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  1. Not me apparently, and IIRC, that debug stage probably has happened before in a previous BB, but not sure which one. Or was it P4A/U, can't really remember it much, lol.
  2. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    Well Steve, that's what I thought, cause it seemed like it when I read the back posts, but oh well. But yes, let's move on.
  3. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    Yeah, I agree on what ValentineCult says, seriously Aegis, Blade is answering as close to canon as best as he can, and all your doing is being an ass and not getting a satisfied answer. Just don't push it. Although you did say sorry. But still...
  4. Seems to be so, Jubei coming 8/31, at the usual ASW character DLC price. 800Y (Usually $8 US.) Dunno if other regions will have him the same day, but it'll be most likely. On steam however, not likely on the same day, but in the near future.
  5. Well...The final After Story..."C" is now up, seems to be related to Zappa and Randy there more? Patch notes translated within! (Don't have the PS4 update notes right now, so this'll do.) --- So...let's just say After Story "C" takes a few liberties, and puts the "C" in Comedy, cause you guys will find out once you see it, and the end of it is hilarious, lol. Other than that, as usual, you get 20K W$, and a whole set of Daryl's digital figure parts. Also, the GG World entires are now up to 422. And no, yet for strange unknown reasons, this update doesn't bring back the Chain Chronice icons or plate that was mysteriously there last time before a further update removed them but leaves their squares/rectangle blank.
  6. ArcSys Voice Acting [This thread has rules now]

    Valiant, but really far from perfect. It still needs work. I just hope others can try to fix it if the modder can't fix up the vocal issues, since its a "final release", so...yeah. Also, what petiton, you mean the old (first) one? That one was "closed", a while back, so its a bit too late. Unless you mean like new ones that popped up lately.
  7. GGXrd Arcade Profile Site Rip

    I have (on PC/Steam that is), and there is, however, though it only kinda works with the English voice mod for the PC/Steam version. Which the Xrd: Sign cast will shout "Digital Figures". Although, I find it funny that since there's no English voices in the game proper, and that those lines were recorded sometime probably before Digital Figures was added in a future update. (So I suppose this might be something unused...maybe?) Although, I'm not sure what you want to do with this? Cause I have no knowledge of extracting stuff like this, so...unless there's something specific on this you want me to check out besides what I already mentioned may want to ask someone else who can do this stuff.
  8. I don't suppose JMF posted was Astrals on Jubei from Relius/Amane? Cause those links are kinda broken, lol. I'll wait on those, lol. But yeah...saw Jubei's Astral somewhere, looks beast, lol. --- Edit/Update: Saw both Astrals on Relius...sheesh, but on Amane...too cute, lol.
  9. Yeah, let's wait it out to put in a seperate topic for BB:CTB once we get more info later on.
  10. [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    UNIST Trophy list now out!
  11. Nothing yet, so far...but eventually there will be news of it. Any yeah, to those saying..."I've been waiting since CT for Jubei", lol.
  12. Well, TekkamanArc, are you finally happy about now? Now we can calmy discuss about Jubei as a proper character. Other than that, the ASW Tag game is surprising, even with the RWBY representation. Shame it doesn't have anyone in GG, since Xrd is their latest thing and I doubt they would use their X2 sprites to clash it out, lol. While it would be more nice if any other ASW representation like Arcana, Hokuto, or even Basara would be in, sadly, its not going to happen, lol. (Well, there's always mugen, lol.)
  13. [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Well, that seems to be the case with what the video SoXBa linked. Nothing about porting to other systems for the time being.
  14. [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Sourenga da bess, here's your translated patch notes!
  15. Revelator ver. 1.08 on PS3 and 1.09 on PS4 / Rev 2 ver. 1.04 is now live. (1) Added "Display Combo Recipe" feature in Training Mode. (2) Added new items and new controls in Digital Figure Mode. (3) Fixed issue where the completion bonus does not get credited correctly upon completing "Baiken" and "Answers"'s combo mode. --- The new parts for Digital Figures include Robo-Ky, Ariels, Phlanax 9, and others (Also, new poses for the playable cast). The previous update that included the other collaboration icons and plate, are no longer visible, but their boxes remain.