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  1. Hello, I'm one of the few people who really wants the +R wiki to be completed.

    I hope you don't mind if I transcribe a bit of your ABA guide into it (obviously not word for word). Looks like you haven't been active for nearly a year, so I'm going to go ahead and do some of it. Thanks!

  2. Copy+pasted shouts: I'm currently on the flight back to Atlanta and figured now would be a good time to start typing up shout outs. I still haven't slept since an hour nap on Saturday, so please excuse any spelling/grammatical/nonsensical errors. First, NEC in general: This. Tournament. Was. AWESOME. Definitely the best one I've ever been to. The only negative was that the hotel was meh, restaurant's service was terrible and they were obviously not equipped to handle max capacity (those fucking Bufudyne showers, man). Fortunately none of that mattered because everything else was GODLIKE. And wow, I met a fuckton of awesome people this year! It seemed like nearly everyone I bumped into is someone I've either played online, chatted with on DL, or heard about through the grapevine. Guilty Gear: Shouts in no order to Jais, Zidane, Alzarath, Digital Watches, A3Religion, Kenji, Blacksnake, Bob Washington, Mynus, Bryce, and anyone I'm forgetting. Thanks a lot for the casuals and advice! Those were easily some of the best sets I've ever had in Guilty and I feel I leveled up a ton! I wish I could have placed higher than I did in singles and I wish I could have not looked like a total scrub next to Mahouko's Bridget, but the casuals were fun as fuck. Especially the sets I had last night--I was intent on retiring from GG after NEC, but just as soon as I had thought that, those sets reminded me of exactly why I play Guilty. It really isn't like anything else. I can't wait for the recorded casual footage to be uploaded! Blazblue: Shouts to Lich, Kirbster, Cirno, Psykotik, SKD, Jourdal, TheArm, Her Omen, Brkrdv, Huey, Tsutenshi, and everyone else on the BB side. I was pretty disappointed with my performance in teams and at the Copabanana, but I'm glad I was able to shift gears by the time singles came around. I made top 8 in singles, woooo! The BB casuals were fun too! I wish I had time for more, but this tourney was fairly Guilty-centric for me. Next time though. Dudes I've already met before: Shouts to St1ckbug, Circ, Anne Frank, Axis, ShinSyn, DC, Lord Knight, KyleW, and anyone else I'm forgetting. You guys are da bess and I'm glad we were able to meet again either in casuals, tourney, or just hanging out I'd also like to extend a special thanks to Amadeous and St1ckbug for making arrangements for me to be able to attend. You guys are bros among bros--if you're ever in Atlanta and need a favor (or even if you're not!), just let me know. Also to Eshi for sharing the room, thanks man. Also... Shouts to Yakitori Boy on Thursday Shouts to casuals/drinking at Copabanana on Friday Shouts to Kara-cancel-oke upstairs at Yakitori Boy Shouts to St1ckbug working his unpaid ass off to deliver the best tourney and stream he possibly can Shouts to getting a foot of snow while in Philly Shouts to Bufudyne showers Shouts to BBCP for being on main stream, even if team finals were meh Shouts to Lich/Kirbster/Bryce's team since they deserved to win Shouts to OmniSSycthe for hard calling out 4D mashing Shouts to BigE, St1ckbug, NEC staff/volunteers, Spooky, their sponsors, and everyone else involved in making NEC so damn great But mostly, shouts again to everyone I mentioned above and even to everyone I didn't mention. My FG bros and broettes are fantastic! I love this community and love all you guys :D
  3. Indeed we do. Adding you now. Just don't expect much... I don't have nearly as much time to play as I used to and it shows ;_; What's your PSN ID?

  4. We need to add each other on PSN.

  5. Derrell told me he was going, but Isaac is too? And Phoenyx? YOOOOOOOOOO I'm flying in Thurs and will be leaving Monday. Can't wait to see you guys!
  6. I'll be flying in Thursday afternoon. Shinobi: Oh snap, Doren's going!? Good shit! Who else from Bama will make it? We need to play.
  7. I'm down to compete in Guilty teams/regional 5v5s. Actually I'm down for anything with Gear or BBCP. I'm so hype for this it's ridiculous.
  8. Can't wait for this. See you guys there! Excitement!
  9. Skeletal Minion

    ACR A.B.A. Changes and Discussion of

    Rekka1 > Rekka2 > Flipkick can work mid screen, but you have to be really close and use a low number of hits prior to Rekka1 (to keep pushback to a minimum). Personally I find it works well when they're instant blocking Rekka1/2.
  10. Skeletal Minion

    ACR A.B.A. Changes and Discussion of

    Thanks for these! I forgot just how badly that Zappa got decimated. Wow.
  11. Skeletal Minion

    ACR A.B.A. Changes and Discussion of

    General recent findings: - I realize why 5H > 2H gatling is so slow/has a gap. With 5H being +0 on normal block, it's pretty damn great for tick throwing. If they get sassy and start trying to break the throw, the gatling into 2H is timed so that their throw break attempt will come out just as 2H is throw invincible, netting you a juicy 2H CH. Just be wary if they instant block the 2nd hit of 5H; haven't tested to see if 2H's throw invul window also lines up if they do. - A really good general BnB I've been using lately is 2H > slight delay iad > j.S > j.H > land > Rekka 1st, 2nd, delay 3rd > Rekka 1st, 2nd, Flipkick. Does 182dmg on Testament. Good mix of corner push, damage, and oki. - Combos ending in corner Flipkick Rekka set up free unblockable if you've got 25%. Finish the combo with Flipkick to get pushed into perfect spacing to throw out a meaty FB Bloodball, which of course can be followed up with dash in > Flipkick for the unblockable. Just don't get DAA'd! - Decent throw BnB midscreen is Throw > 5H(2) > Danzai > dash j.S > j.H > j.D > Orbs. - 6H's increased untech time means you can typically cancel into Butt in the corner and it will work. This is good since it lets you combo groundslides into Butt RC > Orbs(2) with out being forced to used 2K > 5S > 2S, since the 2K waters down the damage with its prorate. Try this in corner: Rekkas > dash 6H(2) > Butt RC > Orbs(2) > usual two hit orbs combo ender of your choice. Also, not sure if it's been mentioned, but I've seen Tsubu using a REALLY gross instant-fuzzy on cornered opponents lately. To set up, dash jump > meaty or blocked j.S > reverse gatling into j.K for instant fuzzy. This is neat for a few reasons: - You can mash extra j.Ks if they only want to block the first one when performing the fuzzy in Goku Moroha. - If their guard gauge is flashing, CH j.K offers AMAZING reward. It basically launches them vertically similar to 2S with huge untechable time, allowing you to essentially do whatever combo followup you like. Which is great because... - If they block the j.K, you can dj.S > j.H to continue pressure. If the j.K hit, autopiloting into the j.S > j.H will combo and probably net ridiculous damage since it positions you/them for Orbs(2). Go into Goku Moroha, get their guard gauge flashing, and do this: rj.S > j.K fuzzy (lands as CH) > j.S > j.H > [Orbs(2) FRC]x4 > Orbs(2). Just silly. (There's more damaging combos out there, just wanted to list that one for the example because it's lulz). - Don't have tension to spend on Orbs FRC? If the j.H was also CH due to high guard gauge, don't followup with Orbs, let them plummet for groundslide > whatever. If not, you can land and do Butt loops. Dash jump combos (j.S > j.H > j.D > Orbs, etc) should work too if you did j.H > Orbs. - j.K can also be substituted with j.P if you want to continue with a ground combo, but I don't recommend it since it's harder to convert from and the return from j.K is much better.
  12. Skeletal Minion

    ACR A.B.A. Changes and Discussion of

    ^Nice list, thanks! When experimenting with combos, your opponent being dizzied can skew the outcome since opponents become slightly heavier when dizzied. That's not to say it rules out the combo working entirely, just that it should be considered when testing. I haven't tested the combo you specified, but it seems like it should be possible via dash j.S. Time the Flipkick so they bounce high, but slightly lower the max height. Don't bother hitting them with it at low height unless you're not going to do it and want the oki set up.
  13. Skeletal Minion

    ACR A.B.A. Changes and Discussion of

    Super jump is okay, but I prefer double jump since the initial jump leaves you with an air option. Dash jump is kinda lacking. The angle puts you in prime range to get hit by head level missile or the lower arcs. However, "staggered" dash jump is okay, where you dash jump forward, but time your double jump so it has different momentum. You might be able to surprise her by coming in at a weird angle. Still not great, but getting in on JU is all about "least bad" options
  14. Skeletal Minion

    ACR A.B.A. Changes and Discussion of

    A.B.A vs. Justice thread up. If I missed something, point it out and I'll add it. Double Keygrab only works from command grab Keygrab, which actually became much easier due to increased KD time on command Keygrab. You can even do Rekka1 > Rekka2 > Keygrab > Keygrab. It doesn't work at all from the strike version anymore AFAIK.
  15. Skeletal Minion

    ACR A.B.A. Changes and Discussion of

    Observations: - With Goku Moroha being so good now, I'm thinking of taking a "double-down" approach in regards to refreshing bar. Double key doesn't work outside of command grab and BP FRC > Key seems too unstable/impossible in most situations. Keygrab > BP is riskier now; some chars can punish upon waking up. But for only one BP and 50%, it's essentially the same as a complete transform since it refills 100% of gauge, only costs one pack, and usually gives you great oki (cancel into from Dangoku > good times). - Easy Goku filler combo (until I figure out something better) is launcher (basically anything that puts them airborne, e.g., 2D) > [c.S > 2S > Butt > air IAD j.S > j.H > Orbs]x2. End with Keygrab in some way if needed. On ground, [5S > 5H(2)]xN works. - 5H got MUCH worse at footsies since it's molasses slow. First hit still staggers on CH, but is harder to follow up since the 2nd hit ruins it, or if max ranged, gives you more recovery/less time to run in before they shake out. Fortunately, it's badass as a pressure tool. It's even on block so you can tick throw on non-IB, is airtight when strung into Rekka, and does hella guard gauge. Try 2H FRC > 5H > 2H and smile. Note: there's a gap between 5H > 2H, but you can negate this with conditioning. - 2D, OTOH, got much better as a poking tool. Corner 2D gets you 2D > [Rekka loop]x3, meterless. Decent damage (180ish), GREAT oki positioning. - Meterless Rekka loops seem uncommon, but doable. Otherwise FRC the first Dangoku and immediately Rekka to get them. Can't get these to work on certain lights (Millia?). Meterless might always be possible on Potemkin. - Meaty FB BB > Unblockable Flipkick is LOOOOOOOOOOOL - With double key gone, I'm thinking damage will probably take priority in combo selection. Want oki? Rekka loops. Want to refresh gauge? Goku Moroha ender. - Normal mode got a lot better, even if it still mostly sucks. f.S actually has decent range now, j.H can cross up, 5H KDs on CH. Mushroom super is notably worse; harder to get all three hits and 3rd lost unblockable property. - The Justice matchup is ASS. Example: she can Michael Blade punish normal mode ground dash or slide anywhere on the screen on reaction All she has going for her in NM is FB slide and its FRC, in MM it might actually be worse (until you're already on top of her, of course). Missiles are a bitch and a half to get around, her f.S dominates you at midrange, tk Michael Sword has an ENORMOUS hitbox, j.K blows ABA up air-to-air, nearly EVERYTHING leads to KD... I'll try to elaborate later or start the thread for the matchup, but right now it feels like it's possibly ABA's worst in the game. Kliff is annoying because Kliff, but he's much more manageable IMO.