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  1. Jubei's move list,credit goes to Moosejuice.
  2. As for Jubei, i really love everything about him,the way he uses his sword,how he use his claw like Wolverine except is much more wild (and a nice callback to one of Tao DD),and how he uses a Nekomata as a fireball,his drive (the one with the bumper and the black claw that he uses on Jin) looks versatile and interesting because it place a mark on the enemy like Azrael drive,wonder what it will do though,his DD and EA looks realy cool too especialy the fiery X slash at the end of the trailer,but i really curious with the buff type DD,but seing how the stage become dark for the entire animation,i know that it will be deadly,suck that we can't see his astral though,i mean why do they even need to tease that? All in all,he really gonna become my number one main because the way he fight is just really cool for me and i already waited for nine years just for him. as for tag battle,it looks interesting indeed and we got a RWBY character,while i never watch RWBY,i always love Ruby rose design and weapon,so this is a plus for me,wanna see more of it before diving to the hype train though (hope i got Seth who is my main in uniel to join the fray) Finally the changelog,for me the change looks good because most of the top tier got hit by a hammer in the head,while all of the low tiers seem to get some buff especially Susanoo and Bullet. the change they make to EA is pretty good to,making it minus on block should make it riskier to use which is a plus,but the OD change is kinda worrying and the nerf on Makoto is really unneeded and random,i mean i think she still gonna be fine despite the nerf,but i still think they should buff her up a little to compensate the nerf . Withou realizing it i already make a wall of text,sorry if this cause an unconveniece and thanks for anyone willing to read my thought.
  3. Just wait for it,i mean's we got Jubei after all this years so is not impossible for them to release a dub, if Jubei who never been playable in the series can become playable,why a dub that have been in the series since the first game can't return to the game? Right now anything is possible,so just stay possitive like me
  4. Both of the emblem belong to the existing playable character though,so it doesn't confirm nor deny anything. Except,this time,we have some solid evidence that he will become dlc thanks to all the annoucer have a call out to him the default announcer even have a victory call for him,but just like what Vulcan said,let's wait and see how this playout.
  5. When i see that the thread have alot of new post,i thought there is some new info but i found a rant instead. Tekkamanark i know that you want Jubei and i'am happy that you spoke for us Jubei fan,but you have to calm down,just like you i want to play him since CT but constant ranting in the forum will not change anything,right now all we can do is to wait and hope he become playable,i mean he can still become playable in CF as a DLC be positive a little. Oh and about the emblem,after seeing the full shape of the emblem,i'm become more certain that the emblem belong to Jubei because of the shape and color.
  6. Well i know that she biologically a female now,but i just like using him/her just for the LOL.
  7. So she/he got Shin elk hunter,Yukimura stabing move and am'i the only one who think that "Dankuuhouraika" looks like what happen when you turn Ken dp into a DD atleast in that screenshoot?
  8. Double post and the worst of it all,i cannot delete the quote at all,please delete this post.
  9. No,not the Izanami one,the Izanami one is the story mode opening,the one i'am talking about is the one with black beast emblem next to the act 3 opening and just see to the bottom right of the video clip and you can see the emblem,although the bottom part of the emblem is getting obscured thanks to the "new" mark in the screenshoot. And yes,we will only get a few anime cutscene compare to the previous game.
  10. Here the one in the gallery mode a few page back,you know the link that i post not long after someone put the info that Mai was annouced,just click that link and see the gallery mode section with the arcade and the posibbly console opening and you will see the emblem just below the amaterasu emblem. I'am sorry i cannot post the link in this post,because the site acting strange for some reason.
  11. You know,i always a little skeptical about the idea of playable Mai,but after seeing his/her screenshoot and stage,i begin to like the idea of his/her inclusion and she/he begin to look like Shin and Ken mix with Ramlethal thanks to the screenshoot and info. Side note:I'am glad that Mai is not the owner of the mysterious emblem because her emblem suit him/her more than the yellow animal emblem and that open the posibility that they will announce another new character.
  12. The oufit is kinda hilarious because you can see his/her as*** at the some angle Yeah,but at least something change a little for me thanks to the new emblem in console opening screenshoot.
  13. If my memory serve me right,there is going to be an Arc Revo this year and judging by how arcsy promoting their game,they probaly just gonna show Mai trailer at the end,but if we lucky we might get to see the owner of the new emblem.
  14. Don't worry,we(At least me) already got used to it, beside is not gonna hurt waiting for a little longer,anyway any ideas what kind of gameplay that will be implemented to Mai?
  15. Alright everyone calm down,and for the one who wanted Jubei since CT(including myself)is true that is kinda annoying that we have to continue waiting for him,but ranting in the forum will not change anything and is not healthy for the community,beside at least we got a hint of him becoming playable in CF thanks to the new emblem(which i doubt is Mai emblem because of the color and shape) and the increasing number of his appearance in the series,you know story mode screenshoot,variable heart appearance and the story plot,so let's just chill for now.