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  1. I am still debating if i should buy the asian version or wait for the USA release. I really like this game, and having it on PS4 will be really convenient.
  2. I am totally buying this one when it comes out, i love Yomi
  3. And this is why i rarely post vids now, dunno why you keep getting your hopes up when is obvious that we will never get a console release
  4. So, if i want to learn Homura, what is the best place to get info. Mizumi doesn't have a page for her
  5. The only thing that i ask is that they patch the netcode on the ps4 version
  6. I used the link that is on the site and it has a 6,480 yens price tag
  7. Thanks for the info, already downloaded her. Btw, anyone knows what is the best and fastest way to get credits to unlock the gallery?
  8. I tried to contact the official twitters of Blade Arcus, Sega Japan and the Shining Series, but i assume that because they were posted on english they will be simply ignored. The weird thing is that there is not really info abou what happened to her not in japanese even less other language.
  9. The code that comes with the voucher expired on jan 31, 2016. The dlc is nowhere on the psn. My guess is that the sales of the game have been dissapointed for sega so they simply didn't care anymore.
  10. Who wants to share her with me, i will give you a $10 psn card
  11. I just bought the game, but the code for Sonia doesn't work anymore, so i am trying to search for her on the store but with not luck so far. Is she still available?
  12. Question, does the copy that i bough from amazon includes the swimsuits or do i have to buy them separately? I can't test it right now since my tv is being fixed.