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  1. Well, what do you get when you mix niche genres and franchises and put them together? (For example Umihara Kawase, Cave Story and Code of Princess.) Well??? You have this for a fighter! Currently under development and will be releasing on current gen and arcades (in JP, obviously.)
  2. I know there's not much activity here, but for PC/Steam players of BBCF and for those that have potato/toaster PC's who want to get their game up and running to a stable 60FPS without having to resort to using the PC's graphic settings, then this "Imporvment Mod" is just for you guys, lol. (Credit to KoviDomi.) --- Version 1.05 is now up on PC/Steam, fixes the graphics issues, besides using the improvement mod, which now you can also toggle in-game for better performances for those with toaster/potato PC's and some hi-end ones with issues. Also includes chaning the button layouts for menu and battle for those with their own controller/stick layouts.
  3. Yeah, for what it is, Azami (or Suzuran) has to be pulled off within the first active frame, so you gotta prepare for that shit plently if you wanna counter your opponents.
  4. I do, only to test out some stuff, of couse, in a sense, you could make the fights short or last longer with the handicap feature, lol.
  5. UNIST Console Opening, looks very damn crisp, lol. Be aware at the moment, no localization has yet to be annouced, but if like UNIEL, then UNIST will be too eventually. Also, PS4 version comes in physical/digital, while PS3/Vita will be digital only, so...make your purchase wisely when you guys are willing to import or head off to the JP/Asia region PS Stores. Or, if possible, wait for the (possible) English release.
  6. Yeah, its really high standard, and it felt good, lol. But the only thing is that it ends on a cliffhanger, for now.
  7. I see, well, yeah, I guess they have Rev 2 as a seperate entity if you got the Standalone Physical/Digital version and that's a bit screwy. Although, considering they have their own DLC packs listed, and their own tiered bundles that also include Baiken/Answer in them. Eeeee, yeah...screwy! Only the Cross-Buy works when you buy them as "Revelator" DLC, including the Answer/Baiken single DLC contents. Sheesh, things do/don't plan well, now do they. Also, someone suggested from gamefaqs about the DLC issue if you're trying to upgrade...Do this if on PS4 with Upgrade Package. PS4->Settings->PSN/Account Management->Restore Licenses. That might help a bit, probably resetting your console might help out too. Also, if any other problems arise, remove demo save data, as it doesn't seem to carry any W$ from it whatsoever.
  8. Well, from how everything's going up and down on how Rev 2 is going this weekend, I'd say, that depends. Some people having issues getting it to work, some don't. Either way, I'll list what you can get in the majority of Rev 2 later on when I get it all 100% complete, again. Some other things of note I'll mention right now. 1. Digital Upgrade DLC (cross-buy) does not, repeat, does not give you Haehyun and Dizzy, only the standalone PS4 Physical/Digital version does. 2. Cosmetic DLC, such as Colors 18-22 + 23/Eclipse and System Voices for characters debuted in Rev 1 (and 2) + Slayers new VA are not included in Rev 2, they are still paid DLC. Gonna have to wait a little bit longer if its not in the PS Store. I know there's Answer's avatar, but that's much it for now.
  9. Because the demo expiciitbly said that it get's deactivated at the time of release date, though technically, that was yesterday statesite, and Thursday in JP where Rev 2 gets released. Also for some reason, its still listed on the PS Store in NA, but not for PS+ users anymore, still in a technicallity, its no longer useable regardless. Hopefully it gets taken off for those unconfused why it's still there but doesn't work. So am I, lucky for those that had early copies days ago or the JP fanbase already playing it, or those outside JP playing the update within various methods, lol. Not long now overseas...
  10. I mean, you could, but the DLC page for Rev 2 more than likely shows that Rev 1's DLC is still paid and not included on Rev 2, either if you got it Physically (or Digitally, non-upgrade) though. Characters, I said, is not listed there, but I suppose that varies what version you got it from. Also, if I may, December 16 was Sign's US/NA release date, so that's a minor screw-up there, and probably copied from Sign's demo version where it was also time limited. So...don't take that as a means of new confimations, lol.
  11. Well...From what I hear, Rev 2 is now out in JP, both physically and digitally, along with the DLC upgrade pack for Rev 1. And since I think we may lay this DLC propaganda at rest. No...Rev 1 DLC does not come with Rev 2, figures. The only additions to DLC, as I've probably mentioed before (elsewhere or here), is just Baiken/Answer colors and system voices. -> Check it out! Although the DL page for Rev 2 doesn't mention characters, though that probably varies from versions that include them or not. Possibly, but unsure...
  12. Yeah, but to be fair, it would be nice if it was out today, but...the official release for consoles is parity to EU/PAL regions on the 26th, while JP gets it on the 25th. I suppose some people will be lucky to find them in mom/pop shops, lol.
  13. Well guys...Early copies anyone?
  14. Cause they're not there, and there's probably no plans to do so until next week's release.
  15. Well, EU/PAL regions are, at least (Its the full game however, not the digital DLC). In either case, nope, gotta wait until next week for it to show up.