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  1. Myoro

    [CF] Relius Clover Combo Thread

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gq12s0EPnbl3VRVgZFYv-gxdp5YPN_TigX5EmbXBVb8/edit The Relius combo doc.
  2. Myoro

    [CF] Relius Clover Combo Thread

    Some handy-ish things for desummon combos. The numbers here aren't exact and were gotten from eyeballing the Ignis gauge while using the record playback feature to get rough numbers. This should be replaced with more accurate data whenever possible. from point of desummon it takes about 160~180F for Ignis to begin regen when she is desummoned with red bar about 260F for Ignis for blue bar status to clear Blue bar status doesn't refresh if it's already applied even if Relius or Ignis was hit to make her force desummon again, and progress toward clearing blue bar status is kept when Ignis is summoned back in with blue bar status. ^(Example, if ignis is force desummoned and given blue bar and you wait 140 out of the 260 frames it takes to clear it and resummon her, blue bar will still be on Ignis but it will only take 120 frames after she is desummoned again for blue bar status to clear.) Even when blue bar status is cleared Ignis will not begin regen until the 160~180 mark has been cleared for the red bar regen. ^(In the above example even though the blue bar status would be cleared after 120F of de-summon time, Ignis will not begin regen until the remaining 40F or 60F passes. This means if Ignis gets force desummoned, and you resummon her you ideally want about 160~180 left of blue bar status. This will basically negate any further regen loss and since Ignis has blue bar status applied, she cannot get it again making future force de-summons not lose you any regen time at all!) With red bar it takes roughly 320F to regen a full bar of Ignis So if we factor in our data about blue bar, regenning a full bar of IG from a complete blue bar status should take about 400F For reference, it takes about 760F for a dead Ignis to become usable again. Now for OD! In OD Ignis will start regenning IMMEDIATELY when ether idle or desummoned regardless blue bar or red bar. Even with OD Blue bar persists for about 260F when Ignis is desummoned, and will never go away if she is out but idle. Additionally even if OD ends, regen will not halt once it's begun, so 214A>5D>2C combos can get back 100% IG easily HOWEVER blue bar can throw a wrench in this because after OD ends it resumes its function and blocks Ignis regen until it's cleared. If you do not factor this into how you use regen combos you will find you can lose upwards of 50% IG from regen combos you may attempt! It takes about 250F to fully regen a summoned but idle Ignis with red bar in OD It takes roughly 620F to fully regen a summoned but idle Ignis with blue bar in OD (yikes) With red bar it takes roughly 120F to regen a full bar of Ignis in OD With blue bar it takes about 200F to regen a full bar of Ignis in OD In OD a dead Ignis only takes about 240F to become usable again. ^(with this in mind you can actually get more IG regen if you kill Ignis and then use OD instead of letting her stay out and regen with a blue bar. For example You're in the corner with 100%HP, OD, 1000IG left, and a blue bar state. You land a throw: you can 5B+C>OD>214A>665D>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B for [3268DMG/+23HT/IG=5000] or you can 5B+C>214A>6A>(Ignis dies)>OD>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B for [3447DMG/+25HT/IG=9000] In this situation and ones like it, it is OPTIMAL to kill Ignis)
  3. Myoro

    [CF] Relius Clover Combo Thread

    combos from 236D in the corner: 236D>22A>5B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>quick CT>j.D>safejump j.B [2587DMG/-8HT/-2000IG] 236D>22A>5B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>6C>4D>6A [2972DMG/+21HT/-3000IG] 236D>22A>5B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3024DMG/+21HT/-3000IG] 236D>delay>6C>delay>236C>Rapid>5D>2C>TKj.236C>2C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3072DMG/-33HT/IG=9000] 236D>6C>OD>236C~214A>665D>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3019DMG/+21HT/IG=9000/100%HPOD] *Works even if 236D would kill Ignis normally.
  4. Myoro

    [CF] Relius Clover Combo Thread

    Figuring out solo Relius combos for corner: 6C>41236B>5B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>3C>22A [3070DMG/+21HT] TKj.236C>5B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>3C>22A [3102DMG/+21HT] 5B+C>41236B>5B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>quick CT>3C>22A [2888DMG/-6HT] j.B+C>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>3C>22A [2767DMG/+19HT] High j.B+C>j.C>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>3C>22A [2866DMG/+20HT] 22A>5B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>3C>22A [3166DMG/+22HT] 22A>5B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>3C>2363214C>5C(1)>2C>3C>236C [3809DMG/-27HT] CT hit>6C>41236B>5B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>quick CT>3C>22A [2339DMG~3237DMG/-45HT~-43HT] quick CT guardcrush>5B+C>41236B>5B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>quick CT>3C>22A [2609DMG/-43HT] Charged CT guardcrush>6C>41236B>5B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>3C>22A [2630DMG/-18HT] 2A>5B>236C>Rapid>662C>TKj.236C>2C>41236B>3C>22A [2450DMG/-41HT] 5B>2C>236C>Rapid>662C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>3C>22A [3349DMG/-36HT] 2A>5B>3C>ODc>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>3C>5D [2310DMG/+16HT] 5B>3C>ODc>5C(2)>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>3C>5D [2882DMG/+20HT] (crouch) 2A>5B>5C(1)>6C>41236B>5B>2C>6C>quick CT>3C>22A [2455DMG/-9HT] (crouch) 5B>5C(1)>6C>41236B>5B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>quick CT>3C>22A [3278DMG/-3HT] (crouch) j.C>5C(1)>6C>41236B>5B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>quick CT>3C>22A [2940DMG/-5HT] (airhit) 5B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>3C>22A [2858DMG/+20HT] CH 3C>[2C>TK7j.236C]x2>2C>6C>41236B>3C>22A [2740DMG/+19HT] CH 3C>22A>5B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>3C>22A [2781DMG/+19HT] FC 6C>41236B>5B>2C>6C>LF236C>665B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>3C>22A [3639DMG/+25HT] FC 41236B>5B>6C>41236B>5B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>3C>22A [3173DMG/+21HT] (aircounterhit) 2C>jump cancel>5B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>3C>22A [2975DMG/+21HT] The combos that end in quick CT can also go into safejump j.B if you don't 3C come to think of it.
  5. Myoro

    [CF] Relius Clover Combo Thread

    5B>6B>j.B>j.236C>3C works on Carl Jin Noel Tager Arakune Nu Celica Lambda Nine Naoto Susano'o and Es in the corner but it's pretty meh. I'll give digits for it anyways. 5B>6B>j.B>j.236C>663C>41236B>2A>5B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B [2889DMG/+20HT/-1000IG] 5B>6B>j.236C>3C>22A [1808DMG/+12HT] 5B>6B>j.B>j.236C>3C>quick CT>2C>6C>41236B>3C>22A [2551DMG/-11HT] Jin/Tager only 5B>6B>j.B>j.236C>3C>41236B>2A>3C>22A [2312DMG/+16HT] Tager only 5B>6B>j.B>j.236C>3C>41236B>2A>3C>[41236B>5B>3C]x2 [2598DMG/+18HT] for everyone else this works I guess: 5B>6B>j.B>j.236C>5B>[2C>TKj.236C]x2>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3027DMG/+20HT/-1000IG]
  6. Also fixed a couple bugs I think. Dunno what else it did. Anyone else notice anything?
  7. Myoro

    [CF] Relius Clover Combo Thread

    It's [3784DMG/+27HT/-3000IG] without AF I believe. Also good to see ya!
  8. Myoro

    [CF] Relius Clover Combo Thread

    New 214A discoveries!!! firstly the basic stuff CH214A ether version can be confirmed by doing a 66IADj.C>2C>6C which saves us 13% IG and boosts our damage! The full combo goes: CH214A>66IAD>j.C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3740DMG/+26HT/-2000 or 3000 IG if Ignis is or isn't summoned] Secondly and most importantly 214A is freekin' weird. if you hit an opponent with it during a certain part of 3C's hitstun the opponent will be put in hard KD state as if they just got hit by the CH ver and it lets us follow up with 2B 3C or j.C midscreen!! you can even loop 3C>214A if you have crazy good timing. I made a rockin' Bnb with it. 5B>3C>214A>66IAD>j.C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3436DMG/+24HT/-2000IG] so far this is actually our best bnb for damage/Ignis use/carry IMO. From start positions: 2A>3C>odd214A>66IAD>j.C>662C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [2847DMG/+20HT/-2000IG] 5B>3C>odd214A>66IAD>j.C>662C>TKj.236C>662C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3613DMG/+25HT/-2000IG] This is all experimental stuff tested on a Rel dummy by the way.
  9. The house for casuals is changing? Where's the new one?
  10. Myoro

    [CF] Relius Clover Combo Thread

    Some dumb loops. Prolly only useful for stalling for IG regen or for style. The Jin ones work on Litchi and Tager, but the Litchi and Tager ones don't work on Jin: Tager/Litchi: CH5B>6C>41236B>[5B>3C>41236B]x3>5B>3C>22A [2882DMG/+19HT] CH5B>6C>41236B>[5B>3C>41236B]x3>5B>3C>CT>3C>22A [2949DMG/-6HT] CH5B>6C>41236B>[5B>3C>41236B]x2>5B>2C>>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3116DMG/+21HT/-1000IG] Fatal 6C>41236B>[5B>3C>41236B]x3>5B>3C>22A [2871DMG/+19HT] Fatal 6C>41236B>[5B>3C>41236B]x3>5B>3C>CT>3C>22A [2939DMG/-6HT] Fatal 6C>41236B>[5B>3C>41236B]x3>5B>2C>TKj.236C~j.214B [3011DMG/+20HT/-1000IG] Fatal 41236B>5B>6C>41236B>[5B>3C>41236B]x2>5B>3C>22A [2831DMG/+18HT] Fatal 41236B>5B>6C>41236B>[5B>3C>41236B]x2>5B>3C>CT>22A [2927DMG/-7HT] Fatal 41236B>5B>6C>41236B>[5B>3C>41236B]x2>5B>2C>j.C>j.236C>j.214B [3089DMG/+20HT/-1000IG] Jin: CH5B>6C>41236B>[2A>3C>41236B]x2>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [2774DMG/+19HT/-1000IG] Fatal 6C>41236B>[2A>3C>41236B]x3>2A>3C>22A [2511DMG/+16HT] Fatal 6C>41236B>[2A>3C>41236B]x3>2A>3C>CT>3C>22A [2511DMG/-8HT] Fatal 6C>41236B>[2A>3C>41236B]x3>5B>2C>TKj.236C~j.214B [2627DMG/+17HT/-1000IG] Fatal 41236B>5B>6C>41236B>[2A>3C>41236B]x2>2A>3C>22A [2578DMG/+16HT] Fatal 41236B>5B>6C>41236B>[2A>3C>41236B]x2>2A>3C>CT>3C>22A [2647DMG/-9HT] Fatal 41236B>5B>6C>41236B>[2A>3C>41236B]x2>5B>2C>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [2810DMG/+18HT/-1000IG] (air hit) 5B>2C>6C>41236B>3C>2A>3C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B uses this loop but is weaker than just looping [5B>2C>6C>41236B]x2>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B so what's the point? Maybe this'll be useful later..?
  11. Myoro

    Susanoo Combo thread

    It can push opponents out, deal chip, and negate some projectiles. That's all I know.
  12. Myoro

    [CF] Relius Clover Combo Thread

    Corner conversions from 5B! The distance these can be used from the vary which is why there are so many here. They are in order from highest carry to lowest carry, and then from lowest IG expended to highest IG expended for combos with identical carry. 5B>2C>6D>6C>41236B>3C>HKD214A>IAD>j.C>662C>TKj.236C>662C>6C>236C>4D>6A [3494DMG/+25HT/-3300IG] [Link] 5B>2C>6D>6C>41236B>5B>2C>j.C>j.236C~j.214A>airdash>j.B>j.C>j.236C>4D>6A [3412DMG/+24HT/-3300IG] [Link] 5B>2C>6D>6C>41236B>5B>2C>j.C>j.236C~j.214A>airdash>j.B>j.C>j.236C>4D>22A>3C>5D/22A [3470DMG/+24HT/-3300IG] [Link] 5B>2C>6D>6C>41236B>5B>2C>j.C>j.236C~j.214A>airdash>j.B>j.C>j.236C>4D>22A>2C>236C>4D>6A [3648DMG/+25HT/-4300IG] [Link] 5B>2C>S.214A>665B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>3C>5D/22A [3367DMG/+23HT/-1000IG] [Link] 5B>2C>S.214A>665B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>5C(2)>4D>6A [3720DMG/+26HT/-2000IG] [Link] 5B>2C>s.214A>665B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3916DMG/+27HT/-2000IG] [Link] 5B>2C>S.214A>665B>2C>236C>4D>662C>TKj.236C>2C>41236B>5B>5C(2)>4D>6A [3997DMG/+28HT/-3000IG] [Link] 5B>2C>236C~214A>665B>214A>662C>TKj.236C>2C>TKj.236C>3C>5D/22A [3342DMG/+23HT/-2000IG] [Link] 5B>2C>236C~214A>665B>214A>662C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>5C(2)>4D>6A [3950DMG/+28HT/-3000IG] [Link] 5B>2C>236C~214A>665B>214A>662C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>5C(2)>4D>22A>3C>5D/22A [4012DMG/+28IG/-3000IG] [Link] 5B>2C>236C~214A>665B>214A>662C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [4101DMG/+29HT/-3000IG] [Link] 5B>2C>236C~214A>665B>2C>6C>41236B>3C>5D/22A [3141DMG/+22HT/-1000IG] [Link] 5B>2C>236C~214A>665B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>5C(2)>4D>6A [3799DMG/+27HT/-2000IG] [Link] 5B>2C>236C~214A>665B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>5C(2)>4D>22A>3C>5D/22A [3869DMG/+27HT/-2000IG] [Link] 5B>2C>236C~214A>665B>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3965DMG/+28HT/-2000IG] [Link] 5B>2C>236C~214A>662C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>3C>5D/22A [3450DMG/+24HT/-1000IG] 5B>2C>236C>4D>662C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>3C>5D/22A [3538DMG/+25HT/-1000IG] "5B>2C>236C>4D>[2C>TKj.236C]x2>2C>6C>41236B>5B>5C(2)>4D>6A [3996DMG/+28HT/-2000IG] 5B>2C>236C>4D>[2C>TKj.236C]x2>2C>6C>41236B>5B>5C(2)>22A>3C>5A/22A [4059DMG/+28HT/-2000IG] 5B>2C>236C>4D>[2C>TKj.236C]x2>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [4154DMG/+28HT/-2000IG] 5B>2C>236C>4D>662C>TKj.236C>5C(1)>2C>6C>214A>6C>41236B>5B>5C(2)>4D>6A [4193DMG/+30HT/-3000IG] 5B>2C>236C>4D>6A>214A>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>5C(2)>4D>22A>3C>5D/22A [4221DMG/+30HT/-3000IG] 5B>2C>236C>4D>66A>214A>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [4311DMG/+30HT/-3000IG] 5B>2C>S.214A>66A>236C>4D>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>5C(2)>4D>6A [4202DMG/+30HT/-3000IG] 5B>2C>S.214A>66A>236C>4D>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>5C(2)>4D>22A>3C>5D/22A [4264DMG/+30HT/-3000IG] 5B>2C>S.214A>66A>236C>4D>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [4327DMG/+30HT/-3000IG] 5B>2C>236C>4D>662C>TKj.236C~j.214B>5B>2C>6C>214A>6C>41236B>5B>5C(2)>4D>6A [4672DMG/+33HT/-4000IG] 5B>2C>236C>4D>662C>TKj.236C~j.214B>5B>2C>214A>6C>41236B>5B>5C(2)>4D>22A>663C>5D/22A [4659/+33HT/-4000IG] " Credit goes to Necro for optimizing this combo! Updated 5/7/17
  13. Myoro

    [CF] Relius Clover Gameplay Discussion

    Thought I might as well compile a nerf/buff list Nerfs: Ignis takes longer to regen. It's still possible to do regen combos with 50% meter be it rapid combos in the corner or Vinum combos midscreen, but it'd better be a 2~3 hit confirm into those or you won't get much. Blue bar also matters more now because of this and if you're not aware of it, it can cut the % of Ignis you regen. As a result Ignis is more scarce, and therefore not to be used as freely as before. Relius' combo rate is down 10%. While this is bad, it's happened to virtually everyone. As a result the longer the combo goes the more noticeable the decline in damage. As a result his damage has taken a hit of 200~500 across the board. Geara Act is gone. Unblockables are possible with 214D but much much much less potent. 6B is pretty worthless. It's faster and it launches but it no longer functions as an anti-air. It still prorates like garbage, but now it doesn't have enough hitstun to even combo into TKj.236C. even the CH stun is pretty terrible as you can't combo into 2C. it's pretty much a straight confirm into j.B any time you hazard to use it. 3C and ~214C took pretty heavy proration nerfs so their usefulness in combos is now pretty limited. As a result of this and a couple other changes corner combos cost more to achieve any additional damage. 2C and 6C's float has changed. Gone are the days where you could confirm 2C>6C>41236B from max height with perfect consistency. There are now situations where you /should/ be confirming 2C into sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B or 6C>236C~214A. Bursts now kill Ignis, even during 2D or bios. Bursts now pierce led ley. 41236B is no longer + and it leaves less time to follow-up Less combo time limits the usefulness and damage gotten from Duo Bios. It's now more optimal to spam 66A after Bios hits and then combo into 236C 214A or 632146D afterwords depending on the situation. The following moves have taken proration nerfs: (Credit goes to Tori Relius for researching) 6A P1 85->80 6B P2 89->79 6C P1 100->90 3C P2 89->79 4D P1 90->80 j.8D j.6D and j.2D P1 90->80 ~214A P2 89->82 ~214C P2 94->72 41236B P2 92->82 214A P2 92->89 2363214C is a little weird as it went from 92 P2 applied for every hit to a P2 of 36 applied once. 632146D P1 85->80 The following moves have had damage reductions: ~214C 1200->1000 632146D min damage 980->840 This list isn't finished, but I'll be adding the buffs part of it later. if I've missed any nerfs please let me know, or if you want to start with the buffs for me that's fine too. I'm thinking about considering things with unchanged damage a nerf like Rel's 5B since it escaped the blanket buff to damage to counterbalance the nerf to combo rate, but I'm not sure if that makes complete sense in this context. Let me know what you think on that too! ^_^
  14. Myoro

    [CF] Relius Clover Combo Thread

    in the corner, if you have ~30% HP OD, after 41236B>5B>5C(2)>4D, you can add OD>j.236C~j.214A>236D>442363214C>632146D to the end of a combo to add nearly 2K to it whatever it may be. Feels amazing. Example: 5B>2C>S.214A>66A>236C>4D>662C>TKj.236C>2C>41236B>5B>5C(2)>4D>jump>OD>j.236C~j.214A>236D>44>OD2363214C>OD632146D [5917DMG/-100IG/-7000IG with some regen]
  15. Myoro

    [CF] Relius Clover Combo Thread

    Now for the fun part: "IG summoned midscreen combos" Note that for all except the Fatal 6C>U.214B and the U.214D combos, all Ignis not summoned combos are applicable too and cost 1500 less (2000 less if 236D was involved) when Ignis is summoned. 5B>6D>6C>41236B>5B>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3267DMG/+22HT/-2300IG] [Link] 5B>2C>jump+6D>j.C>665B>5C(1)>2C>6D+6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3451DMG/+24HT/-3600IG] [Link] 5B>6D>662B>5B>6D+6C>41236B>5B>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3084DMG/+21HT/-3600IG] [Link] 5B>3C>6D>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3149DMG/+22HT/-2300IG] [Link] 6A>6D>665C(1)>6C>41236B>5B>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3171DMG/+22HT/-2300IG] [Link] 214D+2B>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3210DMG/+22HT/-2500IG] [Link] 5B>2C>2363214C>5D>6C>41236B>5B>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3405DMG/-33HT/IG=9000] [Link] (standing) 214D+2B>5C(2)>2C>6D>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3108DMG/+22HT/-3800IG] [Link] (when you frame perfect the UB it makes the opponent stay grounded) (crouch) 214D+2B>5C(2)>6C>41236B>5B>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3174DMG/+22HT/-2500IG] [Link] (CH) 4D>cross-under>2C>6C>214A>cross-under>665B>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3488DMG/+25HT/-3000IG] [Link] (CH standing or crouching) 2C>236D>22A>5B>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [3784DMG/+27HT/-3000IG] [Link] (CH air hit) 2C>214C>66A>22A>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [4221DMG/+30HT/-2500IG] [Link] (CH air hit) 2C>214C>66cross-under>6A>214A>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [4289DMG/+30HT/-3500IG] [Link] (CH air hit) 2C>214C>66cross-under>6C>St.214A cross-under>665B>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B [4063DMG/+29HT/-3500IG] [Link] (Fatal air hit) 6C>214C>6A>22A>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>TKj.236C~j.214B [4329DMG/+29HT/-2500IG] [Link] More to come later today maybe. Also added more to/better optimized earlier sections.