[C] dash 5AA 5C delay 5B 236AB 236BxN. Should be about 8k. You'll probably have an easier time if you add a j.A and omit the 5B. Changing 2[C] into a 2A also makes this easier but does less damage. D trap, 2A 5C IAD j.B j.C land (5C) 236A 236236A OMB 2[C] 5B (5C) 236BxN (Corner) Throw OMB at the chop portion, C trap, Sweep, D trap, 236A~B(1)~D, 2A 5B 5C 236BxN, ~4k. j.B j.A j.C OMB 2[C] 5AA 5C delay 5B 236AB 236BxN (This is stupid hard to hit imo) I think there were more, but nothing else that really left an impression on me too much. Very simple stream session from him today. It seemed he was just testing out stuff and getting use to these confirms.
  11. Air to Air CH confirms. These are very much height/spacing dependant but I feel like they can be broke down into 3 categories. Rising CH, standard air to air, and sj height confirms. Rising j.A/j.B CH: wait, airdash j.A/j.B j.C land, whatever. Standard air to air (roughly the same height as your opponent, more or less) j.A/j.B CH: land, 5A/2A/5B/5C/whatever, into whatever combo path you like. Super jump height: j.A/j.B CH straight into j.C/j.D. Can set up a trap in mid air and try to air throw their tech. Getting the air dash combo to work can be tricky at times. Sometimes you are better off landing and going straight into 236A instead of trying for a 5A or 5C. The "standard" air to air height gives you a lot of time to do whatever you like. It's also possible to just go for a delayed j.C after the first air normal and land, then go for a combo too. It's honestly whatever is most comfortable for the player. I like landing first and going for a 2A pick up since it puts the opponent at a very specific height that is easy to combo off of, as well as giving me the option to go for a OMB SMP or standard IAD string into Mudoon. SJ height is pretty straight forward, just free style something into j.D or j.C into trap and play the tech chase game. This info should be pretty obvious to any accomplished Naoto player, but I feel like this should be stressed since I know personally my air confirms need work, and I was impressed at how naturally JP players convert random air hits into decent damage.
  12. More Denpa tech. Hamaon SMPs. Hamaon is guaranteed if you super cancel it off the last hit of A shots, Sweep, and 236A. Also possible if you do it late after 5AAA as well so that it doesn't combo. MAJOR EDIT: I went to training mode and optimized everything and figured out why I was screwing this up today over netplay. Here is the real stuff to use. Sorry guys lol. I was going strictly on what I saw Denpa doing and I didn't realize this stuff was quite character specific. I'm sure he mentioned that on his stream but my Japanese is terrible >.< Midscreen Hamaon +OMB: These do 7-8k Hamaon (blocked) j.B, Hamaon hits, wait, 5B/Sweep, 236A~B(1) OMB 2[C] 5C IAD j.A j.C land 5C 236BxN Hamaon (blocked) Sweep, Hamaon hits, wait, 5B, 236A~B(1) OMB 2[C] 5C IAD j.B j.C land 5C 236BxN Corner, Hamaon: These do 6k Hamaon (blocked) j.B, Hamaon hits, slightly delayed C trap, D trap, 236A~B(1)~D, 2[C] 5C IAD j.A j.C land 5C 236BxN Hamaon (blocked) Sweep, Hamaon hits, slighly delayed C trap, D trap, 236`B(1)~D 2[C] 5C IAD j.B j.C land 5C 236BxN These two corner combos above work on Labrys, S. Labrys, Aigis, Naoto, Yukiko, Chie, Kanji, Akihiko. Hamaon (blocked) j.B, Hamaon hits, slightly delayed C trap, 2A/5B/Sweep, D trap, 236A~B(1)~D 2[C] 2B 5C 236BxN Hamaon (blocked) Sweep, Hamaon hits, slightly delayed C trap, 2A/5B, D trap, 236A~B(1)~D 2[C] 2B 5C 236BxN These only work on Mitsuru, Narukami, Elizabeth, and Yosuke. You need to use a 2A/5B/whatever at the point where C trap would usually connect to hit the opponent into them. A note, you can't use this combo on the characters that you can combo straight into C trap because the 2A/5B/whatever will hit AFTER the C trap and screw you over. For Teddie: These do 5-6k Hamaon (blocked) j.B, Hamaon hits, slightly delayed D-trap, wait, 5AA 236A~B(1)~D, 2[C] 2B/5B 5C 236BxN Hamaon (blocked) Sweep, Hamaon hits, slightly delayed D trap, wait, 5AA 236~B(1)~D, 2[C] 2B/5B 5C 236BxN Note: You can do 2A 5B instead of 5AA for more damage. Whatever is easier for you. These Teddie variation also works on the entire cast if you don't want to learn the above. You'll be sacrificing damage for simplicity. You can essentially change a lot of parts to any of these combos, like you could go for the IAD route before 236B, or you can do something like 2A 5AA 5C 236B instead, etc. Its whatever you are most comfortable.
  13. Nah, it's possible mid screen but its kinda tricky to get the timings at first. Basically you want to do the Sweep as close as possible, then go into 236A~B(1) OMB. From there you have to microdash then do C-trap and hit 2A as soon as you recover so that the opponent gets hit into the C trap above your foot. From there slightly delay the 2[C] (walking forward is best) and then microdash 5B 5C 236BxN. It took me a while to get the timing but its totally possible with practice. I would use this against Kanji, Akihiko, MAYBE Mitsuru and Chie as well if I'm desperate to kill them off asap and don't want to risk dropping the 2A 5B off the original easy modo combo. Of course, in the corner this combo is really easy to hit so you can go for it instead and not have to worry about the tricky timings as much.
  14. Denpa da gawd, he improved my D Megido SMP: D Megido, 2AB, 236A~Bx1 OMB C Megido 2A 2[C] 5B 5C 236BxN, C Shots ender, 10,191k. Now only Kanji survives this. Thank you based SMP god Denpa ;~; EDIT: I botched the notation for the 5D CH combo. It should be 5D~D CH Air Hit, wait, C trap, Sweep D-Trap, 236A~B(1), 2[C] 5AA 5C. My variation of this combo is fine though, but with this correction Denpa's SMP becomes way better lol. Builds 89 meter and does 7.7k without a mudoon!
  15. http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm21103371 Air counter hit 5D~D combos, courtesy of Denpa. Big thanks to Ichipoo for linking this to me earlier today. Notation, near the corner: 5D~D CH AA, dash up C-trap, D trap, 236A~Bx1~D, 2[C], 5AA, 5C 236BxN. You'll build 50 meter to add a Mudoon if you'd like. My version (or at least what i find is easier than the above): Same start, dash up D trap, 5AA 236A~Bx1~D, 2A/2B/5B 5C j.A j.C land 5C 236BxN. This one also works if you land 5D~D CH on a grounded opponent, but the timing is tighter. EDIT: Meterless SMP off AOA~D in the corner: AOA~D FC, 5B 2B 5C jump airdash j.C delay j.D land 5AA 236BxN. Can tack on Mudoons to this for added damage.
  16. Yeah, I think its best that the OP gets updated. Compiling all the new SMPs and organizing them is going to be a pain in the butt lol. Might have to use spoiler tags as since theres that many SMPs now lol. Here is an anti air 2B corner to corner SMP lol: 2B 5C delay 236B~D dash 5C j.A/j.B j.C land 66 5C 214A~Cx5 dash D Trap, 5AA, 236A~D, go to town. Should be about 6k.
  17. OK I got something pretty funny. Corner to corner SMP using only 50% and its starter is either 5AA or 5B. It goes like this: Close 5AA/5B 5C 236B~D dash 5C delay IAD j.A/j.B j.C land 66 5C 214A~CxN Mudoon dash up D trap, 5AA or 5b/Sweep, 236A~D (214D, 236A~D)xN If you start with 5AA, then use 5B or Sweep after Mudoon. If you start with 5B, just do the opposite. This only works on Yosuke, Yukiko, Liz, and Aigis unfortunately. Getting the proper height for the IAD string to connect in such a way that you can land 5C afterwards is kinda tricky. The 66 5C is very important to do because without it you won't be close enough for Mudoon to connect and have it send the opponent fly far enough to wallstick in the corner. And as you can see this is simply the SMP listed a couple posts back so the same damage values and stuff apply. You can also just cut this combo short at the IAD portion by simply landing, 5C, 236A~D for knockdown.
  18. Just a note about the Fear Fuzzy follow up. You don't have to do rising j.A into j.AxN like you do against Narukami, you can do one rising j.A and go into a slightly delayed j.C after the deep j.C. Since its a fatal starter, you'll have enough time after the j.C to land and do whatever you want like 5B etc. You'll get a better combo off that than having so many j.As scaling the combo hard. EDIT: If you have 50 meter at the start of a 236B FC in the corner, then doing 236B FC C shots (first couple of shots should whiff, last 2 should connect) Mudoon, D trap, 2B 5B 5C IAD j.C j.D land 236A~D (D trap, 236A~D) xN should kill the majority of the cast. Might not kill Kanji, don't remember too well. Your 236B fatal is better if you need to build the meter to get a Mudoon I believe, but does less damage in the end.
  19. Hmm, that looks more stable then what I have so I'll try that one out instead. And yeah, thats the nice perk of those combos too. Anything that includes shots gives a nice chunk of meter. But yeah, with these SMPs random confirms into 236B can lead to more respectable damage than the usual 4-5k that the vanilla combo would scrape in. Also I kinda tweaked the Teddie only combo you posted and came up with this: 5B 5C 2C Mudoon D-Trap, Sweep, 236A~D, C Trap, 5D, 236A~D, 5DD hits, 2B 236BxN. Does 9.1k, adding the C-shots kills him. You can also tweak this combo to work off throw and other stuff too. This might become the new go to "hard" combo for him since you can't do the traditional 214C 214D 236A path off Mudoon that usually kills the cast. Random AOA example: AOA-D FC 5B 5C Mudoon D trap, 236A~D, C trap, 5D, 236A~D, 5DD hits, 236BxN. EDIT AGAIN: Never mind, this combo path isn't that hot and it doesn't work off throw unless you do Throw OMB path. AOA its best to just do a simple SMP combo to get the same if not more damage.
  20. Very nice combos there Zeromus, I really like the idea of the Throw OMB combos. I also really like the 214C CH starter SMP midscreen, I have to grind that out more because I'm not 100% with that yet. So as of now I'm kinda burnt out in terms of finding Naoto tech (again lol), but here's one last thing I'll share before I go into a lab hiatus until something hits me randomly one day to tinker with: Close confirm, near the corner/or in the corner: 5B 5C 236B~D dash 5C IAD j.A/j.B j.C land 5C 214A~Cx5 Mudoon D Trap, 5AA, 236A~D (D Trap, 236A~D)xN, 6.7k Same situation: 5AA 5C 236B~D dash 5C 214A~Cx5 Mudoon D Trap, 5B/2A 5C IAD j.A/j.B j.C land 5C 236A~D (D trap, 236A~D) xN Probably close to 5k. Basically these are SMPs for when you hit your opponent in such a way that you use 236B early, but still want to go into Mudoon anyway and get damage on them. This commonly comes up late in the rounds when you get a random punish/hit and need the 236B to get good carry and don't have 75% meter to do the job.
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRxLoyu1qgo Footage of Silence SMPs from Denpa. First combo goes as follows: D Trap, dash 5C, IAD j.A/j.B j.C land 66 5C 214A~Cx5 Mudoon, dash up C trap, 5D set, wait, 236A(first hit only) 236236A, wait until Naoto starts falling from the super, 5D, dash 236BxN. Does 8k before silence wears off. Doing 66 5C makes it more consistent for your Mudoon to hit. Second silence SMP only works on Teddie: (j.C) 5B 5C 2C Mudoon D trap, (2B) 236A~D, C trap, 5D set, 236A(first hit only) 236236A, wait until Naoto starts falling from the super, 5D, dash 236BxN Heres a video of the SMP meterless punish vs Narukami DP Random Naoto was talking about a couple posts back: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBuLCqaP3T8
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    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Someone play me plox, I am bored. EC only please.
  23. Naoto in the corner, 214214A~C FC starter: walk forward a pixel, 2A 2B 5C 2[C] slight delay 5B 5C IAD j.C delay j.D land 5AA 236BxN ~7.8k, 50% bar 2B 5C IAD j.C j.D EX Trap, j.B, (C trap hits), land, 236A~B(1)-D, (D Trap hits), 236BxN, ~9.5k, 75% 2B 5C IAD j.A j.C land j.B OMB D-Trap, 236A~B(1)-D, 5B 236BxN, over 8K for sure, don't remember the damage on this. 50% + OMB Midscreen: 214214A~C FC, OMB, 2A 2B 5C 2[C] 5B 5C IAD j.B j.C land 236AB, 236BxN 75% + OMB A little past midscreen or at least 3/4s to the corner: 214214A~C FC, OMB (2A) 2B 5C 2[C] 5B 5C IAD j.C delay j.D land 5AA 236BxN. You can omit the 2A if you'd like. Its just meant to keep the height somewhat consistent and doesn't really hurt the damage much. 50%+ OMB Basically, just the same combos that i've posted before, just with the Houtenjin starter. Great confirms for when you kick someone for trying to safe jump you since its so fast that unless they do a almost frame perfect safe jump, the kick will be fast enough to hit them out of their normal.
  24. And wait, you can combo j.A into j.C off the short hop? I thought you'd be too low to the ground for j.C to come out in time. Did you mean j.B after j.A or am I missing out on something amazing?
  25. j.A is usually easier to use because of its downward hit box so you can get the combo to connect even if they are pretty low. j.B's hitbox makes it so that you have to have the opponent above Naoto's head to make it work as opposed to j.A where you can have the opponent at the same height as Naoto's standing animation. Corner: short hop j.A j.B j.D land 5AA 5C 236B~D 236A~D. Almost 2k if I remember correctly. Timing to get the 5A link is weird, I dont really know how to describe it. A lot of the times I get it, but sometimes it just drops on me. Probably has a lot do with how low your j.D hits. If you can hit this, its a nice combo to get some decent damage off of corner oki. If its too hard or you just aren't getting it consistently mid match then consider switching to j.A j.B 236A or j.A j.B j.D 236A, whichever you may find easier. Adding the j.D makes it real easy to confirm whether you hit your opponent or not, the problem with it is that it wont combo on standing though.