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  1. Hi Dante~ Don't feel bad about that, Dante. I was suppose to be lurking on his channel anyway, but after seeing your Guy in action, I just had to say something. <3 Your Guy is impressive; a little open at times, but you showed an outstanding pressure metagame, and kept Jamal at bay. Ugh, I want to play with you so badly now, but I guess that will have to wait for another time. And yes, I'm still active with P4A~

  2. Hey EiroKaj long time no see I seen you in Jamal's stream but I forgot to say Hi and talk to you sorry. Glad your still around and what do you think about my Guy even thought I was a bit rusty? Do you still play P4A?

  3. Looking at your P4A matches Dante, I'm considering on giving Yukiko a try. Besides, I need to try my hand at zoning characters for once~