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  1. blazblue

    Probably not, there's something more into it that makes it that big in size, for comparison, its about 20GB on the PS4, and 16GB on PS3. Guess we'll find out soon.
  2. Yeah...if anyone in the So Cal area is around, they're demoing Rev 2 at these locations this week only... Wed: Wednesday Night Fights Sat: The Danger Zone Sun: West Coast Warzone
  3. Well, here's some good news guys, and yes, besides April fools already passed, it took a while, but the Dengeki/Famitsu DLC is now availalbe in the NA/UA PS Store (Free!). (Unsure about other regions besides Asia/JP). Dengeki Colors / My Room Items Famitsu Colors / My Room Items
  4. Sweet, first look at the English version of Rev 2. Hope they answer some doubts of how the physical and digital upgrades will work out properly.
  5. Rev 2 Custom Theme, though it seems to be a Rakuten JP only bonus with Rev 2 there from the stream. Hope this comes out overseas.
  6. Yeah, I get what you guys mean, and yeah, there's the old ASW 3 character pattern between revisions/sequels/etc. And then 2, after, and so on. I mean, to me, the only thing I can space out is if the random select space gets moved to the middle again and have a character in that place. Anyone's welcome.
  7. Just to be sure, yes, Rev 2 is doing the same thing like SF V in a later update in ranked matches. Best 2 out of 3. Which is nice. Also, yeah, if anything, the extra chapters to the original Rev's story had to be downloaded in an update. (Assuming PC version had it from the start, obviously), so yeah, the same thing applies, hope its not a long wait, of course. At least I did mentioned before that Rev 2 would go the way of version switch ala AC+ and +R.
  8. As much as this is awesome and all, this should have been a Rev 2 situation instead (Paid/Free Upgrade/Update). I've already mentioned my peace over at the steam forums for something like that, all it is, is just the same game with only 1 new character/arcana, and possibly supposed balance changes. Nothing much's changed other than the title screen and the character select. But if this version's going to have more additions on the way, then I guess it may be worthwhile.
  9. Oops, should have answered myself a long while back, lol. Anyways it runs fine for me and picked it up regardless on release, lol. But to get to the current post at hand... I'll mention my 2 cents about it over there.
  10. Well, since its the final loketest, I think they should be available to preform if the animations for the IK's are already done by then.
  11. Well, Anji players, rejoice! Let's hope for more cast returners. Also... Rev 2 in the US coming out same week as the JP release, and I assume EU version to follow suit. $20 Digital Upgrade for all systems (hoping cross-buy on both PS3/PS4, steam will be its own thing, of course), and $40 PS4 disc. No word on PC/Steam date yet.
  12. Steam version is up now, $20, but $18 off for launch discount with 10% off.
  13. I doubt that, lol. Anyways, last 2 costumes. Marie->Platinum and Helena->Nine/Konoe.
  14. And more swaps, considering the costume collab set is coming very soon. Mila as Makoto, Phase 4 as Mu, and Lisa as Ramlethal. Now besides the obvious ones here, now that's left more obviously is Marie as Platinum and Helena as Nine/Konoe.
  15. Well, here are some more costume swaps. Christie as Jack-O, Lei-Fang as Jam, Rachel as Millia, and Momiji as Baiken.