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  1. Ctrlaltwtf

    [CF] Ragna Combo Thread

    25 Meter Midscreen Combo 5B > 5C > 2D > CT > dash 5C > 5D(1) >214B delayed 214D > 5B > 5C > sjC > jD > djC > jD > j214C~214D Damage: 3346 Heat Gain: -8 (requires 14 before first hit) Dash before 5C not required at some distances. You can add 2C before 5C if close, doing so requires you to add 6A after the last 5C.
  2. Ctrlaltwtf

    [CP 2.0] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    Basically this and I began to dislike giving matchup advice long ago. If people want to ask me things directly I'd answer but I don't really like matchup threads in general. They tend to devolve into endless theorycrafting and contradiction.
  3. Ctrlaltwtf

    [CP 2.0] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    Gurren Punish only really sees use now if you score an air-to-air confirm or if you need it to kill someone. It does 400 minimum damage and is unburstable which is really good off of Gadget Finger > RC tkGP for a finisher.
  4. Ctrlaltwtf

    [Xrd] News Thread

    Revelator arcade release: 8/25! Revealed character is Jam.
  5. Here is the whole Revelator Arcade Release Trailer/Opening on YT. It is glorious.
  6. Ctrlaltwtf

    [CP 2.0] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    Gadget Finger is only +3, which as far as oki goes is actually insanely bad. Tager's fastest normal is 5A at 7F startup which means it is literally the only normal he has that will beat most opponents' 5A after Gadget Finger. Whenever possible you should try setting up oki that isn't Gadget Finger. To be fair though, there's plenty of times where it's the only option. Most other options rely on magnetism already being applied or having a significant amount of magnetism already and this is not always the case. Both Gadget Finger whiff and Atomic Collider whiff are excellent forms of oki once you master them. With AC whiff oki you use it while they're magnetized in the air to bounce them into the ground and towards you, they cannot roll quickly after this and most likely they'll neutral tech into you which is really good oki. If they don't roll immediately you can go for a reset or stop them using rolls with a normal. The easiest example of AC whiff oki in action is landing a magnetized 360B midscreen and just doing AC whiff afterwards. GF whiff oki is a bit more complicated. You use it anytime you can use Gadget Finger when the opponent is magnetized and on the ground (i.e. after 3C) but you wait just long enough to give them a chance to roll. If they roll forward or backward, it's a guaranteed throw or even a combo if you have the reactions. If they tech neutral you get a ton of + to work with. If they don't tech at all you just hit them with GF and proceed as usual. Apart from those options, Tager's new 4D and 2D in CPE and both superb oki tools now. They cause enemies to just fall down right in front of you. Use 4D for midscreen and 2D for the corner.
  7. Ctrlaltwtf

    [CP 2.0] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    Best way I can explain it is input it as: 63214789-6(D)-3214 (starting hitting C) Your D button press will interrupt your jump startup, preventing you from jumping. You definitely don't need to input two entire 360 motions to get it, either. Just keep spinning and hit D at moment I indicated. I actually input my standing 720s with C+D repeatedly and I find that vastly increases my success rate. If you can't do it reliably don't worry about. There really aren't very many situations where it's any better than just 360B. It does have some uses, but you can win without it easily. Tager, like most grapplers, doesn't really use his strings for mixup all that much. His pressure relies on baiting jumpouts with normals and scoring combos on them. Once they're conditioned to not jump, you throw them instead. When you're at the end of a string you're usually -, so you should respect their action afterwards, unless you think it's worth calling it out with a 360A/AC. If you can't open someone up, generally you have to wait for an opportunity to punish their mistakes. Apart from that, you should know that 2B is +5 which is really good but it's also really short range.
  8. Ctrlaltwtf

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    GGs to the people I fought today. Feeling like I'm finally back in the right mind for fighting games.
  9. Ctrlaltwtf

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    Have a room currently up.
  10. Ctrlaltwtf

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    Anyone WC/Chicago available for games?
  11. Ctrlaltwtf

    [CP 2.0] Iron Tager Combo Thread

    Midscreen no-mag CH 3C DM: 3812 CH 3C>6A>BS>5C>5D>GF whiff xx 5C>AS>5B>5C>6A>2C>AC>GF realllly good confirm now that you should always capitalize on. It's impossible to link a non-ideal 6A off of a CH 3C. On compatible characters you can add 6BB before the 2C but the damage gain is fairly small. Just bear in mind that this doesn't work on everyone. Pretty much anyone who can't get hit by 6B>4D out of the air won't get hit by this either.
  12. Ctrlaltwtf

    [CP 2.0] Iron Tager Combo Thread

    Do AC>RC> walk forward 5D>GF >stuff It doesn't work for some of the usual "small" people, but for them just do 2C>RC>jD>5B>stuff
  13. Ctrlaltwtf

    [CP 2.0] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    My mistake, you are correct. The situation I was facing was Kagura's B orb (which I forgot had changed). The problem was coming from the fact that you cannot input Hammer late anymore. Important to note that it doesn't block Feet, regardless whether it hits Low or not. I can confirm Hammer is toast against Taokaka bowling ball now ._. There seem to be weird instances where the armor will block it though (the ball bounces off the ground and hits you while it's in the air). Only way to hammer past it is to sledge the last hit or sledge all the way past it. Good luck convincing Taokaka to patiently wait and let you do that. I recommend just respecting it and blocking. Testing vs. some other stuff now... You can Hammer through Kokonoe traps now. Maybe I just had terrible luck or something but I would routinely fail to Sledge>Hammer through Koko 22B in CP. Using 22B+Black Hole was a guaranteed setup on Tager as well. Painful memories of dying to it multiple times against Tsujikawa... Not the case in CPE. Testing it against Lambda Sickle Storm, it seems as though Hammer does in fact block feet during some of the startup but loses it before the first active frame. It is possible to hammer through the entire thing. You can't Hammer through Nu's version but it's basically irrelevant because Sledge still blocks it and it's only one hit. [EDIT: Tested some more, seems the projectile armor stops when he swings downward, it's still there as he's raising his fists up though.] Hammer still blocks Noel 3C which is amusing, it's practically impossible for her to space & time it to hit you out of Hammer without getting CH first. It's super unlikely but it is possible for 2C to beat it. All in all Noel's still screwed against us no real need for concern. There honestly isn't too much stuff that makes a real difference, as Sledge still works perfectly fine the way it always has, and usually Sledge's armor + the brief amount on Hammer is enough to block the projectiles. It's most relevant to projectiles that repeatedly hit your feet like Bowling Ball. In fact, Bowling Ball is by far the most critical difference that I've discovered.
  14. Ctrlaltwtf

    [CP 2.0] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    Startup feels the same to me. It's vulnerable to lows and throws I believe. Also important to note it's vulnerable to projectiles now. So if you cancel into it early and remove Sledge's projectile guardpoint, you could get hit. Recovery seems the same to me but frame advantage seems worse (to compensate for added armor, makes sense). You only seem to get meterless combos on CH in certain positions. Also I am certain that Tager can longer input it as late as he used to be able to. Again, this is in order to help balance out his new armor.