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  1. Yeah, but to be fair, it would be nice if it was out today, but...the official release for consoles is parity to EU/PAL regions on the 26th, while JP gets it on the 25th. I suppose some people will be lucky to find them in mom/pop shops, lol.
  2. Well guys...Early copies anyone?
  3. Cause they're not there, and there's probably no plans to do so until next week's release.
  4. Well, EU/PAL regions are, at least (Its the full game however, not the digital DLC). In either case, nope, gotta wait until next week for it to show up.
  5. That was at last years Anime Ascension, which only had Phonon in the build, but yeah, since Aksys works closely with ASW titles most of the time, its already a given. Its just a matter of of when. But if you mean lately, then well...hmm...
  6. Anyways, if you happen to have Rev 1 on PS3/PS4, you might have had your game updated recently. And here's what it entails in preparations for Rev 2. (1) "Added REV 2 Upgrade Package", the catalog data necessary to prepare for the upgrade to the newest addition to the series, "REV 2". (2) "Lobby", "Rank Match" and/or "Player Match" now function independently of each other. (3) Changed controls for Online Mode functions. Please refer to the button guide at the bottom of the screen for more information. Not only that, but a couple other things in the game has also been added. The spaces where Baiken/Answer are in the CSS are locked, the Extra Story is locked, more spaces in the gallery are included, but are also locked, this brings the total unlocks in the Gallery to 319, for the rest however...(Preliminary guesses, but more than likely...) 1. Artwork: Key Art and Cover Art + Baiken and Answers Character Avatar. 2. Movie: 4 Intro's/Endings for the characters that don't have an episode story until now (Jam/Haehyun/Raven/Dizzy), with Baiken and Answer's Episode stories. Along with Rev 2 intro/etc. and possible after story ending. 3. Voice: A couple of voice items are also locked (8 of them at least). 4. Music: Only 2 spaces with added music. (Baiken's X2 Theme - Momentary Life, and Rev 2 OP Theme - Break a Spell, confirmed in the Digital Figures track list. Nothing for Answer, false alarm guys.) 5. Character: Baiken and Answer's color's 7-11 and 12-16. Plus GG World has some new logs added, along with some ??? in the side. And like in the Demo, your W$ will always be displayed in the main menu for convenience. Other stuff I have found yet so far... You can now have your entry in Ranked Matches in any other mode when you pause the game, it also includes the option of either pressing start/options to fight your opponent or fight the person automatically. Training Mode character switching while pausing is now available. R-Code icons now include collaboration icons (not available yet.). "Rev 1" info will be displayed in stuff like Replays and R-Code (More than likely, the same stuff will be mentioned if "Rev 2" is selected.) "Hot News" now has more space to show instead of highlighting it to scroll. You can now Rematch for best 2 out of 3 matches (in Ranked). Your avatar now has the circle of pre-selected quotes to speak. And also, you can spectate other people's matches in progress at any time on Player Matches. Either way, the rest of the Rev 2 additions will become available once its out soon.
  7. Well...for those who are fans to the Arcana Heart series, sad news guys... The writer has passed away. No age or specifics on the cause of passing.
  8. ^Well, that's good, at least, your progress will stay transferred over. Trophies however, more than likely, the same list from Rev 1, with a possibility of Rev 2's own separate side of trophies as DLC. Though I guess we'll wait and see until the usual Trophy/Achievement sites get the list.
  9. Read first post, I guess that's much it, I suppose anything goes, unless its NSFW to a certain degree and not-explicit.
  10. No one knows for sure, it can drop anytime by Monday.
  11. Well, Jinx, not to sound dull, but your last post for Battle Fantasia stuff was over a year ago, I doubt anyone would be willing to comment, besides myself, lol. And as much as I like it with its parrying system and its RPG-ish fighting setting, its still good, lol. Thanks for still putting up relevant stuff for it lately.
  12. Well, I hope we'll get a public demo in the latest before its release date soon. Cause at the moment, they're still bringing it over at specific venues again such as Wednesday Night Fights and stuff.
  13. blazblue

    Probably not, there's something more into it that makes it that big in size, for comparison, its about 20GB on the PS4, and 16GB on PS3. Guess we'll find out soon.
  14. Yeah...if anyone in the So Cal area is around, they're demoing Rev 2 at these locations this week only... Wed: Wednesday Night Fights Sat: The Danger Zone Sun: West Coast Warzone
  15. Well, here's some good news guys, and yes, besides April fools already passed, it took a while, but the Dengeki/Famitsu DLC is now availalbe in the NA/UA PS Store (Free!). (Unsure about other regions besides Asia/JP). Dengeki Colors / My Room Items Famitsu Colors / My Room Items