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  1. Well, more info...Here's a preview on the costumes for 4 characters. Kasumi as Noel, Hitomi as Tsubaki, Nyotengu as Dizzy and Honoka as Elphelt. The DLC pack releases 3/14/17 and will contain 17 costumes for the female cast. As for the prices, supposedly $3 US for 1 costume, about $30 for the whole set. Free if you bought the latest Season/Costume Pass. (Sorry swordsman09, Hitomi isn't Makoto.)
  2. More than likely until its final, considering the price is 45 Euro's, that puts the physical release if it comes up for pre-order around possibly $40-50 US whatever/whenever Aksys decides to price it. And yes, its technically Rev 2, but its shorter to say anyways.
  3. Physical copies for the PS4 version is still $20 at Amazon US. The PS3 version is still a bit higher unfortunately and hasn't even dropped MSRP, unless you look elsewhere getting that version cheaper, more than likely used.
  4. Yeah, that's as much as it is these days. Can't help it more or less.
  5. I'm not going to point fingers, but its not Aksys fault to begin with, they're just the messenger, and yes, while I've read their tweets stating to support the dub, they've stopped mentioning it, and only lately just post their games just to advertise (obviously, since they're a company, after all.) Either way, I'm going to point attention to this old tweet which I've probably used in this forum before, but may be of significance. Be aware that they've stopped localizing both GG/BB since BB:CS Extend and onward. And all localizations have been done by a third party. (That a few dustloop users know who it is.)
  6. Yeah, I wondered why there's barely any news on the 2nd loketest, there was with the first one though.
  7. Well, technically CT is a complete version on Steam with everyone's Unlimited forms and all 24 colors. CS: Extend had everything included too, but the JP voice pack is a separate DLC for some reason. CP: Extended though, is the same, everything included, but some DLC's from the console version aren't included in the steam version. (Note: Its optional my room stuff and the magazine colors, also, possibly Mai and Kajun's system voices.) So yeah, chances are that CF is now going that route on steam, if it does release.
  8. Steam version is published by ASW themselves, so don't worry about it, they plan to release it on all platforms simultaneously, if possible.
  9. English Rev 2 site open! Not much info besides what we already know, no info on price/date yet.
  10. Well, I'm not sure yet how they'll do it, I mean, its a lot of dialogue just to do battle voices, that includes intro, victory quotes, and all other in-game voice samples for matching characters. But I suppose they'll find a way.
  11. Yeah, I'm in talks with one of them, so hopefully I can attest to some of those issues. And yeah, I suppose its best to wait until Rev 2 comes out, with Baiken/Answer being added and all.
  12. Well, I know there's not much in the way of posts of DOA5-LR a while back, but since this is dustloop and all (and honestly, no one's bothering to put it in the respective forums for GG/BB), I suppose this marks some attention to GG/BB fans! A GG/BB costume collaboration pack! Seems it'll be out sometime in March (and yes, probably as part of the newer Season/Costume passes on current gen, and yes, that shit is stupid expensive. No word on prices and stuff, but expect the packs like some collab costumes to be in the $20-30 range). Either way, regardless, since costume modding on the PC version of DOA5-LR exists, I suggest looking at some examples from this user HERE as some reference to see if the mod costumes will look better more or less than the official ones coming soon.
  13. I'd much as rather make this a separate topic than putting it on the main Xrd topic so it doesn't get lost. Anyways, since the PC/Steam port of Revelator has been out for quite a while, and since no one has taken a mention lately here on Dustloop about it yet. Now you can use the Xrd - Sign's English voice cast onto the game. Credit goes to the work/users of the mod and their dedication to get things working. Full details HERE on how to do it. The author of the guide also plans to do English VA's to the Rev cast by fan casting (battle voices only at the moment). Although, there's a couple things that need work onto. -Ramlethal's Intro/Outro line changes from Sign to Revelator, obviously. -Certain lines of vocals not in English the right way (think Millia/Zato/Venom against each other, or El's Sign intro's not working as intended.) -Otherwise, most of all English Vocals from the Sign cast work as intended, that's also including the system voices. And yes, this works also in all modes including online. (Funny though, they have a line for "Digital Figures" since this was before Revelator came out, so...a "Sign" of something perhaps.) -Either way, I'm not sure this belongs in the Guilty Room or Zepp, but I'd rather go with the former instead. So yeah, those whaling on the Xrd dub now can rejoice, though its better than nothing if just the Sign cast.
  14. I really doubt it Vulcan, I srsly doubt that'll happen, lol. Speaking of dubs however...(turns attention to the "Guilty Room")
  15. Well, if anyone cares, there's a new fighter, by an IP from Square (no, not Dissidia), and the game features support cards as assists. Currently 5 playable characters are confirmed while the game's in progress. Article <- Gameplay: