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  1. Right! All the things you said are very very true! And I love those things as well! That's why I love to play Makoto! I don't think I play easy characters too much. AND YES THE 3C! It has saved me many times and made this a lil easier to work your way in! Also when it hit on block, it was safe.

  2. That, and you never stop learning with her. Her range teaches you not to be scrubby, and her timing prevents you from mashing. Yet, at the same time, she is still good for beginners to learn off of, yet hard to fully master. I like those kinds of characters. And I like how she has more than one way of going on the defense. Even though her defensive options are not the best, she at least has variety, other than mashing DP to get out of pressure. Parrying is fun, Corona Upper is weak but still useful, and Particle Flare does craptons of damage and is invulnerable on startup. There are a few instances where Shooting Star can be used defensively as well, since it is also invincible on startup. And that god-like 3C, lol

  3. I think I should! That would be great to talk to other Makoto players! I can't get enough of playing Makoto either! She is the only character I really know how to play with. I completely agree with you on that she has a learning curve. I also love her speed and her mix ups! I also hope that she does get better in time too!

  4. I suggest joining the Yggdrasil, the Makoto Sanctuary, because you have fellow Makoto players who are willing to play. I think the mains reason there are more Makotos popping up, besides that she is fun to play, is also that you have bragging rights when you win since she is considered the worst character in the game, and she still stands a good chance. The main thing that made me pick Makoto myself (besides that awesome tail of hers, lol) is that she is not a "dumb" rushdown fighter, and has some actual learning curve, unlike Ragna, Valk, and Hakumen, who you can literally go apeshit with and actually win. Makoto requires timing, precision, learning, and fundamentals to use effectively, and to top it off, she has enough tools to keep her style fresh. Can't get enough of her. ;) I do hope she gets better as time passes, and gets the buffs she deserves for having the shortest range in the game.

  5. Really? That's good! Now we will have more Makoto players! i seen probably two other Makoto players since i got back on Extend. Yea I wasn't happy with the nerfs they gave her either but I wasn't going to stop me from playing her! But yea you aren't lying about the Ragna! When I first got on, all I fought were Ragna and Hazama. I still mostly fight Ragna and Hazama!

  6. Well actually, there have been a lot more Makotos popping up recently, for whatever reason. When Extend first came out, I was disappointed to see just how many nerfs Makoto actually got, but she could still at least hold her own against everyone in the game decently, and I like a challenge. Also when the game was still new, I fought nothing but Ragnas. Everyone and their mother picked Ragna, because he was already a popular character to begin with, and now that they made him stronger than he needed to be, scrubs now have an Easy Mode S-tier to abuse online, which I don't find all that fun. It killed the online experience for me, big time.

  7. Well that's good that you will be getting some free time soon. I know what you mean! Playing Makoto online with lag sucks, BAD!!! But yet I still play online. It's also good that you at least get some play time/training in. I also wanna find and play more Makotos as well but you just don't find them XD At least not on Extend

  8. Busy, but only for the time-being, I should start freeing up after this busy little month is over. The only other thing is just getting legit connection (Makoto sucks with even the slightest lag, lol), because my Xbox does not get wireless for whatever reason. >_> I really do want to face more Makotos soon, I've been playing locally lately whenever I have the time to do so.

  9. Ok cool! I never find any other Makotos when i play. That sucks that you hardly have any free time.

  10. Yes they are very helpful. I'm glad you took the time to make the vids and help out! Thanks again!

  11. I play Xbox for the time being, planning on getting Live, and a PS3 as soon as possible! Life has been a bit of a hurdle lately, but slowly improving. Once I find down time, I am jumping back on Blaz.

  12. It's my pleasure! I'am glad to see that people enjoys my content and that it comes in handy.

  13. Thanks for accepting my request! Which system do you play on?

  14. Thanks for accepting my request! I also wanted to thank you for your vids on YouTube. Those vids help my Makoto out a lot!