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  1. Desert Fox

    [CF] Arakune Q&A/FAQ Thread

    Yeah, it's j.236C. I derped. :s Many apologies for that. I'm also wondering the same thing. 5C>j.236C is rather unorthodox to me. This is the notation for the combo I'm talking about: 5B > 5D > 3C > OD-cancel > 5C > j.236C > C and D bug make contact > 236236C The mystery for me here is how to get C-bug to come after wheel (in other words, get C-bug to connect so that D-bug can hit) so that D-bug can make contact and let me do laser super. Perhaps I'm not doing it fast enough. Right you are, chief. For me, playing Kune for the first time was a total brain twister since the fundamentals you mentioned were completely alien to me lol.
  2. Desert Fox

    [CF] Arakune Q&A/FAQ Thread

    Hey guys, any advice on how to control bugs when doing same button gatlings (for example, and in my case, C-bug when doing 5C>236C) and just in general? I'm doing the hard-tier #9 combo in Challenge Mode and when I get to the 5C>236C part of the combo, C-bug comes out immediately after the lick and before wheel, which is messing up the whole thing for me. Oh, and I'm using pad. I wonder if I should try out stick though...
  3. Es has a unique burst, huh? It appears around 13:28 in the video.
  4. Desert Fox

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    Looking for someone to play. Please have a good connection! I only have 2mb for internet and I want to whip out my main instead playing braindead with Azrael. Since I'm looking to improve, constructive criticism is more than welcome (emphasis on constructive). I'm stationed in the Caribbean so be wary.
  5. Desert Fox

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Scrub question, but are the shadow characters basically like Blazblue's unlimited characters, not meant to be used for normal gameplay, or are they like Shadow Labrys?
  6. Hmm.. Good. My lack of mastery in wave-dashing though is mostly shown when I'm pressuring the opponent on block. Since Hazama's attacks push him from the enemy, it creates a distance in where the latter can escape and I can't use Ressenga to reset pressure because it can be punished by a dp or some other type of reversal. Also do you know some chain movement exercises? Anything useful in improving my movement because, as you can see, I'm very scrubby using it.
  7. I wonder how you guys dash install every single move with Hazama with little effort. Whenever I try to dash install, I screw up a combo and eat one instead. Any tips on the matter?
  8. Desert Fox

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    I hate it when I fight super laggy stylish Tagers that spam the command grabs like fuck. Like the one I fought just now. -_-
  9. Desert Fox

    BBCP Story Thread [Old]

    The reason Hazama wants to destroy the Master Unit is because it is the cause of the time loops, which interferes with his plans.
  10. Desert Fox

    [CS1-CSE] Hazama QnA and Tidbits Thread

    Thanks for the help. Anyway, anyone got some oki tips? I mostly use falling fang, but it fails most of the time.
  11. Desert Fox

    [CS1-CSE] Hazama QnA and Tidbits Thread

    Hey guys. I need y'all's advice to improve my Haz's rushdown capabilties. ._.
  12. Desert Fox

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Will Chrono come to the Xbox?
  13. Desert Fox

    [CS1-CSE] Hazama QnA and Tidbits Thread

    ^xD 'kay Lich.
  14. Desert Fox

    [CS1-CSE] Hazama QnA and Tidbits Thread

    Yes, though my ability to perform it isn't all that.
  15. Desert Fox

    [CS1-CSE] Hazama QnA and Tidbits Thread

    ^Yeah, I kinda noticed. Guys, I need help again. :P As my previous question, this one is about combos. The thing is that I lack knowledge of mid to advanced combos. I depend on a self-made tactic in where I corner bait the opponent by putting myself in the corner. Then as soon as the opponent commits a mistake, I back-grab them and throw them into the corner, following it with a Devouring Fang combo. Tragic, I know. :/ So can anyone show me some good combos? I really need them, lol.