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  1. yeah that was awesome. hibiki izuna drop ftw
  2. Hibiki has an Izuna Drop? well best guy right there. I bet he'll have an Armin or Eren Yeager colour set.
  3. Really Like Hibiki's portrait but damn he has some legs
  4. So when are we going to get the gameplay videos? sorry if slow-poking Sounds really cool
  5. maybe my memory is a bit fuzzy with CP story but Hibiki really didn't have a very memorable personality. He was kinda there.... of course he was nothing like Jin but... well they always say that ;p
  6. I like Carl's new lunge move he's getting And the more I see Hibiki in this trailer the more i want to try him out, he looks like a fun guy to use. Hes really fast.
  7. I'm curious on what Hibiki is even going to do in CF? in CP he didn't much of anything. Yet his line in the trailer makes it sound like he'll do something possibly interesting. I look forward to it. plus his picture in the trailer looks menacing
  8. Kinda funny Hibiki really is playable, they joked about him being an assist for Kagura.
  9. Man Red Devil looks super pissed in his portrait. and Carl is adorable in his portrait
  10. Hows my Boy Carl? looking at the trailer he got at least one or two new moves. also pretty hyped for Hibiki, was really hoping to see him playable. His style looks pretty sweet. can't wait to see gameplay matches.
  11. man i hope they don't nerf the Zeydra too much. Xi isn't really all that good in MB. while its solid it isn't top either. Penelope is better then Xi and they're pretty much the same suit.
  12. https://twitter.com/gundamvs/status/541789320814673920 no one has posted this yet? Conquest 10 festival is coming 12/11/14. well whatever it is, I'm hyped. Hopefully this turns into something cool
  13. Wow thats Awesome, I love the Ootori in FB, but its feels clunky for me, these change will definitely make it better.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MU9laxcqJkA Sandrock Arcade run personally i love the gameplay of this guy. too bad they didn't incorporate the missiles better for Sandrock
  15. thats strange its still a good suit. real boring gameplays, but the sandrock looks like a lot of fun to use.